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img- Carvel ApplicationCarvel is an ice cream franchise which is best-known for their soft-served ice creams, ice cream cakes that skins a layer of unique ‘crunchies’ and also sells various novelty ice cream bars and sandwiches. Carvel is now owned by FOCUS Brands, but it was founded in 1929 by Tom Carvel in Farmington, Connecticut, United States.

Carvel first started in building and began operating an ice cream truck, having a capital which he borrowed from his future wife. And one weekend during Memorial Day in 1934 Carvel suffered a flat tire incident, and from there he started to sell his custard at the site. Tom then thought that it is a better business to have a fixed location and soft as opposed to frozen desserts.

In 1937 Tom had operated a custard stand in Hartsdale New York, where he had the flat-tire incident and the sudden burst of inspiration. Then during the World War II he ran the ice cream stands at Fort Bragg in North Carolina and gained more expertise in refrigeration technology giving him more profit to put up more business in different locations, which has reached for over 25 stores in 1950.

1939 Tom sold the corporation to Investcorp for $80 Million, but Investcorp was made a minor shareholder when on December 11, 2001 the Roark Capital Group which is equity firm, purchased controlling interest in Carvel Corporation. During the year of 2005 there were 530 retail franchise stores and Carvel brand products available in over 9,500 supermarkets. As the company offers all their delicious products, they are also offering Carvel careers.

Carvel Careers

There are various job opportunities with Carvel jobs, offering competitive salary, benefits, and performance bonuses for the employees. You will surely enjoy the sweet and fun working environment of the store that you will be working at. There are locations that are hiring positions open for all, such as cake decorator, team member and shift manager.

But if you prefer to manage a team in a whole store franchise, management levels are open too for those who seek and are adept in more complex and challenging works, such as leading, monitoring, training, and coaching, the manager position and assistant manager is available for all job seekers out there, just visit the link provided below.

How old do you have to be to work at Carvel? If you want to make a Carvel application, you must be at least 16 years of age to be part of the company. However, age requirement may vary depending on the Carvel jobs you are going to pursue, so check the job description for more details.

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Making a Carvel application is easy, you can either make an online application in the Carvel jobs online or a direct application by going to a local store near you, and it’s a free application so need not to worry about charges because you won’t be paying anything or anyone. The company has a lot of benefits packages to offer you.

Okay so how to apply for Carvel jobs online? Find the career menu on their website, look for the job you wanted and that is available, read the job descriptions and responsibilities so you will have enough information about the job you are applying to. You will fill a printable application for Carvel or you can download application form and you’re good to make a Carvel application.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Team Member – As a team member you will be the one to make things possible in an establishment, you will put plans into action by doing the duties assigned to you, such as preparing food and drink orders and completing transactions. You will take and serve customers orders and entertain their needs, and make sure that the facilities are cleaned and organized. You will start with a minimum wage but will increase.

Cake Decorator – As a cake decorator, you are required to have some culinary arts background for employment, it will be the main requirement. The duties that a cake decorator must comply are to assist or help with the preparation and decorating cakes, with extreme adroitness. Must be keen with the details all the time to achieve a quality product that Carvel offers. You will earn $8 – $9 per hour.

Shift Manager – Shift managers are the ones to monitor and handle team members’ shifts, maintaining and managing staffing levels, manages the operation hours and office administration when instructed by the manager. You will also be in charge of monitoring the store, deal with customers, and ensuring stock control which includes the delivery, ordering and checks. Your help will also be needed by the manager at times.

Manager – You are to look and manage stores, supervise and lead employees. You will be in charge of organizing and setting schedules of all the employees, deal with customers and ensuring quality product and customer satisfaction. You will also train and lead employees to meet the standard operation in the store, and also handling inventories. You can earn around $30,000 to $35,000 a year.

Carvel Interview Questions

Getting ready for your Carvel application? First with the interview, and here are some question to get you ready.

How well can you handle stress? In this kind of industry, it can be really stressful for an employee especially that you have to provide customer service. You need to be able to handle stress during work hours. You can answer the interviewer by simply saying how you are going to deal with it, and not putting any of your responsibilities at risk.

What is customer service? Giving a quality customer service is the main goal of the industry you are entering. You must know what it is and how you are going to provide it. State to the interviewer your insight about customer service, and how an employee should and how he will provide a customer a quality customer service.

Do you work well with others? You will be working with other team members or employees, so you must be able to interact well for an effective work relationship. So you can state how flexible you can be at work and with the people you are going to work with. You can also add some of your experience.

Where would you be in the next few years? Hiring managers are looking committed and determined people to grow professionally as the business emerges. They want people who are willing to learn from them and develop with them. Be realistic, you can state how you see yourself after the next years, as they want ambitious people.

Why should you be hired? You needed to be determined when you make applications, and exude that determination and confidence when you are being interviewed, so that they will see that you are eager to be part of the team and you are genuinely interested to be part of their business and have the position you are applying to.

Advice for Application Process

Portray a positive attitude and genuine interest when you are being interviewed, this is essential when you make a Carvel application. Deliver answers clearly and straightforward, do not ‘beat around the bush’ when you are answering, to avoid confusion. Also practice politeness during the interview, for a despicable attitude is not accepted, even in other industry.

Always be prepared. Prepare ahead of time, whether you apply online or directly, you must always be prepared, especially with your application requirements and other documents. Make that the resume you will provide is up to date, application form is signed neatly and legibly, and your supporting documents complete, to avoid delay with your employment. It is better to comply the requirements when needed than to give a ‘to follow’ note.

Be well-informed. When you apply for jobs at Carvel, you must be knowledgeable of the company, their background, history, key people, and more, to show that your interest to be part of their company is sincere, plus for you to be aware of the company’s norms, plus the job description of the career you wanted to pursue.

Be presentable. You don’t need to achieve a very business-like look, just be presentable and look pleasant. This will give a good impression to the hiring manager and to the people inside the business. Wear appropriate attire, something decent, smart and pleasing. Do not wear revealing and offensive clothing, because not only it is inappropriate, it will also give you a bad remark that may lead to a failed application.
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