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Gander Mountain ApplicationHeadquartered at St. Paul, Minnesota, Gander Mountain is a chain of outdoor retail stores specializing in recreational outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping. Currently the company owns and operates a total of 152 stores throughout 26 separate states. Check online to see if you can find a local Gander Mountain store near you!

Starting in 1960, the franchise began as a catalogue vending company for outdoor gear and equipment. It experienced much success, and became one of the premier suppliers of outdoor equipment. More recently, however, the company has experienced some financial hardship. In 1996, the company decided to file for a joint plan of reorganization.

Though the company has experienced struggles, it remains in business to this day. A renewed approach has led to an influx of acquisitions in an effort to restart its mail order niche it had so successfully captured. One of these acquisitions was Overton’s, a watersports company.

Gander Mountain brings a unique format to the market, capitalizing on specialized store design to capture customers. Stores are often wide open, with large ceilings and extra wide aisles offering an outdoors feel both physically and visually. With a recently opened online store, this company is seemingly on an upswing, and presents a unique opportunity for those looking for jobs in outdoor merchandise retail.

Are you interested in outdoor activities? Do you wish you were employed somewhere you could put those interests at work? Fill out a Gander Mountain job application online today, or follow any links provided and submit a direct application at your nearest store.

Gander Mountain jobs are designed for those who love outdoors activities. Familiarize yourself with typical outdoor equipment before submitting a resume. Often, employment comes with a unique employee discount, perfect for those looking at purchasing new gear for themselves.

Gander Mountain Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Gander Mountain? All applicants must meet the general requirements for age, which means 16 years or older. If you meet this requirement and are intrigued by outdoor merchandise retail should apply online. Those wondering how to apply for Gander Mountain online should follow the links provided at the end of the article.

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Other requirements will vary by the position. Managing jobs typically require relevant experience, though the years desired will also vary. Product Managers, for example, will require extensive experience of at least 5 years in a relevant field. Hiring managers will want to be shown skills that convince them you are ready for the position. In most cases, this also means a business or marketing degree from a reputable college.

Other entry-level positions are less strict on their requirements. Though, previous experience will always separate you from other less experienced applicants. Highlight any prior experience on your resume. In some cases, a high school diploma is at least required, but sometimes this may be overlooked.

Generally, entry-level jobs in outdoor retail franchises will expect at least some prior familiarity with the desired department. For example, those applying for a Sales Associates position at the guns and ammunition departments must demonstrate knowledge in those corresponding areas. If you think you are qualified, submit a Gander Mountain application to be immediately considered for employment.

Once again, wages will differ depending on the job position. Obviously, entry-level jobs will earn less than higher tier jobs such as management positions. Those who are Sales Associates should expect competitive wages, though this typically means hourly earnings hovering around minimum wage. Minimum wage differs between states, so to know what to expect from the outdoor retail industry, check your state requirements.

Those interested in retail management job opportunities should expect a bit higher pay than minimum wage. Assistant Managers will still typically be paid by the hour, though the pay scale will be bumped up a bit in accommodation. Product Managers will receive the highest payment, and will be paid on a yearly salary basis. Those applying for this position can expect a ballpark figure of $84,000.

This company also supplies employees with various benefits. These include medical and dental coverage, life insurance, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, disability, and a 401(k) plan. Do these wages or benefits interest you? Though there is no printable job application for Gander Mountain below, you will find helpful links to find Gander Mountain jobs. Simply fill in various search forms and you’ll be in consideration for an immediate job in outdoor retail business!

Store hours may vary depending on location. Most Gander Mountain stores are located in Midwestern states and operate under a normal schedule. Typical hours will look like:

Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Gander Mountain Job Descriptions

Because this franchise sells merchandise in a variety of different areas, all of which fall under a broad category of outdoors equipment, there are specialized niches of merchandise. This means more opportunities at selling yourself to a particular division if you are knowledgeable about that subject.

For example, those with experience or knowledge about hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, footwear, or marine activities all could end up in specialized departments selling merchandise pertaining to their category. As such, emphasize any familiarity when submitting a Gander Mountain application.

Some typical job titles and their corresponding job responsibilities:

Sales Associate

These positions are the typical customer interaction, entry-level jobs that retail stores all offer. This position entails a lot of answering questions and directing customers toward correct merchandise. It also involves money handling and conducting transactions on a regular basis, so any applicants should consider themselves good with math.

As mentioned earlier, this franchise is comprised of various specialized departments. So Sales Associates are designated with various departments depending on their specialty. No matter what department, Sales Associates should be knowledgeable about any product found within their section. This means knowing the pros or cons of certain equipment, various elements of pricing, or general customer preference between brands.

Sales Associate careers bring a benefit of constructing a solid foundation of communication skills for later on. Gain experience in a customer relations field and it will do wonders for you when applying for more advanced positions. Do you think you have what it takes to be hired at this company? Submit a free application by following convenient links provided at the end of this article.

Zone Manager

Job responsibilities of a Zone Manager include leading the store team in tandem with a traditional store manager, setting expectations or goals, promoting general sales, developing employees, and establishing solid working relationships.

Zone Managers are basically Assistant Managers. They are the middle people of the store totem pole who are in charge of various departments. They still must follow directions from Store Managers. Applicants should be leaders, people who can lead through example. They must also be comfortable issuing correct orders and ensuring they are followed.

Managers will expect an increase in sales numbers as a result of their Zone Managers. They must have strong computer skills coupled with an ability to sell a product. Much like a Sales Associate, this means they must demonstrate articulate knowledge of their corresponding department merchandise. Those considering applying for a Zone Manager position should submit an online application form for immediate consideration.

Product Manager

The Product Manager is a creative individual capable of developing sales strategies. They must maximize categorical success. These are the people behind the scenes developing marketing strategies as well as promotional material. These individuals do not necessarily work in Gander Mountain stores, but have offices or desks within the corporate locations.

Job responsibilities include managing inventory, performing competitive analysis, determining market trends, developing teams of merchandise specialists, and communicating business strategies with various teams.

Product Managers should have extensive merchandising experience along with product management skills. Those who are qualified for Gander Mountain careers should search for hiring locations online. Please note there are no download application forms provided.

Gander Mountain Interview Questions

The next step is an interview. Do not worry, it is just another step in any hiring process. A rather general, but perhaps most important, tip is simply coming prepared. This applies in a variety of facets. First and foremost, dress appropriately. Employers will notice if you come to an interview looking shabby. Instead, make a positive first impression; wear nice looking clothes

Approach the interview in a collected, confident manner. Most of all, come prepared. Write out a list of possible questions and practice them beforehand. Make sure you are comfortable with your answers, and that your voice flows naturally.

Some example questions might include:

  • Are you an outdoors person?
  • What niche outdoors department are you most qualified for?
  • How do you handle customer questions?
  • How long do you plan on working here?
  • Are you comfortable working weekends and holidays?

When answering, make direct eye contact. Also avoid any nervous fidgeting in your chair. Do not mess with your clothes or your hair; give any interviewers your undivided attention and relax.

When their questioning process has finished, have a few questions prepared to ask back. Ask about their work environment or a certain aspect about their company’s history. Doing so will highlight your knowledge of their company as well as your interest. It will help you stand out in their minds. Avoid asking about compensation unless the topic has been previously broached.

Another key question to ask is when they expect to get back to you. Keep this date in mind, and when that time nears be sure to send their hiring managers a thank you email. Thank them for their time and consideration, and take a moment to reiterate your interest. Now that you are prepared, follow each link below to apply for jobs at Gander Mountain.

Advice For Application Process

Find Gander Mountain jobs online using provided links following this article. Landing Gander Mountain careers is simple, though some may be intimidated by the application process. Luckily for them, what follows is some solid application advice to read through. Those considering filling out a Gander Mountain application should adhere to this advice before doing so.

Applications should be concise; avoid wordiness and longwinded explanations. Employers will recognize when you are trying to fluff up your accolades. That is not to say you shouldn’t twist your accomplishments to become applicable for any job you’re applying towards. Simply do so in a straightforward manner.

Also, be sure to include any life experience that relates to communication and marketing. Even if you are fresh on a job search, and this would be a first time job in your life, include any school experience that may be applicable. Did you participate in a play? Tell them you fostered relationships that helped organize a successful artistic endeavor. Were you involved in any clubs? Perhaps there were some organizational, fundraising, or money handling skills learned after all.

Gander Mountain is a unique chain in that it supplies quality outdoors equipment in a unique, wide open, store atmosphere. This is a conscientious decision by management designed to make customers at home in a wide open, outdoors oriented environment. Those who enjoy physical activity outside should feel at home, customer or employee.

Gander Mountain is not the only retail store with this philosophy. Some direct competitors worth researching are Bass Pro Shops and Dick’s Sporting Goods, each of which offer sporting and outdoor equipment with an approachable, open store philosophy. If you are trying to find a job in outdoor retail, but aren’t sure if Gander Mountain jobs are right for you, check out these two stores to find a perfect fit.
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