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IHOP ApplicationIf you are a hard-working, energetic, trusting, and committed worker who works well in a team environment, can work independently, and have excellent customer service skills, then IHop careers may be the best for you. Having 1,565 restaurants, and known for their famous pancakes and wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner special’s around the world for over 50 years, IHop jobs rewards its loyal employees with the knowledge and gain of employment skills, benefits, and job perks.

IHOP Careers

When getting your IHop application though the website or from the restaurant, you will need the work  experience to show you know what you are capable of doing in any of the job opportunities that you want to achieve to obtain. Here are the descriptions of each requirements you need for each job described above.

Host or hostess will want the ability to read, write, and preform excellent verbal skills. You would also need to have the ability to stand for long periods of time.

Server’s at an entry-level position, do not require a high school diploma. They must work quickly and use courtesy when talking to the guests. In the provided training, they include teaching protocol, and learning etiquette with the food trays. You would also need to have the memorization of menu items and company policy. They want to look for people who have look friendly, have energetic energy, and has helpful personalities.

Cooks will want to have the skills for reading the servers writing, writing, and verbal to the other co-workers. You will also need some knowledge of how to properly use the kitchen faculties and equipment.

General Managers will need to have a high school diploma or a general educational degree (GED). Two to four years of training experience would be great skills to have to gain the job, as well as having the basic knowledge for computer skills which include Email, MS word and MS Excel is a must. One kind of job requirement you will want to have or begin learning are reading many kinds of documents, such as applications, safety rules, instructions on operating and maintenance, and procedure for manuals. Having the ability to read, write, and speak English, and be able to speak effectively and clearly to employees and guests.

Age Restrictions/Minimum Employment Age:Some requirements may be included and may very by position. Generally, you must be at least 18 years or older to apply and show that you can work and live in the U.S. But in some places, depending on the location and employer, will let 16 and 17 year old’s work.

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IHOP Job Descriptions

To apply for an IHop application from a restaurant industry or complete an online application, and gain an interview to get any of these IHop careers. There are many IHop jobs opportunities to choose from. The most common career positions on their website are host or hostess, server, cook, dishwasher, and management positions. Here are their job description.

Host or hostess are the first person the customers will see. With a smile, welcome them to the restaurant, and take’s them to there seats. After they are done with their meal, checks them out at the cash register. Duties of being at the cash register are to obtain the customer’s order, process payments, give change and receipts. Other duties include clear and set the tables and taking the customers drink orders.

The servers duties are to tell the specials and the items on the menu, and can also take requests. Servers ask for drinks, and food orders. In a calm state, they take the food over to the guests, and answer any questions that they might have. In a fast-pace environment, the ability to provide exceptional guest service, and the responsibility to remember orders, with who wanted which order is very important. There are also the specific duties and may include refilling drinks, clearing tables, printing receipts, and operating cash registers.

Cook or Chiefs prepare the meals for the customers with IHop’s recipes. Cooks need to meet the proper guidelines and specifications for how hot or cold a meal must be to be served to the customers. Other duties that cooks need to do is prepare their work station by practicing sanitizing as well as safe food handling. They also need to clean up and sanitize their work area before and after work.

There are many kinds of Management working at IHop. There common manager position they are looking for is general manager.

General manager’s primary responsibilities are to watch the restaurant floor, watch the employees and the customers. In a professional and timely manner, they take in the consideration of the customers complaints, and the frequency at an acceptable level. Taking care of training programs for all restaurant employees to improve the operations of the restaurant and guests experience. The general manager jobs is to also ensure of the employees application form, hiring, rewarding and disciplining the employees when needed. They train the new employees, run though food safety and sanitation, and develop a good relationship with other IHop employees. One of the requirements that a general manager needs to do is complete the required paperwork and turn it in on time. The general manager will also need to organize the files for the legal documents of employment.

Average Wages/Salaries & Benefits:Host or hostess will make on the average salary about $8 to $9 an hour on minimum wage. Experienced employees may earn up to $11 an hour. Servers can make up to $8 an hour, Cooks can make on average between $8-10 an hour, and general managers will make $50,000 annually.

Along with the average salaries, employees can also have career advancement opportunities in the work field, and benefits such as flexible scheduling, paid time off, medical, dental, health benefits, and life insurance. There are also financial benefits which would include 401(k) retirement plans, and vacation time.

Advice For Application Process

Some locations operate under different owners. If you are not able to locate or find a certain position, applicants should call or visit the store location of their choosing to ask about the availability of a job.  Applicants should be prepared when trying to gain employment, to demonstrate experience working in a guest critic environment, preferably in the restaurant industry. Another thing to do is go to the company website. It can be a useful tool for getting a printable application form, and going though the application process. Going on the website allows job seekers to see which jobs are open and in which state or location, apply online, create a profile and regularly keep it up to date, submit resumes, and view job application forms you have submitted.

How Do I Apply Online?To download the application form to give as a direct application in the restaurant and show you really mean to get the job in question. Be sure you have your resume with you. It can be handy when you want to show what skills you have for the job you’re asking for. Being able to obtain a free application, you sign in or register for a new profile, and find the IHop jobs online at the link www.IHop.com/carrers. When the site is done downloading, you will see a picture of a worker. At the top right, you will see a button saying  “see IHop careers”. When you click on the button, a site will come up with a list of job openings. Look in your local locations, and find what they are hiring. Look for something that you think will work best for you and will work best with the experience you have.


One of there competitors is Denny’s. Loved for there build your own breakfast and also being a 24/7 hour restaurant. The second is named Golden Corral. They have there endless buffet features, and continuous new menu offerings.
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