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img- Dressbarn ApplicationRoslyn Jaffe founded the very first Dress Barn store in 1962, with a view to providing quality work wear as women began to be more included in the workforce.  She eventually let her husband Elliot Jaffe on board a few years later.  To find out how to apply for Dress Barn online, follow the Dress Barn application link below.

Together, the Jaffes worked to expand the company and they now have around 3,900 locations with over 14,000 employees in their local stores and corporate offices.  The company is a subsidiary of the Ascena Group that also owns four other women’s clothing brands.  It is always looking to expand in the industry and has recently developed plans for a design studio.

Although it began as a store targeted at women in their mid-30s to 50s, it has also broadened into different markets such as girls, teenagers and plus size clothing.  Always looking to keep up to date, Dress Barn has recently undergone a makeover and updated the design of its stores.

Dress Barn clothing has been featured in many national magazines including Good Housekeeping, O The Oprah Magazine and even Vogue.  It has also launched a ‘Style Squad’ campaign where a team of fashion and beauty professionals release videos demonstrating how to dress and accessorize for different occasions using Dress Barn products.

Dress Barn Careers

Dress Barn jobs provide many opportunities in retail from Cashiers, Sales Associates and Stock Assistants.  There are many possibilities to move up the ladder as well as positions available for experienced Assistant Managers and Store Managers.  All of these careers require a passion for fashion along with excellent customer service skills.

You can also submit a Dress Barn application for the different openings they have at their corporate offices.  These vacancies are across all sectors including Buying, Merchandising, Finance, Marketing and many more.  You can make a free application for either the Retail or Corporate job opportunities via the same link.

How old do you have to be to work at Dress Barn?  You need to be at least 18 to work at Dress Barn.

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The store hours are 10am-9pm from Monday to Saturday with reduced hours on Sundays from 11am-5pm.

There are various benefits that come with Dress Barn careers.  These include medical, dental and vision insurance along with maternity leave.  You can also enjoy paid leave and holidays as well as the option of buying into the stock ownership scheme.   To help you advance your career there are also scholarship programs and the possibility of help with your tuition.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Sales Associate – As a Sales Associate your responsibilities will include customer service, cashiering, keeping the store tidy, creating displays and helping with stock.  It is important to be a great communicator and have good organizational skills.  It’s a big plus to have an eye for fashion.  Sales Associates typically earn around $9/hour.

Stock/Receiving – This is a fairly physically demanding role, working here you will assist in unloading stock from the delivery trucks and transferring it the stores.  You will need to quality check the stock before it goes on the shelves and report and deal with any problems.  This role is usually paid at minimum wage.

Assistant Manager – As an Assistant Manager you will help the to train and deal with staff and ensure that they are delivering top quality customer service.  This position also comes with the added duties of some of the back office administrative paperwork such as scheduling and assigning tasks.  This role has an average wage of $12-15/hour.

Store Manager – A Store Manager has oversight of the entire store from the staff to the customers and needs to make sure that both are happy.  Other daily tasks will include paperwork,  payroll, training, setting sales targets and other operations duties.  The salary for managers is up to $45k annually.

Dress Barn Interview Questions

After you submit your Dress Barn application make sure you prepare for your interview by practicing some typical questions.

What are your career goals? Whether you are applying for retail or corporate Dress Barn jobs, hiring managers will want to know that you are looking to learn and develop if offered a job.  Set some realistic goals for your career trajectory and outline the steps you would take to reach them.

How would you handle a stressful situation with a customer? In every retail job you will come across a few difficult customers from time to time.  Make sure you show that you are able to stay calm when dealing with customers like these by giving examples from your previous experience.

How would you sell an outfit to a customer? Customers will turn to you for recommendations and it is important to be able to use your sales skills in this instance.  Tell the interviewer about what skills you have that would make you a good salesperson and use examples if you can.

What is your biggest achievement? You can pick a success story from your previous employment or from school or college, but follow up by relating the achievement back to the job description.  It’s important to use every answer as a chance to demonstrate why you are right for the job.

Tell me about your interest in fashion.  Obviously if you apply for jobs at Dress Barn, they will expect you to have a particular interest in clothes and fashion.  Tell them about what draws you to the job and add what makes you want to work at this company in particular.

Advice For Application Process

You will need to create an account via their website to make an online application.  After that you can search through the Dress Barn jobs online and submit an application form.  If you don’t want to make a direct application for a specific role you can upload your resume via their website.  There isn’t an option to download a printable application for Dress Barn.

Even once you have submitted your Dress Barn application online you can still edit your profile through your online account and add more applications.  You will also be shown what assessments you need to take for each position.  This is a mandatory part of the process when you apply online; make sure you read through the details carefully before completing them.

As this is a clothing store it is especially important to make sure you look your best for the interview.  Take some time the night before to prepare your outfit.  You don’t want it to be too casual but it should show your individual style to make an impression on your interviewer.

Communication is key in retail jobs so listen carefully to the questions being asked of you and respond thoughtfully.  Even if you’re nervous make sure you smile and are polite to the person interviewing you.  You need to give a good first impression to show that you can easily build relationships with customers.
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