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Jiffy Lube is a chain of automotive services stores focusing on four main areas: Change, Inspect, Check/Fill and Clean.  All of the locations combined claim to carry out up to 60,000 oil changes per day.  To find out how to apply for Jiffy Lube online follow the links below to submit your Jiffy Lube application.

The very first store was opened by Edwin Washburn in Ogden, Utah back in 1971.  He began franchising early on and now there are over 2,000 locations across the USA owned by over 250 different franchising entities, the largest of which is the Heartland group which operates 540 stores nationwide.

With its headquarters in Houston, Texas, the company is always looking for new opportunities to expand.  It is an indirect subsidiary of the Shell Corporation but all of its locations are entirely franchise-owned.  It has recently been ranked highly in Entrepreneur magazine’s top franchises as well as repeatedly been named one of the best companies for employee training.

The training program for technicians is unique in that it is college accredited and takes on various forms.  The training is carried out in computer-based modules as well as hands on learning and regular assessments that lead to qualifications.  There are now more than 20,000 qualified technicians servicing vehicles across the country.

Jiffy Lube Careers

There are a variety of Jiffy Lube jobs available in their different locations.  The most common positions are Customer Service Advisors, Lube Technicians, Assistant and Store Managers.  From time to time there may be openings for different types of mechanics and inspectors among others.  All positions will require you to have a valid driving license.

Corporate positions are advertised less often so if you are interested in working in that side of the industry you can contact their head offices with a direct application to express your interest and to enquire about the available job opportunities.  Alternatively look for positions with their largest franchisee, Heartland, which advertises corporate positions on their site.

How old do you have to be to work at Jiffy Lube?  You must be at least 18 years old or over to apply for jobs at Jiffy Lube.

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The stores are usually open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.

One of the great benefits of Jiffy Lube careers is that all employees have the opportunity to complete training courses and obtain college credit for them.  There are often more opportunities for further growth and development in the company.  Employees also benefit from a flexible work schedule and time off.  Other benefits such as health plans vary depending on the location.

Jiffy Lube Job Descriptions

Customer Service Advisor – As a Customer Service Advisor you will provide service to customers by giving information about the various products and services on offer and what is best for their make of vehicle.  You will need good interpersonal skills to provide excellent customer service.  A driving license is required for this position.  The average pay for this position is $10/hour.

Lube Technician – The responsibilities for Lube Technicians are varied ranging from different marketing techniques including cold calling and curbside marketing.  You will greet customers and make sure they have everything they need and keep all areas clean, tidy and well stocked.  Most importantly Technicians need to carry out checks on the vehicles to ensure everything is in working order. The pay is usually $9/hour.

Assistant Store Manager – The job description for this role requires you to help the Store Manager in supervising all areas of the store from customer satisfaction, staff training and monitoring, safety and security checks, sales and marketing and handling administrative duties.  The salary for this role is around $24k a year.

Store Manager – The Store Manager has ultimate responsibility for the performance of the store and must co-ordinate with staff and Assistant Managers to ensure that everything in the store is working well and is profitable.  Leadership is a crucial part of this role as is experience and setting a good example for all employees.  The salary can be up to $45k/year.

Jiffy Lube Interview Questions

Once you’ve submitted your Jiffy Lube application, practice some interview questions before heading out to your interview.

Tell me about yourself.  You don’t need to recount your entire life story but pick the most important parts about your work experience that make you suited to the job.  If this is your first job then explain what skills you have that make you a good candidate. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Remember they’re looking for people who want to grow and develop within the company so try to develop realistic but ambitious career goals and describe how you intend to reach them.

Can you cope working in different temperatures?  Many parts of the job may involve you being outside and being able to carry out different marketing strategies or working on the vehicles and you will need to be able to perform under these conditions.

Do you have any automotive experience?  For entry-level jobs this isn’t always necessary because they will provide you with training but it will definitely help your chances of employment if you do have some, so be sure to describe the nature of your experience and what you’re already comfortable doing independently.

If you’re applying for management jobs the questions will be more in depth about your managerial experience and functional matters so you will need to give full answers using examples and be familiar with marketing and operational strategies for questions like, “What techniques would you employ to boost sales?” or “What is the best way to integrate new training while keeping the store running smoothly?”.

Advice For Application Process

By searching for Jiffy Lube jobs online you can find a list of jobs available by location.  There can be a different process for applying depending on the position and which store you’re applying to.  For corporate positions with Heartland you can fill in the online application form with your experience and upload your resume.

For most in-store opportunities you can’t apply online but check their website or contact the store directly to see if they are taking applications.  Then you can either head down to your local store and request a free application from the hiring manager there or some stores have an option to download a printable application for Jiffy Lube.

Whether you submit a Jiffy Lube job application online or in person at your local store you will need to complete a background check and drug test before you can be considered for Jiffy Lube jobs.  You may be invited to either one or two interviews with different managers and supervisors depending on the position.

For in-store opportunities a full business suit probably won’t be necessary but you should be dressed in smart-casual clothing to give off a good first impression.  Remember that a lot of jobs involve a large amount of customer service so it’s important to demonstrate to your interviewer that you are comfortable with new people and can be relaxed and confident.
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