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Hooters ApplicationHooters is a widely known wings restaurant located across not only the United States, but is known internationally. They are a sports bar known for their chicken wings and sports bar feel, and sell popular souvenirs for the store. They do have sponsorships in professional sports, including NASCAR and the PGA. The chain has ventured into other businesses such as a hotel and casino facility, as well as a now defunct Hooters Air.

While it is known for being a sports bar famous for their chicken wings, they are also famously known for their “Hooter Girls”, their female specific wait staff that dresses in a provocative manner. In addition to waiting table, these girls are used as the main promoters of the store. This includes a calendar released yearly of selected Hooters girls, which sells out every year.

This notoriety does come at a cost. They have a bad reputation for sexism and only hiring women based on their looks. The Hooters Girl is a staple of the restaurant. Not only do they wait tables, they serve as the main promotion of the store. The uniform is entirely identifiable, and people easily recognize it. The tank top is tight and low cut, while they wear short and tight track shorts. They also wear nude nylons and knee high white socks. They are synonymous with the brand and everything it stands for.

Hooters also donates time and money to charity. Giving back to the community is important to this company. They donate money through “HOO.C.E.F”. Some charities that they donate to are Make-A-Wish, Habitat for Humanity and Operation Homefront among others.

There are more than just female jobs here, as both genders are hired as hosts, cooks, bartenders and table clean up. There are also positions at the corporate level that hire all qualified people, regardless of gender. This can be a great company where all types of skills and talents are necessary to keep this company as successful as it is today.

Hooters Careers

On Hooters online, you will be able to access the Hooters job application online. Hooters job descriptions and responsibilities are clearly stated on the website. You can find which Hooters Jobs they are currently accepting applicants for. One may also find downloadable applications that can be printable applications to bring into the store to apply in person.

When looking for Hooters jobs online, one can easily find based on job descriptions so that they are able to apply for the right job for them. How do you apply for a Hooters job online? It is as easy as clicking the link available. Follow all necessary instructions to apply for a position.

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How old do you have to be to work at Hooters? An employee must be at least 18 years of age to gain employment here. This is as a result of the risqué dress code for waitresses and because alcohol is being served.

There is the possibility of growth within this industry. With the movement up the ranks of this company, an employee can enjoy more benefits and higher pay wages. All that is necessary is to put in the hard work to prove your loyalty to their company and the excellence in your job performance.

Certain positions have very strict expectations, and that should be a consideration when applying for a job here. Read all descriptions to understand these expectations and if they are able to be met. This is essential in all Hooters Careers. Hooters careers can offer an employee many things.

Hooters Job Descriptions

This section has a more in-depth discussion of career opportunities available here.


Much like in every other business, a person will have to work their way up the ranks and grow with their company to gain higher level employment. They are willing and very encouraging to those who want to move up in the company to higher levels and does so by offering additional training to help their employees succeed in their goals.

Here are some entry-level positions and job seeker can find here:

  • Hooters Girl (Waitress, female only.)
  • Host or Hostess
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Cook
  • Cleaning Crew
  • Bartender

For more information about these positions, go onto the company website.

Management Level Positions

If you have previous experience working in this industry, or have put in time at the company, you may be eligible for these higher level positions. With these positions, and employee can have access to better benefits and better pay.

Here is some management or higher level positions available at this company:

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • District Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • General Manager

Average Wages and Benefits

Like with most other companies, Hooter wages and benefits vary depending on job title, experience and education. A Hooters Girl might only make $3.40 an hour, not including tips. A cook might make around $10 per hour. An assistant manager could make around $44,000 a year, and a district manager could make around $50,000 a year.

Benefits will also be dependent on such things as hours worked a week and how long someone has worked with this company. Fulltime employees are eligible for health and dental insurance, paid vacations and meal programs.

They can also get training to further their careers within the company, which is highly encouraged by Hooters. A person can also get industry certifications and money for management referrals. They will also training certifications to help further their career within this industry.

Upon completion of all the necessary certifications, a person may be eligible for management positions within the company. With this added responsibility, a person can receive bonuses and wage increases to reflect the hard work that an employee has put into the company to excel.

For more information about your benefits and wages, check any packets you receive upon hiring.

Advice For Appliction Process

Employment Information

When you apply for a job at Hooters, be sure to follow the instructions as given. When the application is turned in and completed according to their specifications, a person should hear back from a manager within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you should call to see the status of your application or verify that they are still hiring for the position you were interested in.

There are clear expectations for each position, stated on their website. These are non-negotiable expectations that must be met to apply for a position. Be sure that you are applying for a job that meets your qualification to ensure a smooth application process.

Tips for Getting the Job

Here are a few tips to help you get the job that you are applying for:

Submit an updated resume with your application.

Apply for a position that meets your skills and qualifications. Not doing so may have your application automatically dismissed.

If applying in person, dress appropriately. You never know who is taking your application and it is important to keep a good first impression.

Fill out the application in accordance with the instructions provided. By not doing so, your application will usually not even be considered. If it is, it might reflect negatively on you.

Prepare for your interview in front of a mirror. This will help you identify your body language and will help you practice being at ease and giving off an impression of confidence. By preparing for questions in advanced, you will be able to sound clear and articulate during your interview.

Dress appropriately for your interview. First impressions are crucial when finding a job.

Answer all questions honestly, with quick detail. They do not want the novel version of an answer; they want something to the point.

Other Tips to Getting the Job

Here are some tips to help give an advantage when applying for a job:

When you go in for your interview, bring in a copy or two of your updated resume. This way you can hand your interviewer a copy if they do not have one on hand, and you have one to follow along with in case there are questions.

Call to check in on your application, after your interview. Be sure to ask if there are any further questions that can be answered or clarified. This shows that you are serious about the position.

Send a “thank you” note or email to the person who interviewed you. This will show also show them that you are serious about this job, as well as show that you are a thoughtful person.

Company Facts

Hooters was founded in Clearwater, Florida on April 1, 1983. It was created that day because the owners thought it was going to be a failing business venture.

It is now headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia.

There are over 430 locations.

Their “Hooters Community Endowment Fund” or “HOO.C.E.F” is a charitable organization that donates the company time and money to charities. “HOO.C.E.F” is a clever take on the charitable organization known as “U.N.I.C.E.F”.

Former C.E.O and President Coby G. Brooks appeared on an episode of “Undercover Boss” in 2010.

This company has a rich history, complete with controversy. This might just be the company that you are looking for, so apply today.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation vary depending on the days of the week. The hours are as followed: Monday – Thursday from 11:30am – 12:00am, Friday – Saturday from 11:30am – 1:00am, and Sunday from 12:00pm – 11:00pm.


There are many competitors for this company within this industry. Two of their closest competitors are Buffalo Wild Wings and Dave and Buster’s. These are both companies that serve similar foods and have a gimmick to them that makes them an appealing restaurant over other facilities.

Buffalo Wild Wings, like Hooters, is famous for their chicken wings. It is a sports bar loaded with televisions and sports memorabilia as décor. This is a family friendly restaurant and also has outdoor seating available. Their uniforms are not as widely recognized or famous as the Hooters’ uniforms.

Dave and Buster’s is a restaurant that has a diverse menu but is known for the onsite games for adults to play. Often referred to as the “adult version of Chuck E. Cheese”, it is a place for both children and adults to enjoy games while enjoying their meals. This game aspect of the restaurant is what truly makes them unique and a place that people go out of their way to visit.
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