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Dillons ApplicationDillons is a grocery chain store located in Hutchinson, Kansas. It is a subsidiary of Kroger Company. It operates grocery supermarkets all over Kansas with its major market being the metropolitan area of Wichita and Topeka. Divisions of the store include Food 4 Less and Baker`s   in Nebraska as well as Gerbes, located in Missouri. It runs a warehouse for dry grocery at Goddard, Kansas. It also perishables and frozen foods warehouses, dairy and a bakery manufacturing plant at Hutchinson.

This company started in 1913 when Jonathan Dillon launched J.S Dillon Cash Food Market at Hutchinson, Kansas. After a couple of years of hard work and building the venture, a breakthrough took place; in 1957. Jonathan`s son, Raymond, spread the venture`s wings by adding stores at Wichita. By 1968, the firm had experienced massive transformation thereby becoming Dillon Companies, Inc.

It continued broadening its horizons by obtaining regional banners kike City Market, King Soopers, Fry’s and Gerbes with more than 300 convenience stores in five different states. This establishment did not stop there, it acquired Jackson`s Ice Cream dairy too. In 1983, Dillon Companies joined hands with Kroger Company.

In 2006, the primary Dillons market place was opened at Wichita, Kansas by Kroger. The market place occupies 10,000 m2 of grocery as well as general merchandise with Dave Dillon, Jonathan`s great grandson, being its current C.E.O. In 2013, Dillons launched its fifth Marketplace Hutchinson, its hometown.

Today, this establishment boasts of creating job opportunities for more 12,000 individuals in its industry who are stationed at its 93 stores. Dillons is also popular for offering pharmaceutical services. This opens viable employment opportunities for every outstanding Dillons application made. Apply online today for a great career with challenging responsibilities that help you grow.

Dillons Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Dillons? You need to be at least 18 years of age to work at this place.

Former and current employees find it excellent. They enjoy its bonus plans which have stock options, great pay, adequate breaks, excellent management, amiable colleagues as well as general store cleanliness. Employees who demonstrate consistent excellence in their work easily rise to top positions. The firm is a great avenue for growth.

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The supermarket chain hires personable and reliable people.  Applicants mostly need to demonstrate real experience for entry level jobs. Moderate or long term experience is necessary for managerial positions.  Managers must have prior experience dealing with the field or held leadership positions at previous jobs. Cashiers must be friendly, able to work quickly even when subjected to pressure and generally be ideal.

Potential associates must be comfortable with standing for long hours and regularly communicating with other employees and customers. Aspiring clerks must have impeccable interpersonal skills along physical abilities to carry out clerk jobs. Regardless of which position is being eyed, applicants must demonstrate great communication, analytical, interpersonal and customer relations skills.

Applicants interested in upper level management roles may be subjected to background and possible drug checks before being considered for employment.  Drug testing usually comes after interviewing. Next, selected individuals undergo formal training for a week or two. Human resources representatives get in touch with desirable workers depending on their nature of application in conjunction with their preferred locations.

Its hiring process is quite short; it is usually for less than a week. Lucky candidates get jobs immediately, during final hiring sessions. This establishment generally favors candidates who can work at night, on weekends, or even on irregular hours. This is especially true for stock candidates plus other entry level jobs. The relatively short-lived hiring process takes less than a week to complete in most cases, with applicants generally receiving job offers right after Dillons final hiring session.

Starting salary for clerks is around minimum wage for clerks while those on a higher scale get $9.00 an hour. Cashiers get between their minimum wage and $9 per hour while managers get around $10 starting salary that is bound to rise with experience and merit. Employee benefits include the 401 (k) retirement plans, paid time off and employee assistance programs.

They also get health care options, maternity and paternity leaves, holidays, insurance, among other attractive packages Workers get meaningful opportunities for growth and expansion for their careers. Associates enjoy flexible schedules, paid training in addition to opportunities to advance into corporate and managerial careers.

Dillons Job Descriptions

Dillons jobs cut across various store departments. Those who have carried out Dillons job application online may be employed at its grocery stores in the fields of stock, sales together with customer service. Once employed, their job description will revolve around dealing with deli, meat, floral, seafood, and bakery alongside natural foods.

Those seeking Dillons jobs can also apply for managerial plus supervisory roles in the supermarket chain. Applicants for its Midwest grocery chain must be at least 18 years of age. Additional requirements depend on the position one is applying for. Wondering how to apply for Dillons online or offline? Simply get in touch with a local chain for a direct application or search for Dillons jobs online then do a printable application for Dillons so that you can be considered for employment.

Dillons careers have attractive pay scales for individuals who demonstrate strong verbal plus non verbal skills with a good resume. Carry out a free application on available careers which include those for cashiers, who earn an hourly rate of between $6.78 and $9.43, pharmacy technicians who get earnings ranging from $9.16 to $16.78 per hour, and bakery clerks who get $7.10 to $ 10.63 also pharmacy clerks who earn from $6.62 to $10.34 per hour.

The pay scale at Dillons depends on the job, working experience, skills and education. On job, managers reflect high earners. Supervisors, who are managers, typically get $10.00 for every hour worked at entry level. Assistant managers get around $30,000 per year while store managers may start at approximately $50,000 yearly salary.

Employees with a bachelor`s degree receive a high hourly rate, of around $13.25 as far as education is concerned. Registered pharmacists also have a high salary, with monetary compensation of approximately $58.18. On the other hand, pharmacists who hold pharmacy technician certification get $12.35 per hour.

On skills, employees at customer relations rank well. They get a median wage of $ 13.10. This skill is revered as it is crucial in attracting many customers. Other high ranking skills include that of retail pharmacy, inventory management alongside data entry.

Experience is another factor concerning pay scale. Those with five to nine years experience get a median wage of about $13.96. However, most employees stationed at Dillons have four years experience. They earn approximately $9.22 per hour. Generally, pay scales rise with tenure alongside experience gained in the company. Reasonably, more years worked in this company means greater pay with other perks.

Dillons Interview

Be sure to prepare. Its interviewers seek friendly associates who are ethical. To nail the interviews, give positive and customer centered answers to all the questions asked. It is wise to talk about instances you provided great customer service and when you went an extra mile.

Point out your ethical values as most questions tend to center around such values. You may also be asked why you chose Dillon. Provide a concrete answer that points out what attracted you about this firm company and why you fit in such an environment.

There is no second chance to make a good first impression, show up early ensuring you are dressed in professional clothing. After the interview is done, give the panel a firm handshake and express gratitude for the opportunity whether you get the job or not. This is because they may schedule additional interviewing sessions if they reconsider their decision of failing to hire you.

Advice For Application Process

Applicants have to be outstanding to get employment Dillons. Apply for jobs at Dillons early in advance and do a check on what this company is all about. Visit this link, www.dillons.com to download application form. Fill out its printable application form accurately and submit. Ensure you know all about the company beforehand.

Food City and Fairway Market are among its direct competitors. Food City was started in 1972. It provides fresh local produce, meat cuts as well as baked bread. It has a bakery that provides pastry to its customers. Food City`s promise to its customers is affordability and quality.

Fairway Market is an American grocery chain too. It was established in 1930s. Fairway has gained a great market share in New York. It boasts of 3 wine and spirits store and 14 food markets to its name. Its flagship store is found at the original Broadway site, on Upper Westside Manhattan. Just like Dillons, these two companies are continually looking for viable opportunities for growth, excellent workforce and bigger markets.
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