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Richard Stack founded this company in 1948, at the age of 18, with funding from his grandmother who believe that he could be successful in running his own business. Nowadays, the company is a Fortune 500 American corporation that specializes in sporting goods and excellent service. To make your Dick’s Sporting Goods application you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

Driven, Committed, Skilled and Passionate are this company’s values as they believe that sports play a very important part in a child’s development and therefore should be accompanied by strong values and great life lessons. This belief as made the company a big support of youth sports within the communities around it.

There are a variety of products and services on offer that focus on team sports, exercise, footwear, apparel, golf, outdoors and fan oriented products. You will find that the company also has an online store service, besides its many store locations, and a weekly add. A scorecard, mobile app and professional gear service are also available to fulfill the customer’s needs.

Working for this company you can expect motivated and dedicated colleagues as your teammates. The sports theme runs throughout the company making this a great place to work. Customer satisfaction takes first place in the objectives podium and personal experience is what you can expect all the employees to have to share with you.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Careers

There numerous Dick’s Sporting Goods careers available for an online application. You may choose a place in the stores, the stores’ support center, distribution, eCommerce or even university relations. Working within one of the company’s stores you will feel a great part of a great team and can count on the support of your colleagues.

If you are looking for corporate Dick’s Sporting Goods jobs you may find a great opportunity awaiting you in the support center, where you can expect dedication and hard work all around in an industry oriented environment.

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Before you ask how to apply for Dick’s Sporting Goods online, you should consider how old do you have to be to work at Dick’s Sporting Goods? The minimum age to submit a free application is 18 years old. Other hiring requirements may include previous experience, customer service skills and an interest for sports and fitness.

Dick’s Sporting Goods careers can come with the following benefits, performance based pay increases, flexible scheduling, paid training, retirement plans, short term disability coverage, store discounts and, in some cases, tuition reimbursements.

When you apply for jobs at Dick’s Sporting Goods, it is important to know the company’s hours of operation so that you may know if it conflicts with your availability or not. The company functions from 9:30am until 9:30 pm, Monday to Thursday, from 9:00am until 9:30pm on Friday and Saturday and 10:00am until 7:00pm on Sunday. Part time jobs are available as well.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Job Descriptions

Cashier – The task associated with this position are processing monetary transactions, providing receipts, suggestive sales and bagging items. Customer service skills and some sales background are key factors. Some experience will be beneficial when applying for this position. This is mostly a part time job. Salary can be expected to be around $8,50 per hour.

Sales Associate – The sales associate works in a specific department. Duties and responsibilities include having knowledge about the products in order to solve customer queries, monitoring stock as well as the cleanliness of their work space and tending to the customer’s needs. This position offers a pay of $9 per hour.

Sales Leader – This is a role to which sales associates may progress, although it is possible to apply directly to it as well. The sales leader heads department operations and has the task of answering its team’s questions regarding products, sales technics and other queries. The position requires excellent organizational skills and offers a salary of around $22000 per year.

Merchandise Planner – This job description includes responsibilities such as driving decisions and strategies with the goal of maximizing sales, developing assortment plans in alignment with the buyer, communicating and collaborating with vendors and partnering with merchandise analysts amongst others.  The salary for such job opportunities is around $30000 per year.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Interview Questions

After you are done with your application form, it helps to study some interview questions like the ones bellow.

Have you ever asked customers to sign up for any special store offers? If you have experience in retail, you should be able to answer this question with no problem. The company is trying to assess your sales capability when you are in a position to interact with the customer directly.

When have you worked as part of a team trying to reach a goal? Talk about previous work experience or sports teams that you were a part of. Explain what team spirit means to you and how you find it helpful when trying to achieve a goal.

Can you tell me about when you had to deal with an unhappy customer? Any career involving customer service will have an experience like this. Talk about how you dealt with such a situation, what your thoughts were and how you felt in the end.

Can you tell me how you would deal with a problem to which you didn’t have a solution? Remember chain of command and that you should not be afraid to ask your colleagues for help. Remember the customer’s point of view and what would be the best way to act taking it into consideration.

What do you like to do on your time off? Sports are a big part of what any Dick’s Sporting Goods jobs, so be sure to mention any that you play or enjoy watching on your free time. Take this opportunity to show that you have some knowledge about the industry.

Advice For Application Process

As there is no printable application for Dick’s Sporting Goods, if you want to make a direct application you will have to go to your local store or one of the available locations with a resume and preferably a cover letter as well. Take care with your appearance and be sure to be polite and pleasant at all times.

Seeing as there is no printable application form and no option to download application form, you will have to make your Dick’s Sporting Goods job application online. Have all your relevant documentation ready and by your side when you do so, to avoid missing any of your applications’ requirements, and proof read it before submitting.

After you submitted your Dick’s Sporting Goods application, if you wish to stay on track of how it is progressing, you may contact the hiring manager, taking into consideration that they might have times at which it will be hard to reach them due to their work volume. Be careful with your enquires so that you are not being a nuisance.

You will find Dick’s Sporting Goods jobs online at the link bellow and will be able to apply online for any employment opportunity you find would make a good career. Be polite in all contacts with the company and behave in a well-mannered way showing respect and gratefulness to the company at all times.
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