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In 1988 a need for cool rock and roll accessories for teenagers was discovered. By 1990 Hot Topic became a reality. The teenage market responded, being centrally located in one of the teenage hangouts – malls. The rock and roll t-shirts first hit Hot Topic stores were in such great demand they had to expand within the first year to include 50 different bands’ shirts. Get a Hot Topic application today.

They expanded their clothing lines and included the underground cartoon, cult movies, and comic book scenes.  This is accomplished with a dark feel to the store which attracts customers wanting to peruse the aisles for music, clothes and other accessories not found elsewhere. The company has stretched to 600 hundred stores over the last 25 years.  See below on how to apply for jobs at Hot Topic.

The company introduced a store for plus sized women called Torrid which exploded into one of the hottest plus sized teen clothing shops. They briefly launched ShockHound, an online retailer and social networking music site in 2008 which is no longer live. 2012 the company opened Blackheart Lingerie, a sexy edgy lingerie and clothing store for women.  Get your Hot Topic job application online by clicking the applications link below.

Hot Topic was 53rd on Fortune 500’s list of best places to work.  For 25 years, passion for music and pop culture is still going strong throughout every aspect of the company.  In 2010, the company opened 2 stores in Canada, a day apart. Today they have stores in Puerto Rico as well. Hot Topic jobs are the “in” place to work. Get your Hot Topic application in today.

Hot Topic Careers

Retail jobs are the heart and soul of the company. The associates who work in the retail end of the company ensure customer satisfaction is at a constant high compared to other retail industry jobs. The culture, atmosphere, and opportunities are unique. Whether you choose to apply to Hot Topic jobs online or get a free application from your local store get your Hot Topic application submitted for consideration.

Corporate careers are for those people who have a passion for people and fashion located in what has been dubbed The City of Industry, a part of greater Los Angeles. The open layout of the corporate office encourages interactions with the employees. Monitors of music video’s playing instills energy are throughout the building. This keeps the reminder of what they are working for at the forefront.

How old do you have to be to work at Hot Topic? Applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply for Hot Topic jobs.  Apply for jobs at Hot Topic thru a printable application form that may be dropped off at any of the hiring locations or apply online for some of the coolest job opportunities around.

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Benefits at Hot Topic are unlike any other job they include but not limited to casual workplace environment, bonuses, employee discount, medical, dental and vision services, life insurance, 401(k), concert reimbursement as well as tuition reimbursement plus bragging rights to your friends. Hot Topic jobs are one of the “in” places with teens that are into pop culture and music and want to make extra cash.

Hours of operation are from 11am to 10pm Monday – Sat, Sundays from 12pm to 6pm. This gives the applicant a chance to familiarize themselves with the store before they apply. The company accepts all applications via online although you may download application form and submit a printable application for Hot Topic as well as online applications.  For a direct application please request one at the counter during your visit.

Job Description and Salaries

Sales Associate – This position must have knowledge of current bands and excellent customer service. Previous retail knowledge of any type is a plus. Above all else a passion for music and great customer service is a must. This position is paid state implemented minimum wage, but may be given a bit higher wage if applicant has previous sales experience.

Assistant Store Manager – This position must have 1 to 2 years’ experience in specialty retail, create an environment that promotes repeat business, have a can do attitude and a team player, must be able to hire train and recruit effective associates, create effective schedules for floor coverage to ensure customers are sufficiently taken care of and employees schedules. Average salary is between $11 to $16/hour and experience.

Brand Marketing Coordinator- This position requires strategic implementation, planning and execution of marketing plans including those of new stores. Provide support for marketing campaigns, internal/external collaborations of partners, social media, and many others, reports directly to the Brand Marketing Manager, assist the marketing department with coordination and integral marketing and communications activities. Average salary for this career is dependent on qualifications and previous experience.

Key Holder – This position is a cross between a lead sales associate and a manager in training position,  provides break coverage for managers, and sets example for other sales associates, resolves customer service issue in managers absence, performs opening activities and closing store, including register, responsibilities, processes returns and exchanges and does markdowns on merchandise to name a few of this job description. Average wage is $9/hour.

Hot Topic Interview Questions

What kind of music do you listen to? Be honest whether or not your musical tastes are rock and roll or metal/punk/grunge and everything in between as long as you know who the bands are. But if this type of music is not to your liking, are you going to be able to stand listening to the various artists’ music played in the store all day every day?

Do you have any knowledge about anime or manga? This is a common theme with teens now days. They know the history and are up to date on every episodes of their favorite Japanese cartoons. Having some knowledge in this new western craze is essential in identifying some of the areas where you could sell merchandise that may not otherwise get a lot of sales.

What the difference between selling and customer service? Most people do not like being pushed into selling something. Knowing this the sales associate listens to the needs of the customer and sets out to exceed the customer’s expectations as far as meeting the customer’s needs and recommending other products of equal quality they may not be aware of.

What merchandise would be the most difficult for you to sell? How would you go about trying to sell it? If you dislike something how would you go about selling it is a valid question that employers ask to evaluate your weakness in an area and how you would resolve the problem. This question also allows the employer to see how well you think on your feet.

How would you handle an adult, like a father, who brought their daughter into shop? These types of interview questions are both practical in the fact they do happen. The sales associate can overcome the father’s qualms over his daughter’s choice of clothes by offering several choices ensuring the two will be able to compromise and come to a successful sale.

Advice For Application Process

By filling out an application form for employment and submitting a resume, most applicants find themselves preparing themselves for an interview that will make or break their hopes of working at Hot Topic.

Smile; be positive these 2 things go a long way to making an interview go your way. Having a pleasant, candid demeanor will help you build a repertoire with people fast, something good sales associates need when dealing with customers. Remembering names and being friendly is important to the employer who needs quality employees to interact with customers.

Remember you’re already the right candidate on paper to have made it to the interview stage, now it’s playing the right part. Come dressed in what you would wear if you were working there. Tripp pants or skinny jeans, band shirt with Converse shoes or steel toed boots,  flannel shirts, hoodies these are acceptable in this store along with piercings and ear expanders as this is part of the culture.

Knowing about the store itself beyond the “About Us” page of the website will give you the ultimate edge over the other applicants. Knowing the culture and what they are about helps you to make more informed decisions and will allow you to ask intelligent, relevant questions during that portion of the interview.

Make sure you take some time prior to the 10 minute arrival so you can turn up your favorite song on the car’s speakers before the interview to boost your self-confidence level. Go into the bathroom nearest the store and go into an open stall and do the Superman pose for two minutes this stance will boost your overall confidence and reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 20%.
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