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What started in 1954, when Toru Kumon began learning all the things required to prepare him for the rigorous college entrance exams. He took his son through a long learning curve to install every concept perfectly in his mind. As people started to notice, the first centre was opened in 1958. For Kumon application details are provided below.

With time and relentless dedication the self-learning method became popular as Toru Kumon method and applications for employment started flooding in. His son would solve high school level problems while he was in middle school. A simple out-of-the box idea of self-learning grew into a huge business with more emphasis on the student learning being at ease with his learning acumen.

While all the teachers knew how to teach, Kumon set a benchmark by teaching students how to learn. Soon after its country wide success in Japan, a study center was started in New York. Another milestone was achieved with its world class reading program in 1991 which was designed to improve a child’s comprehensive ability.

The organization has become the pioneer in the education field with operating in 47 countries and 6 continents. With a time span of over 50 years, Kumon has expanded its reach to 3000 study centers in North America. The USP of its learning process is the individual focus it can provide to each student.

Kumon Careers

Kumon has a fixed vision which the organization chases with an enthusiastic and serviceable way. It is to help all the children across the world learn the basic self-learning skills. The focus point of Kumon careers is creativity, broad-mindedness and drive to succeed in the industry. The instructors are required to be patient and empathetic with the kids as their main focus is on individual attention.

Apart from working at a particular center as an instructor or director, there are also broad job opportunities to apply for jobs at Kumon. Kumon careers provides more than a regular 9 to 5 job, it gives a chance to dedicated instructors to grow their own business.  Other managerial positions like field consultant are very lucrative and hence many fill the Kumon application every session.

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How old you have to be to work at Kumon?

Working here requires the candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree and 22 years of age. The candidate must have good written and verbal communication skills, excellent time management and a strong aptitude for learning. For field jobs, requirements are working while travelling and knowing  how to prioritize.

The organization offers lucrative employment incentives for its team to keep motivated. Based on performance, 25% of salary is rewarded. Candidates are given pension ranging from 3% to 5%. Some other benefits of joining Kumon include Basic Life Insurance, Prescription Drug Plan and Employee Assistance Program.

The employees work at least 8 hours a day and the timings vary depending on location. Reviews from past employees show that the employees are very friendly and helpful. Kumon Jobs are available both part-time and full-time through online application. Printable application for Kumon is available online.

AMC Job Descriptions

Assistant Instructor – An assistant instructor handles all parent meetings and phone calls, regulates the study material and must be able to deal personally with the children and adults. The assistant helps the instructor carve out the perfect strategy for optimum service delivery. Assistants provide training to new employees and sometimes get in charge of the center in absence of the instructor. Salary is around $9 for assistants.

Field Consultant – A field consultant is more involved with the company’s vision and regulating its operations from a higher level. Frequent visits to different centers (may be 15-20) are necessary to gauge the level of performance and developing necessary techniques for the growth of individual center. Superb time management and analytical skills are required. Annual salary is $61,000 at average.

Receptionist – The receptionist has the primary responsibility of attending the parents and students and making them more aware and at ease with the company’s education process. Students check-in first at the reception for any guidance or other help. Other responsibilities include grading assignments/tests, listing appointments and keeping updated about upcoming events. Salary varies from $9-$10 per hour depending on expertise.

Company Center Director – The director is responsible for the wholesome advancement of the center. Recruitment of new staff, advertising of the center for a broad reach, collection of fees and building rapport with students. The director must have a strong entrepreneurial drive and a strong vision to take Kumon’s work forward. Salary is approximately $50,000 annually.

Math Instructor – A math instructor must be proficient with mid-level to high school level mathematics curriculum. Instructors must be patient with student as it is a self-learning program and help with their worksheets. Grading tests and worksheets and doubt clearing is also essential. Salary ranges from $9.3 to $10 per hour.

Kumon Interview Questions

The hiring process is hardly formal and interviews focus on personal motivation and abilities of the employees. A free application is available on their website.

Talk about a few setbacks you faced in your career. Here the recruiter wants to know how you pick yourself up in the case of failures. Talking about a few minor setbacks is considered a good response along with what changes were made to overcome the challenge. Honest and detailed answers are the best choice.

How long would you like to work with us? The employer has only one motive in this question, to test the applicant’s commitment. People looking to take the job as a bridge to another job would be disregarded. Best response is to say that you are seeking to work for a few years and grow in Kumon only if possible.

What is Kumon? This question must be a no-brainer for an intelligent applicant. Detailed research about the company you apply online to is a must. The services it provides, its self-learning program, the international market presence, all information must be given in the response.

What is the highest level of Math studied by you? This question is a pretty straight one with two aspects. Response must include the accurate qualification achieved by the candidate in his domain. Apart from that any additional experience must be mentioned in order to convince the recruiters that you can fulfill the responsibilities.

What inspires you as a person? The person must specify his personal motivation, be it his uncompromisable work ethic, any idol they might look up to in their life or simply their desire to succeed. For example, if you idolize Steve Jobs, you must show how you have molded yourself a little like him.

Advice For Application Process

Complete information about how to apply for Kumon online can be found on their website. The best tool to crack this interview is to go prepared as well as referred. Other thing that pushes selection is having a large years of experience. It’s advisable to download application form first and prepare your resume well. A direct application can be submitted online.

One of the most important things to find is how you can connect with Kumon. They need passionate people who can take their vision forward, so if you are driven, it’s a big plus. Other basic requirements are sophisticated attire, a natural desire for learning and passion for interacting with children.

The application form is available on the Kumon website. Latest job openings are listed corresponding to the locations. Kumon jobs online has a list of different locations throughout the world, so be careful and choose your local region when searching for Kumon jobs. A printable application form is also there on the online link.

The interview is not hardcore or difficult. Being passionate with your work and having a referral makes you stand out among the rest. Apart from that, showing past experience, being comfortable and confident in your ability are required. Answer all the questions at ease, being yourself don’t go over-prepared as it will only make you anxious.

After the interview is complete take the contact details from the staff to keep updated about the hiring status. Always show an easygoing approach towards your employers as simply smiling and greeting goes way beyond paperwork sometimes.
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