Firehouse Subs Application & Careers

Firehouse Subs ApplicationThe hot Submarine eatery is a fastest growing restaurant chain across America and Puerto Rico. It is famous for its hot submarine Sandwiches and its customer friendly service and has carved a niche for itself in this industry.

It was founded by two brothers Robin Sorenson & Chris Sorenson in Jackson Ville. The rich, flavorful menu caught the fancy of the foodies and the restaurant became an instant hit and immensely popular, capitalizing on the popularity and without compromising on the quality the two brothers began to expand the highly lucrative business.

Today the hot Submarine joint is spread out across 42 states and Puerto Rico. The 800 strong Sandwich restaurant chain is on the constant look out for associates to expand its presence.

This fastest growing restaurant chain provides a steady stream of employment opportunities to the local populations and is constantly looking out to hire members in order to keep the business humming with no hiccups. Every unit of Sandwich restaurant is steadily hiring or providing exciting job opportunities at various locations across the country. With its goal of expanding its reach to about 2,000 locations by the end of this decade the job opportunities and the chance of getting employment tends towards the higher side.

The jobs at this hot and happening organization are in great demand for its work culture and ethos. The benefits and the learning curve it provides makes it the perfect career for entry level workers. The entry level designation requires you to interact with customers and oversee the preparation of food as ordered by customers offering you valuable experience for your future career. These jobs offer you competitive payment, meal benefits and excellent growth opportunities. Fresher’s applying for basic rung should possess terrific work ethic, should be people friendly and be a team player.

The job description for management employees varies, the appointment entrusts you with the responsibilities of supervising all the areas of the restaurant running leading to a successful business operation. Job seekers applying for managerial roles should have leadership trait, must motivate and keep the team under his watch in good spirits, he should have prior experience working in the food industry.

How to apply for jobs at Firehouse subs would be the question uppermost in your mind. Let’s address the all-important question.

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Firehouse Subs Careers

The natural question that arises next is how old do you have to be to work at Firehouse Subs? The entry level worker must be 16 years or older at the date of joining.  Terms and conditions apply for the managerial level positions you will have to contact the concerned authorities to find out about the job specification for the managerial position you are after.

At the Subs Joint, the typical weekday (including Saturday) working hours commence from 10:30 AM to 10 PM, the working hours reduces by an hour on Sunday with its operating time being 10:30AM to 9PM.

Firehouse Subs Job Descriptions

Careers in the firm belong to two types of category – Part time & Full time. The Basic level of employment is flexible enough to accommodate part time schedules whereas managerial position requires a full time commitment.

Despite the various roles and responsibilities entailed in Firehouse Subs careers, all the rank comes with competitive pay package and several benefits.

The first rung at the Firehouse Subs careers chart are the entry level designations of

a.) Crew Member and

b.) Shift leader

And the managerial role

c.) Assistant Manager

d.) General Manager

Crew Member

They are the vital cogs essential to success of any venture, they are the foundation on which the success of the restaurant rests. They are the face of the restaurant, their attitude reflects the brand name.

A crew member is expected to interact with the customers and regular patrons. They are involved in handling the food management. The employee takes the orders of the guest, assists the customers in choosing from the menu, and prepares the food ordered according to the customer specification but strictly following the company guidelines, serve the prepared meal to the patrons, ring up the final bill and complete the sales proceedings.

Other responsibilities that form part of  crew member job specs are, he/she is responsible for keeping the dining area clean, the tables should be cleared of plates and cups, cleaned  and if required washed ( only reusable).They are responsible for the inventory and should conduct regular inventory checking.

A crew member should have an innate liking to interact with people, must have sunny disposition, should be polite and patient whilst communicating with the guests and must be a team player.

The entry level job is normally shift based and you should be willing to work at shift hours and in case of busy weekend, put in extra hours too.

Shift Leaders/Managerial

Shift leaders and managers perform diverse duties with profits and increasing the profits being the bottom line. Shift leaders supervise their team and ensures smooth operation throughout the time of operation. They are responsible for stock taking, replenishing food materials, keeping the area clean, helping in maintaining a harmonious relationship among the team members, ensuring the team delivers optimal service.

A Manager is responsible for the restaurant. A manager is responsible for the growth of his particular restaurant and the venture shows a steady profit. He will track sales growth, develop and allocate budgets to the requisite departments, keeps the headquarters or higher authorities informed about the trajectory of the eating house.

A manager is also responsible for hiring, conducting interviews, selecting the suitable candidate after detailed cross checking, asking in depth questions if required. They allot daily jobs, define schedules for their employees and resolve any disputes that may arise. They should know to handle pressures and keep a calm head at all times.

Crew Member and other entry level positions do not require any experience and are inducted into the organization provided you meet their criteria, but a Managerial or corporate position is quite stringent and requires either a degree in the concerned field or sufficient experience or both.

Wages for rookies begin from minimum wages thereafter rising to $8.00/hour with experience.

Shift leaders are offered hourly pay between $8 and $10.00.

Assistant managers are offered a starting salary of $25,000 P.A. & General Managers can be earning $40,000 per Annum.

Firehouse Subs jobs renders attractive benefit package to its employees. The staff members are entitled to meal discounts and can eat anything from the restaurant. Positive work atmosphere, helpful support staff, company uniform, competitive rates along with a bonus, unlimited growth opportunities are the other add-ons that entice the employees to pursue a career in this vibrant company.

Shift worker and managerial level workers are eligible for paid training and paid vacation too. As the employee gets promoted, he is eligible for health insurance and life insurance (both covered by the company).

Advice For Application Process

How to Apply For Firehouse Subs online

If you are searching for Firehouse Subs jobs online or are road blocked due to paucity of direct application forms or if you are looking for a Firehouse Subs job application online, let’s clear your confusion. The Subway leaders provide you with a printable application form in PDF format. It’s a free application and there are no hidden catches anywhere, you fill in the details asked in the form, state the position you are applying for and deposit it in the location of your choice.

Though there are Firehouse Subs application available across many job websites, you can apply through Firehouse Subs Careers page. There are printable application for Firehouse Subs or you can download application form and print it later. Unlike other organization, the management do not provide you a bulky Firehouse Subs application you will be provided with a simple form, fill the application form and shoot it to your nearest local outlet.

A crew member or a manager cannot apply online instead they have to fill in a resume and hand over the job application at the place of hiring, if you fit the bill you will be called for an informal interview. The shift leader has two modes of applying for the job. He can send an online application containing his resume and cover letter to the email link given by the company at its website or he can opt to apply directly. There is no restriction on the number of applications you can apply.

Whatever position you choose to apply for, just make sure that you follow the strict instructions laid out in the application form so that you get selected and are in contention for the post.

Working with the highly successful   allows you to develop focus, dedication, a positive outlook and a cheerful outgoing personality which will be considered a great asset in many different companies as it will make life easier for your co-workers. Being employed in a driven and data oriented submarine will lead to job satisfaction and the prevailing work atmosphere will make you feel good especially when you comprehend that you are helping people, bringing a smile in their life’s. You may wish to share and spread this good vibe and we bring you some recommendations. You can apply for Subway for more opportunities in different geographical locations or you can apply at Which Wich Superior Sandwiches and watch it mushrooming into a lively place under your care.
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