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img- Discount Tire ApplicationDiscount Tire Company is a tire and wheel retailer owned by the Reinalt-Thomas Corporation, and it is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was founded in 1960 by Bruce T. Halle in Ann Arbor, Michigan. How to apply for Discount Tire online: a link to a printable application for Discount Tire can be found at the bottom, which will show you how to apply for jobs at Discount Tire.

When Halle founded the company it was an extremely small one-man operation with a stock of six tires. It took almost a week for him to sell his first tire. He has since admitted to having on real business plan when he first opened his doors. Despite this, it has since grown into the largest independent tire retailer in the United States.

The company’s growth from such a small operation has been explained by its focus on customer service, reasonable prices and its satisfaction guarantee. Halle’s philosophy is to “treat people with respect and fairness, always do what is right, care for those in need, work hard, be responsible and have fun.” He believed that improving the customer experience was the best way for a company to improve its value.

The organization now has over 900 stores in 28 states across the United States. Its stores offer a wide variety of tires to fit any type of car, jeep or truck. If you value loyalty, ensuring that customers have excellent service, and are interested, fill out your Discount Tire application for employment to join the tire industry.

Discount Tire Careers

Thousands of employees have said that it is an excellent place to work due to its strong emphasis on employee happiness and general well-being. Part-time employees receive benefits like medical insurance and 401k plans. There are many job opportunities available online, to find them just peruse through positions found in the career section of its website. Some Discount Tire jobs are: Tire Technician, Crew Chief, Sales Associate, and Shift Leader.

The company usually promotes employees from within the store, but there are still some positions usually available. Full-time employees receive training programs, life insurance, paid time off and many others. Some Discount Tire careers are: Assistant Manager, Manager, Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager. To apply to Discount Tire jobs online, follow the links below to download application form and fill out the direct application. 

How old do you have to be to work at Discount Tire? You must be at least 16 years old to work at its stores, although some positions require that employees be at least 18 years old. Its hours of operation are usually: Mon-Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm and Sat: 8:00am-5:00pm. To get started on a Discount Tire application, find the online application or printable application form below and then apply online.

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Discount Tire Job Descriptions

Tire Technician – Technicians are an essential part of the store’s business. Technicians work part time and their responsibilities are to perform changing, balancing, flat repairs and rotation service with safety and efficiency. They also receive training, so no experience is necessary. Team Members begin at usually earn between 10$ – 12$ per hour.

Store Employee – Store employees are the ones who lead the daily operations of the store. They must repair/change, load/unload and stack objects as well as clean and maintain store grounds. Other duties consist of interacting with customers, fulfilling orders and solving all customer issues. Shift Leaders usually make around 9$ – 10$ per hour.

Assistant Manager / Service Coordinator – Assistant Store Managers have a number of duties, from training to managing inventory and employees. They must also ensure the store is safe and ensure a positive customer experience. They also need to perform basic technological tasks such as mounting and installing wheels. Assistant Managers typically earn a salary between 40000$ and 45000$ per year. 

Store Manager – The foremost duty of store managers is to exercise independent judgment and discretion to ensure their store operates efficiently. Store managers must guide their staff, organize payroll, and make sure the store is always in great condition. Managers usually make anywhere between 50,000$ and 55,000$ per year.

Discount Tire Interview Questions

Here are some of the interview questions you should prepare for after filling out a free application:

Why do you want to work for Discount Tire? This is a usual question that you should be prepared for at any position of employment. You should make sure to do research about the local store you are applying to and make sure you know exactly what it is they do and sell.

What experience do you have? Highlight your relevant work experience. If you apply as a manager, make sure to highlight your past management experience. 

How much weight are you comfortable lifting? Service workers and technicians are often required to lift heavy objects as part of their duties, so the company checks to make sure that all applicants are capable of lifting large amounts.

What is your availability? The company asks questions like these to figure out whether you want to be a part time or full time employee. Make sure you know in advance exactly what type of job you are looking for.

Applicants for management positions usually see questions like these: “Tell me about a time when you had to please an upset customer” and “Tell me about yourself.” Questions like these are attempting to find out how well you would take the initiative as a manager to improve the store and ensure better sales.

Advice For Application Process

Discount Tire uses a simple interview process. The company seeks organized, knowledgeable, and hard working associates. The automotive retailer typically screens applicants through one-on-one interviews. For most positions, applicants usually only go through a single interview for hiring. Management positions may require candidates to go through multiple rounds of interviews.

Job hopefuls should prepare by studying the company. Applicants should possess knowledge of the services and products sells the company offers as well as the size of the company and number of locations. They should also be familiar with the company’s manifesto. Asking questions demonstrates a candidate’s desire for the job and professionalism. Management applicants should especially make sure to do their research and display their knowledge.

After filling out applications, applicants should wear business casual attire to the interview. Additionally, when starting off the interview, applicants should greet interviewers with firm handshakes. To show organization and forward thinking, applicants should also hand out a resume to interviewers and managers. Applicants must also make sure they are prepared to answer questions

Interview questions should be answered with honesty and directness. Candidates should highlight past experience to show how they are excellent fits for the job. They should also show their knowledge and interest in the company to distinguish them from other applicants. Finally, applicants should convey confidence by maintaining good eye contact and posture.
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