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Hollister Company started out as an imaginative idea from the creators of Abercrombie and Fitch to launch their teen clothing line. The company expected to be a hit with the 14 to 18 demographic with its SoCal image for less than the Abercrombie Fitch brand, bringing the lifestyle and inspiration of the surf culture to its customers and to its employees.  Pick up a Hollister application today.

It was introduced first in Ohio in 2000 and gained popularity so quickly the company had expanded throughout Canada by 2011, outselling the expected profit margins of its parent company Abercrombie and Fitch.   This caused a bit of an upset and they began to use higher grade materials to construct their Abercrombie Fitch lines increasing merchandise prices.  The average clientele of the Hollister brand is 12 to 30 years old.

Incorporating live feed walls in their stores, the company gives customer the feel of Surf City, Huntington Beach, California which is aired through the televised feed in their stores. This sensory involvement is conducive to the overall experience and increases the sales by promoting the surf atmosphere of the brand.  For info on Hollister jobs and how to apply for Hollister online click on the applications link below.

The fictitious founder of the company, a made up character named John Hollister Sr. emigrated from New York to Dutch West Indies where he was inspired to come back to California and open up a clothing line that has also included fragrances and body care products for both Dudes and Bettys (guys and girls) which premiered as a 5th Abercrombie and Fitch line sold exclusively through the 2nd line  called Gilly Hicks.

Hollister Careers

Retail jobs include models, cashiers, sales associates and management positions. Get a Hollister application for any of the Hollister jobs and apply online to view the responsibilities and job description of each of the Hollister jobs online.  Due to the Y generation of workers who are applying for Hollister jobs the company has made it easy to access online applications or apply for direct application to the local store itself.

Corporate careers are enterprising individuals who chose Hollister careers to excel in marketing thru their branding and social media tactics to reach their target audience which has exploded in mass sales with 12 to 30 year olds who obsess over the brand making it the 2nd most popular clothing line designed for teens. The working environment of the corporate career is fast paced, challenging and cut throat.

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How old do you have to be to work at Hollister? Applicants must be at least 16 years old or older. You can apply for jobs at Hollister thru their website which is located at the bottom of this article under the applications link or you can choose to download application form and turn it into any of the company’s locations.  Imagine yourself working in an exciting cutting edge fashion industry.

Benefits include but not limited to competitive pay and clothing discounts.  Additional employment benefits will be discussed at length during the orientation. For a printable application for Hollister go to any local Hollister and request the password to the company website and download the printable application form. Fill it out and drop off at any hiring store. Your career is just a few clicks away.

Hours of operation are from Monday – Saturday from 10am – 9pm, Sunday from 12pm – 5:30pm. Come in and experience the SoCal lifestyles and view the various job opportunities in action and pick up an application form as well as the password and prepare for a group interview which the company is known for.  A resume is only useful to show experience for a corporate position and helpful in negotiating salary.

Job Description and Salaries

Model – This position requires a sense of style, sophistication, and outgoing personality.  Applicants must have passion for the brand; attention to detail and a customer focus to name a few of the responsibilities. If this sounds like a career for you fill out a free application today. You will be walking around the store displaying fashion line along with folding clothes and helping customers. Average wage is $8.00/hour.

Manager in Training – This position is a ten week program which immerses a manager into running a multi-million dollar business for Abercrombie and Fitch training the prospective manager in the necessary principles of management. Successful completion of this program is the first step to leadership. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.  Be a self-starter, with strong problem solving skills. Average wage is $28,000/year.

Impact Associate – This position maintains the merchandise flow, filing, and presentation standards throughout the store and the stockroom. Need a positive outlook, strong work ethic and good communication skills. Applicants must be able to multitask, adhere to company guidelines in personal appearance and rules of conduct, merchandising, and stockroom systems. Average wage is $8.50/hour.

Graphic Designer – This position is responsible for creating brand specific on-apparel artwork. Applicants for The Graphic Design Training Program is an intensive multi week which builds upon your formal design education and give you the tool necessary to apply that knowledge and experience at A&F. Research and develop existing and emerging concepts and trends, Sketch on computers, produce  continuously strong packages with a quick rate. Salary is dependent on experience.

Hollister Interview Questions

After filling out a free application practice the type of questions below to help you win the job.

What is diversity? This question is asked to nearly everyone. It’s an important question for Hollister who strive to have a diverse work environment. It means that although everyone is individual from others, they should be treated equally due to their differences. Find a way to incorporate into your own words.

What are some of your favorite company products? This is an individualized question but a common one specific for the company itself. They expect you to wear their lines as fashion models while working for them or similar clothing as long as there are no emblems or other telltale insignia which displays another company.

Why do you think people prefer this company over other brands? This is another typical question for this company’s interviews to evaluate how much you know about the company itself. You could list numerous preferences like the name brand itself, the image, the cost, and the styles of clothes. Any of these are considered an acceptable answer.

How would you explain the company’s brand? This should be stated in your own words but the company brand is recognized as laid back, youthful, surf inspired economic version of the Abercrombie and Fitch line. Tailor made for the teen and young adult generation. Hollister is cutting through the barriers of diversity between cultural, sexual, and religious differences that make up the individual.

How would your friends describe you? This question although unique to each individual should be given proper consideration prior to answering. Are you the leader? The one who keeps the peace? Do you make sure everyone has a good time? All these and several other answers are acceptable here. Just don’t be saying anything that could prevent you from getting fired such as you are the life of the party, or you are the one who stirs up the trouble.

Advice For Application Process

Visualize getting the job and all the perks that go with it. This positive thinking technique works well for athletics in carrying out the objective of imaging them win and then doing so because the brain can’t differentiate between the visualization and the reality. With this end goal you are more than likely to land the job.

When you first shake hands make sure you shake with confidence and not a weak handshake or overbearingly hard handshake neither will gain you any points with the interviewer. Also when introductions are made make sure you pay attention to them so that you can address the interviewer properly because everyone likes to hear their name used.

Compliment and thank the interviewer. Everyone likes to be sincerely complimented. Find something to compliment them on it will go a lot farther than you realize. Be sure to thank the interviewer for taking the time out to interview you for the position. Always follow up with an email to the interviewer to thank them for their time and to convey any final thoughts about the interview and or your experience that you may have left out.

Do not second guess yourself when answering questions; rather state the reasons behind your answers in a thorough, honest and positive manner. It’s the best you can do. You can’t interpret how someone else reacts or responds but you can control how you act. By practicing your answers to interview questions like those above will help you prepare so you don’t have to second guess yourself.
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