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img- Cinnabon ApplicationDo you dream about warm soft dough, luscious cinnamon and soft waves of frosting? If you do, pick up a Cinnabon application at any location or by clicking the link below, you’re destined to be a successful crew member. If you’re looking for more than just the sticky sweetness millions have come to love, Cinnabon is the place for you. The belief that anything is possible starts there.

The CEO of Cinnabon is one of the youngest CEO’s in the business today and she has proudly worked her way up the corporate ladder to be an inspiration to millions. Believing everyone has the potential of greatness has helped the CEO of the company to expand their market potential by connecting with others outside of her culture and has let her see the positive in everything around her.

Cinnabon first opened its doors in 1985 at the SeaTac Mall in Federal Way, Washington and only served up the sweet doughy confection everyone seems to love. By 1986 they had sold their first franchise which opened in Philadelphia. Cinnabon jobs are a great way to expand your own potential and see just how far you can go with 1,100 stores in 56 countries and a billion in sales.

The company can only continue to go up. Due to simple supply and demand and trapped marketing techniques, careers are plentiful. With the franchise option you can take control of your destiny, just fill out the free application on the website.  You could be working in one of these exciting jobs.Below you discover how to apply for Cinnabon online.

Cinnabon Careers

Retail careers consist of cooking up the sweet tasting gut busters that are the brand name cinnamon rolls. There is usually a baker and someone who sells the products to the customers. They offer up friendly smiles and great customer service. They are the lifeblood of the company. Pick up a printable application form and submit it the next time you’re at the specialty store..

Corporate is owned under another company, called Focus Brands, which has several other well-known specialty restaurants.  For a printable application for Cinnabon, apply online. For locations, job descriptions, and a list of responsibilities can be found on their user friendly website. The corporate careers are high in demand and are competitive in the specialty restaurant industry. Having past experience can open up several job opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at Cinnabon? You must be at least 16 years old to work for this company. Download application form and drop off at any local company or apply online by going to Cinnabon jobs online. The employment chances are good since the company is always hiring and accepting applications.

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Benefits include but not limited to 401(k) with match, Tuition reimbursement, Vacation and Holidays, Medical and Dental Plans, Leadership programs, eye care plan, flexible spending account, life insurance, sick leave and short and long term disability. Apply for jobs at Cinnabon today.

Hours of Operation are from Monday – Saturday 10am to 9:30pm, Sunday is 11am to 8pm. This is the usually hours for a closed in business such as Cinnabon, frequently in malls and airports where the average customer buys out of impulse and convenience.  A Cinnabon application is easy to find. Pick up a direct application and drop it off along with a copy of your resume.

Job Description and Salaries

Cinnabon Bakery Manager – This position is the crucial heart of the entire business.  Delivering superior guest service and managing the overall day to day operations. Analyze the profit and loss and sales reports. Handle the complaints of customers swiftly. Perform shift manager duties and store operations as well as store advertising. Average wage is $

General Manager – This position sets goals for the restaurant to attain while giving superior customer service to its customers. Has complete responsibility. Oversee daily operations and facilitate the development and implementation of the annual budget, financial forecasts and other business goals, requires a 2 year degree and at least 3 years management experience. Average wage is $42,025

Crew Member – This position is under designated supervision and may require you to work an oven or a deep fryer and prepare hot drinks such as coffee. This is the position that the majority of customers see when they approach the kiosk. They are the ones who run the cash register and POS terminal. Average wage is $8.13/hour.

Sanitation Specialist – This position is the fancy name for the janitorial specialist who works hard to ensure the store and surroundings are clean and welcoming. May sweep and mop floors and other duties as assigned. Average wage is $9/hour.

Cinnabon Interview Questions

Cinnabon believes in positive thinkers and being able to think outside of the box.

A kid comes up to the counter and empties his pockets, placing a bunch of change on the counter for a cinnamon roll. He is about 50 cents short. He is just barely able to see over the counter. What do you do? This is a tricky question all answers can be considered right and wrong at the same time.

What would you do if the ingredients had gone past the expiration date? This type of specialty store you do not want to serve customers any inferior products therefore health and safety issues dictate that the ingredients be exposed of and use only the unexpired products. Get an application form for Cinnabon jobs, research the responsibilities and prepare for any possible questions which may be asked in an interview.

What kind of lifestyle do you have? Is it active and social? Will your friends be dropping by regularly enough to get you fired? Are you shy and scared to talk to people? Do you rarely go out if not at work? The answer you give helps decide if you are a match with the company.

Why do you want to work for the company? This should be a straightforward question. Be honest when answering. Explain why you want to work there. Do you want to make the country’s best cinnamon roll? Do you want to work under one of the most influential CEO’s in the industry?

What is your experience working in a team? This question is a telling question considering the answer decides your fit the profile that they are looking for. They want a team player cause it’s a small group of people who end up in the kiosk together.

Advice For Application Process

Be friendly, be courteous, be real, smile, enjoy being there. Cinnabon careers can catapult you to the career you really want by laying a foundation. By being yourself and striving to be the best you can be and putting your best foot forward by applying for jobs at Cinnabon.

During the interview process do not ask about the salary before the interviewer brings it up. Do not chew gum or blow bubbles. Do not smoke, the interviewer may be allergic or a non-smoker. Do not wear heavy amounts of cologne, body spray or perfume.  Make sure your contact info on the online application is correct so you can be contacted for an interview or be given a job offer.

Make sure you look professional in appearance, wear business casual attire. Wear sensible leather shoes, not high heels. No tennis shoes allowed. Do not swear or talk the way you would with your friends. Keep it civil, and make sure you pronounce your words correctly and speak clearly. Do not mumble your answers.

When filling out the application and giving out your resume, make sure it has your correct current contact information.  Nothing is worse than not hearing back and calling the employer to find out that due to the fact they couldn’t get a hold of you they went with someone else.
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