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img- Guess ApplicationThe Guess brand is internationally recognized, and since it began in 1981, it has grown exponentially and has become known for its iconic black and white advertising campaigns.  Over the years they have featured such well-known faces as Claudia Schiffer and Kate Upton.  To find out how to apply for Guess online, click the Guess Application link at the bottom of the page.

The company began as a labor of brotherly love after the Marciano brothers arrived in Los Angeles hoping to revive the female denim market and create stylish, chic jeans.  It is now a hugely successful global brand with over 1,600 stores in 80 countries with over 500 locations in North America alone.

Though the company was primarily known for its fashionable jeans, it has since broadened out into other items of clothing and accessories as well as expanding its brand base to provide great-looking clothing for other markets including men, children and high fashion.  It was even honored by having its Press Book inducted into the Metropolitan Museum of Art permanent collection.

Guess jobs provide great opportunities for developing a career in all aspects of the fashion industry. Whether your interest is in retail, buying, advertising or design then the experience you could gain from working at such a renowned firm is invaluable for your future.  You will find great networking opportunities to advance your career and projects tailored to suit your interests.

Guess Careers

There are many job opportunities at the hundreds of local stores across the country.  Starting as a Sales/Stock Associate or Cashier you will be able to work your way up the management ladder in a dynamic, personality-driven atmosphere.  There are also vacancies for those with previous management experience to join the team.

If corporate careers are your preferred avenue of employment, Guess is hiring for a diverse range of opportunities in all aspects of the development of a fashion line from its inception, through development and all the way until it hits the stores.  Guess careers can take you all over the world to one of the many other countries where it operates.

How old do you have to be to work at Guess? All roles at require you to be at least 18 years old.  A few stores may allow younger candidates for entry-level jobs but these will depend on the individual discretion of the store.  Store hours range from 9am to between 6pm-10pm dependent on location.

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If you’re interested in fashion you’ll be very happy that all employees are entitled to a discount on clothing.  Store Associates have the advantage of a flexible work schedule. Other benefits of Guess jobs include ample opportunities for advancement in such a large corporation and working with great coworkers allowing you to broaden your professional networks.  Some employees are eligible for healthcare and other schemes.

Guess Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Sales Associates are one of the most vital parts of the operation; the employees on the ground delivering the products to customers.  Responsibilities will usually include cashiering, creating displays, handling stock and customer service.  A job like this is an excellent way to develop your interpersonal skills.  The hourly wage is typically $8-9/hour.

Assistant Store Manager – As an Assistant Manager you will be expected to supervise staff in the stores in league with the Store Manager and ensure that everything is running smoothly.  This position is an important stepping-stone to learn management responsibilities.  You’re also able to show off your styling skills helping customers with recommendations.  Assistant Managers earn up to $14/hour.

Co-Manager/Manager – The responsibilities are stepped up as you oversee aspects of recruitment and training, making sure all staff are performing at the peak of their abilities.  You will also be responsible for meeting sales goals, using your initiative and decision-making skills to maximize profits.  The Co-Manager advises and the Manager has overall accountability.  Management roles enjoy a salary of $40-50k/year.

Summer Intern – Scoring an internship at an acclaimed company like this is an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the fashion business at their worldwide headquarters in LA.  With different roles including design, planning and merchandising, college students will learn the skills they need to develop in the industry.  Many internships are paid, offering $8-9/hour.

Guess Interview Questions

Interview questions are likely to revolve around your enthusiasm for and knowledge of fashion.

Why do you want to work at Guess? This question is likely to come up at an interview for any position, so make sure you are clued up about the company and the kind of atmosphere and image it projects.  Tell the interviewer why it appeals to you directly, perhaps mention a particular campaign or line that you enjoyed.

Talk me through the outfit you are wearing.  Make sure you check before the interview what designers you are showcasing and that you know a bit about the thought process behind putting an outfit together.  It’s important that all employees, retail or corporate, project the right image for the company. 

Who is your favorite designer? You don’t have to ingratiate yourself by saying Guess, unless it really is your favorite.  They want to see that you are truly passionate about the field and that you are aware of the industry as a whole.  Do some research about a few designers and fashion houses before the interview.

How would you increase sales in the store?  If you have previous experience doing this mention a specific example when you have done this before and talk about how the same strategy could work for them.  If you haven’t had to do this before think about what makes you buy more in other stores in relate those tactics to Guess.

Describe a stressful situation you’ve encountered and how you overcame it.  Pick a real example and make sure you highlight the skills you already had that helped you overcome difficulties and also what you took away from the whole experience.  Anytime you can relate back to the job description will always be beneficial for you.

Advice For Application Process

By using the link provided in this article you can make a Guess job application online for retail opportunities or search Guess jobs online to find the counterpart site for corporate applications.  Another way to apply for jobs at Guess via an online application is to use the link to submit your resume if you don’t want to make a direct application for a specific role.

For Sales Associate or Store Manager jobs you are also able to make a free application by taking your resume to your local store.  You are not currently able to download a printable application form for Guess.  Especially for applications for corporate roles the preferred method is to apply online as this will allow those hiring you to best match your skills to the roles they have available.

Once you have made your Guess application it may take up to a couple of weeks for you to be offered an interview.  Many interviews for retail jobs will be in groups.  The interviewers want to see how you interact with the other candidates in your interview, as you may be working with them very soon, but also to see that you can communicate easily with strangers.

Remember that this is a fashion brand, so be sure to dress professionally, but don’t be afraid to show off your natural style.  Spend some time the day before preparing your outfit and come up with a couple of alternatives in case you change your mind at the last minute.  Be ready to describe how your outfit is made up and why you decided to put those particular pieces together.
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