Cold Stone Creamery Application & Careers

Cold Stone Creamery ApplicationCold Stone Creamery has been serving ice cream, smoothies, shakes, and cakes for over 25 years. Known for quality ingredients and amazing combinations, this frozen dessert shop’s most recognizable feature is its frozen granite stone used to mix each customer’s idea of perfection.

Situated in malls and strip centers worldwide, the United States houses more than 1,000 corporately owned and franchised locations. In 2005, this ice-cream giant started opening up locations outside of the United States, including Japan, Nigeria, Singapore, and Pakistan.

This global jump required Cold Stone to be inventive with their flavors. US flavors were not suited for some of the countries, so they expanded their options. In Japan, for example, more fresh fruit options and frozen yogurt are both offered. There are many similar shops situated around the globe, but the uniqueness of this sweet creamery has remained one of America’s leading providers.

Cold Stone Creamery Careers

To be considered for a management position, applicants must have a degree in hospitality, hotel or catering, or food sciences. Three years of experience is also necessary for either manager or assistant manager. An ability to work weekends, holidays, and nights is also a requirement for candidates.

Crewmembers have the most important job at this reputable ice cream parlor. They are responsible for making the world’s best and most favorite dessert. This job requires candidates to learn how to make the cakes, stock food items, and entertain customers.

How old do you have to be to work at Cold Stone Creamery? Most positions require applicants to be 18 years-old, but some positions ask that you be 16 years-old. Many franchised locations have differing positions, like cashier and helper. To find out what age is required at your local store, call, or email.

With so many retail options available these days, it is refreshing to find work at an energetic frozen dessert store, like this one. Cold Stone Creamery jobs offer staff members discounted, delicious products, a high level of fun, and an atmosphere full of smiling customers. Who doesn’t want to work for such a place?

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From floor crewmembers to corporate marketing specialists, Stone Cold Creamery provides career opportunities for every type of employee. Situated in Scottsdale, AZ, the corporate world office is home to the CEO, COO, and other members of the administration of the company.

Payment varies here, as it does with most companies. For a more comprehensive idea of what each job position requires, make sure to ask when on your Cold Stone Creamery careers interview. It is important to know the exact amount before you agree to work with any corporation.

Crewmembers generally make minimum wage but have the opportunity for growth within the company. The ceiling caps at $8.00 per hour for this position. Assistant managers make an hourly wage of $11.00 to $12.00. This position is in the running for store manager, so the chance for advancement is high.

Managers make an estimated yearly income of $35,000 to $40,000. This salary option can vary depending on location and store size. Experience also plays a large part of the salary decision. Another way to determine where you fit in on the pay scale is education. Those with higher-level degrees tend to make more, annually.

Shift managers are responsible for helping the assistant manager, opening or closing the store, and ensuring all employees are scheduled properly. This job is the stepping-stone for the assistant manager’s position and brings in an estimated hourly wage of $9.00 to $10.00.

The benefits of working for this company are plenty. Team members enjoy frozen desserts at a discount, flexible schedules, and some employees who qualify have 401 (k) opportunities as well as insurance options and paid holidays. Other benefits include an exciting work environment, team member comradery, and an all-around upbeat place to work.

Cold Stone Creamery Job Descriptions

If you are searching for a job in a local establishment, there are four positions available:

  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Shift Leader
  • Crew Member/Team Member

There are jobs available in the corporate realm, too. To find out what positions are available at the worldwide headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, see the link at the bottom of this page.

The store manager is responsible for every day operations. It is the responsibility of the store manager to make sure all profit targets are reached and that crew performance is outstanding.

The assistant manager helps the store manager with day-to-day tasks, including standing in, as manager if/when, the manager is not available.

The crew members must possess enthusiastic personalities. It is each crewmember’s job to sell the products, handle customer complaints, and accept payments for services.

Advice For Application Process

There is no printable application for Stone Cold Creamery, only a link through their website for Stone Cold Creamery job applications online. To embark on one of the many exciting Stone Cold Creamery careers, follow the link provided below. The Stone Cold Creamery application is a straightforward online application. Because there are no printable application form and no download application form, you must either follow the link provided, or go to your local store and get a direct application. This is a free application and can be filled out in the store, or at home.

If you are wondering how to apply for Stone Cold Creamery online, go to their website and choose which store is right for you. The website is comprehensive and user-friendly. Click on the city in which you are searching and begin the Stone Cold Creamery job application.

When applying for Stone Cold Creamery jobs, or Stone Cold Creamery careers, it is important to remember a few things. Number one; remember to be completely honest on your Stone Cold Creamery application. Many hiring employers can perform background checks to find out if applicants are being honest. No one wants to hire a liar, so keep it real.

Number two; to apply for jobs at Stone Cold Creamery, you must possess a highly energetic personality. If you are called in for an interview, this is the time to let your personality shine. They are looking for friendly, outgoing staff members, no shy, nervous crewmembers.

Number three; when searching the Stone Cold Creamery jobs online, make sure the responsibilities of the job opportunities match your experience. If you have not had a job before, it is best to let the hiring manager know. Find ways that you can relate the requirements to your personal life. For example, if you clean your house daily, let the manager know you understand how to do this.

Number four; when you fill out the application, there is an option to send with it a resume. This is not necessary for those with little or no work history, but for those who have worked in the past, this is a much more professional way to apply.

Number five; when called in for an interview, it is important that you dress accordingly. Most interviews require business or business casual. Men should not wear blue jeans with holes in them, and women should dress conservatively and not reveal too much.

Number six; if called in for an interview, sit upright, and make eye contact. These are signs of confidence, and interviewers like confidence.

Number seven; as with any public business, no drugs or weapons are allowed on the premises.

If you are called for an interview, many questions will be asked. It is important that each applicant be honest and thorough answering questions. If you have any questions for the interviewer, you may ask them once he or she has finished asking.

Once the interview has taken place, it is generally a week or two before the employers call back. You may call within the week to see if the position has been filled; otherwise, it is a waiting game.

Some locations require drug and background testing. This is why it is imperative that applicants be honest on the applications as well as during the interview process.

Background checks can be as simple as a phone call to references provided, or as thorough as sending your information to an agency with research tools. Drug testing usually involves applicants going to a laboratory to have blood drawn, or urine sampled. In rare cases, hair follicle analysis is performed, which can test as far back at nine months.

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