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Kroger ApplicationKroger Company’s a supermarket chain that’s larger than any other chain as of 2014 according to the National Retail Federation. It was founded in 1883, in Cincinnati Ohio.Since then their retail sales have reached as high as 96$ billion. They operate through about 2,400 subsidiaries. Marketing within 31 states which includes superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, alongside jewelry stores.

Their coalition of companies has expanded quite far. Operating grocery stores all throughout the country, which’s one of the largest geographical scales recorded, this business has been serving their customers quality products at an affordable price for decades. All because of one man. His name was Bernard ‘Barney’ Kroger, he opened his first store using his entire life saving which was $372 (about $9,400 circa 2014). His motto was that no one should sell anything you would not want yourself.

Bernard believed his store should provide everything. Stores during his time were missing a bakery as well as a deli, which he started. He manufactured bread himself among other products, such as his mother’s sauerkraut. Doing this within his store, he could provide every amenity a bakery could within his store. He repeated that process with his deli, both still can be found in stores today.

Bernard having baked his own bread, began his own mini food processing plant which would continue growing for decades. That portion of this business has grown into a total of 37 food processing facilities, which make thousands of products.

Expanding into different fields wasn’t all this business had strived for, they were also moving towards merging with many other companies.

1955 marked a new day for Bernard’s growing business, that year a large number of acquisitions were planned, which would continue from 1955 to 1960, which resulted with an expansive cover over many states, this can still be seen today. Their acquisitions did not end there though, they continue on still.

His business had expanded across so many states, it was inspiring seeing his business maintained efforts to sustain Mr. Kroger’s early ideals. These efforts can still be seen within many store locations, such as hundreds of bakeries as well as delis.

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His main principles were set up in 1883 remain standing tall –service, selection, and value.

Many companies comprise this business’ family, which includes Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, and Fry’s too.

Future employees should know associates serve customers at 779 convenience stores, almost 400 jewelry stores, and about 700 supermarket fuel centers around America. Jobs are opening up as this company expands, but growth within is not just permitted but welcomed.

Private selection is a brand offered in competition with more upscale products available in stores.

Simple Truth Organic is another brand that’s intended to compete with other organic brands found inside supermarkets.

Value brand is also a brand they offer that is good quality products at an affordable price.

Bernard manufactured some products himself, they’re still sold at stores today. By doing so he created a manufacturing industry that’s now worth millions.

Using a checkout program pioneered by their company called QueVision, they have reduced check out times from four minutes down below 30 seconds by 2010

Having numerous manufacturing facilities across the U.S., Kroger’s contending for the largest truck fleet across the country.

This business operates around 2,000 pharmacies, which are mostly located inside its supermarkets.

Kroger’s well known for their integrity, and an effort to maintain and grow their integrity, each employee must abide by a high standard regarding morals, ethics, and legal standards.

Corporate hospitality is an important policy within the community. Hospitality towards business partners and public officials is considered appropriate, and proper. Only to the extent with which it does not suggest a compromise with the parties being dealt with.

Kroger Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Kroger? 16 years of age is the minimum, and a good attitude is necessary as well. Experience, licensing, and certifications are only required for skilled positions. If employed though, there’s numerous opportunities in which someone could get certified, or trained for. High School Diploma/GED are desired but not required.

Kroger Job Descriptions

In a continuous effort towards growing their business, they’re always accepting applications from people who need growth as well. If there’s something in your repertoire to offer, then this business might be a good choice.

Good candidates should relate with all these principles: valuing service, selection, additionally value as much as the company does.

If those points relate to your values, then you’ll find jobs here are abundant within this business, there’s also a variety of positions available.

Employees can receive a Total Rewards package including retirement options, discounts, alongside other specialty perks. One could also join a union if they wanted, around 75% of the company’s employees belong to a union called United Food & Commercial Workers union.

There’s also healthcare that’s available, including dental, vision, all alongside prescriptions.

This business hires people who just started out, weathered professionals, or someone just looking at a flexible job. All walks of life accepted, since it’s a company of their size, they have a many position available.

If you’re thinking about an entry-level position or need a starting point with a Kroger career, take a look at these positions available here:

  • Cashier
  • Bagger
  • Store Clerk
  • Pharmacist-Intern
  • Management Trainee

More information on those job descriptions, responsibilities, job opportunities, as well as their salary pay can be found online. There’s also a number of management positions offered by this company. These positions require more skills, as well as expertise than entry-level, but come with greater rewards including better pay scales.

If you’re interested or thinking about a management position that’s available, take a look through these positions:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Night Crew Stocking Manager
  • Assistant Deli Manager
  • Bakery Manager

If any entry-level or managerial positions is something that’s a good fit, please continue reading on and ensure it is. It is not recommended that you apply for any position without the required skills for. Doing so may not only prevent you from getting a position applied for, it may also prevent you from getting any other positions within this company.

Starting salaries range from $8.00-$11.0/hr, Assistant managers start off around $17.00/hr. Entry-level employees enjoy benefits including flexible scheduling, competitive pay, alongside training. They also receive medical coverage including dental, vision, and prescription drug plans. There’s also a 401(k) retirement plan available.

Advice For Application Process

Give yourself the best chances possible at successfully being hired, by following these Kroger application tips.

Do not forget, stores interview people every day looking into new team members, Kroger application form piles stack up quick. Both part-time and full-time Kroger jobs are offered alike. Entry-level positions will undergo orientation with group exercises, then have discussions with store managers. Application processes may span a few days, but communication should be diligently attended.

Some questions presented during interviews will most likely be related to job tasks, regarding work within the chain. This’s an opportunity in which applicants’ can show enthusiasm, alongside their other commendable qualities.

Receive a high level of consideration by bringing with an engaging personality, confidence, alongside strong communication skills.

Possible interview questions may involve, previous work experience, availability, is that availability flexible, why choose their company over its competitors, what’s considered good customer service, also what are some challenges that a grocery store might face?

Prospective employees can build an online profile to apply online, through Kroger jobs online, but meeting with a manager in person will help make your name stand out. Already know where a local store you could work at? Apply for jobs at Kroger at a kiosk within their stores, bring a resume for managers if you do.

Need information on how to apply for Kroger online, follow any application links found below to apply online. Within those links you’ll find a Kroger job application online, also their printable application for Kroger. There’s free application forms including, printable application forms, direct applications, their career site’s a place to download application forms for all positions.

If you’re lacking any required specialized skills in this particular field, be sure to apply only at entry-level positions which will better your chances.

Present yourself as if you’re already on their team, this will make it easier for HR to see you working at their company.

Stay in touch, return all calls quickly which will ensure any offers directed towards your applications, don’t get missed.


Kroger’s operations involve a variety of stores within many states, which have many fields in which one could work. Working at this company will help develop a knowledge of what it takes to be the best supermarket. Leaving you with important skills necessary at positions found at numerous other companies. Although, if you’re looking into a position where your desired company is employee owned, look towards a company like Publix, which is a prominent grocer in the Southern United States. If you’re looking into a company that’s non-unionized, meaning it requires no union fees, look into working for Walmart.
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