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Journeys ApplicationJourneys, a leading retail company owned by Genesco Inc., specializes in teen footwear. With over 800 stores, and locations in all 50 states, they offer diverse selections for all occasions, likewise, every consumer type. Focused on teen trends combined with fashion-forward outlooks, this popular enterprise sells recent, relevant styles along with brand names. From latest shoe trends to current, fashionable backpacks, broader ranges of options arrive weekly.

Situated throughout shopping malls all across America, this retail giant carries a name synonymous with style and affordability. With keen, corporate attention to fashion sense, they stay well ahead of trends, offering uptown styles much less expensive than other higher-end department stores.

Noted as highly comparable among shoe retailers throughout America, large selections of shirts, socks, watches, wallets, and backpacks can be found storewide. Diversity found here constitutes one of many reasons it has maintained consistency since opening its doors, in Nashville, in 1986.

Genesco Inc., as a whole, aims at contributing more than just sales to its clients. Rather than marketing strategies aimed solely toward monetary gain, they present attitudes about goal mindedness, exemplary customer service, and success. These core values make up a thorough business model, recognized by appreciative patrons.

They also have many companion stores. Journeys Kidz is a store geared at smaller sizes for children and pre-teens; Underground is aimed at young adults and sells Vans, Puma, and Adidas, to name a few. Shi is a specialty store designed for young women between the ages of 20-25.

Journeys Careers

If your application or resume is chosen, you will be called by an employee—usually a team leader or manager—then an interview will be set. The interview process will generally last 20 to 30 minutes and will consist of a series of situational questions.

Every interview is different, just like each interviewer is different.  To ensure the job is a good fit for you, make sure to ask any questions you might have. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Assurance that the job you’re given is the one you are capable of doing is important. In a job interview, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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For those serious about Journeys careers, dressing for the part is suggested. Business or business-casual is always a good idea when interviewing for a job within any industry; Journeys jobs are no exception.

For men, a button down shirt with a tie is advised, but it is not a requirement. Do not wear open-toed shoes or blue jeans with holes in them. For women, don’t wear anything too revealing, or flip-flops. It is always better to err on the side of caution when being interviewed.

Once hired, you will begin to see the benefits of working for this company right away. Known as a company that promotes from within, many opportunities for growth and advancement are available to all employees. Journeys careers offer much more than a paycheck. By working hard and playing hard, the rewards are endless.

So, how old do you have to be to work at Journeys? In the United States, an applicant must be at least 16 years-old to be legally employed. To be considered for most positions, applicants must also possess an outgoing personality, an ability to clean and maintain appearances, and possess a good grasp of products sold. An ability to lift at least 20 pounds is required at some store locations.

For some positions, like upper management, a high-school diploma or equivalent is required, as is a college degree. Part time sales staff generally does not require either, but that can be left up to hiring managers.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

There are many job opportunities from which to choose. Here are a few online options:

  • Part-time Sales Associate
  • Manager/Training
  • Store Manager
  • District Manager/Training
  • District Manager

There are more options available on the store’s website, which is detailed with easy navigation capabilities. Depending upon your education level and work experience, a job that is right for you will be determined if and when you are called in for an interview.

Each employee has the chance to move up to management if he or she is determined. Starting at a lower level and working up is ideal for pre-college employees.  The flexible schedules combined with the in-house promotions provide an optimal job for newly working teenagers, or those looking to work while attending college.

Hours of Operation

Though many store hours vary due to location and seasonality, many locations are open from 10am – 9pm Monday through Saturday, and 12pm – 6pm on Sundays. Check with individual stores online, or call to verify these hours.

Average Wages/Salaries/Benefits

The wages offered here compare with many other retail stores. Sales Associate hourly wages average around $7.86; Part-time employees average $7.98. Store Manager average yearly salaries land around $32,300; Co-managers fall around $18,200.

This company provides many great benefits, too. Along with a 40 per cent discount, cell phone discounts, disability insurance, health insurance, and life insurance options play a beneficial role establishing compliance among staff.

Advice For Application Process

Along with their keen eye for fashion, they also have a sharp hiring sense. If applicants act upbeat, outgoing, and display a desire toward excellence, they just might have what the company needs on its team.

If looking toward careers that require high-energy, customer-orientation, and attentiveness, here lies the perfect opportunity.  The next phase is filling out a Journeys’ application online, and then preparing to embark on exciting new journeys of your own.

Determine if you have what it takes; apply for a Journeys job online. Finding out how to apply for Journeys online takes little time; go to the company’s website and then choose from a plethora of options available. Read each employment category, become acquainted with job descriptions; compare your experiences with job opportunities offered.

If you think you have what it takes, move on the Journeys application phase. This part requires some patience, but can be quite rewarding when done properly. Take all the time required, so no needless mistakes prevent a job offer.

Searching for Journeys jobs online may take more time. First, visit their website and determine which position fits best, based on job responsibilities and employment history. After that decision has been made, follow appropriate links to the Journeys job application online.

Once their website page appears, you can choose which locations best suit your needs, or refer the jobs to friends or family members—another handy option available.

Once you’ve filled out the online application, you will have the option for attaching and sending a resume, along with salary requirements, alongside any questions you might have. If you have any problems with the applications, there is a printable application for Journeys available on site. You can also save the download application form to fill out later.

If you cannot apply for jobs at Journeys online, go to a local establishment and ask for an application form. This is a free application and can be filled out in-store, or at home. Once it is filled out, turn it in to an employee. Many times, turning in a direct application can help the process move a little more quickly.

If you are looking for a specific job, talk with a sales associate or manager before filling out the application. You may also turn in a resume now, instead of, or with, an application. Resumes are more professional than applications, but are only appropriate for those who have a history of work experience.

If you would like a structured, accurate resume, there are several services available online that can help with formatting a detailed work-history.


There are competitors in every arena of business in the United States as well as worldwide; this corporation is not spared that hurdle. In the realm of retail, competition runs high–it takes true dedication from any company to overcome such rivalries.

Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), a top competitor, offers much larger assortments of footwear designed for many different age groups. Mostly known for footwear, and carrying little clothing or accessories, DSW caters more for consumers who might not know for what he or she is shopping.

Shoe Carnival is another store offering a diverse collection of shoes and shoe accessories.

On a budget, this company provides great, stylish shoes, too.
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