Caribou Coffee Application & Careers

img- Caribou Coffee ApplicationThe second largest non-franchised coffeehouse after Starbucks Corporation in the US. It was founded by John Puckett in 1992. Caribou has now 126 franchise locations worldwide, plus the other 24 licensed in the US and two overseas markets. It sells coffee, teas, and bakery goods in 500 company-owned coffeehouses.

The first business was established in December 1992 in Edina Minnesota United States, a suburb of Minneapolis, and the company expanded to 500 locations, making it the second largest operator. John Puckett worked as a management consultant when he first opened Caribou coffee in Minnesota and decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and founded the business’s headquarters.

Because of the establishment’s success and development, the company announced last February 28, 2010 their corporate-wide rebranding, and they began to use their new Coffee Bean Caribou logo, as an official logo in March 1, 2010. And in 2012 Caribou coffee announced its acquisition by new firm, which is the German Company Joh A. Benckiser, and the company became a subsidiary for $340 Million.

And because of the vast number of locations the firm have, there are now over 6,000 employees working for the company. And a lot more careers open for aspirants all over America, if you want to be part of the team, just visit the link or go to a local store and apply for jobs at Caribou coffee.

Caribou Coffee Careers

Caribou Coffee offers various retail careers for all coffee lovers, a great opportunity to enjoy working while building camaraderie with patrons having something you love. Coffee. There are jobs hiring for Team members, shift supervisor, assistant manager, store manager and field support. You can check for these positions on their website, and you can apply for Caribou Coffee jobs online.

For Team Members, positions will float as one can be a Barista, server, and cashier. There are a lot of jobs to choose from and pursue, go find out the Caribou Coffee jobs and start working in a friendly and fun industry, and enjoy the advantageous benefits waiting for you, as you get your employment.

How old do you have to be to work at Caribou Coffee? To be able to work at the company, the age requirement is 16 years old and above. However, age requirements may vary on the position you are aiming, so check the Caribou Coffee careers for more details.

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The Caribou Coffee application is easy, just go to their website and check out the careers, and choose your desired position. You can go for a direct application or may opt to have an online application. So how to apply for Caribou Coffee online? When you have chosen from the Caribou Coffee jobs, you can click apply and an application form will appear. Filled it up and submit.

Printable application of Caribou Coffee is available so it will be easy for you. You will see that job descriptions, responsibilities, salary and benefits for a specific career is indicated so it will be easy for you to choose and make a Caribou Coffee application. Select and click apply online, then a printable application form will appear you can fill it up or download application form. It’s a free application.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Store Manager – Your responsibilities are to develop the sales through delivering top-quality products to the customers, your focus is to excel on sales goals. You are in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training team members and shift advisers. You have to lead by example, provide feedback and monitor employee’s performances. You will have to strictly observe cash handling and comply with policies and standard operations of the company.

Shift Supervisor – You are in charge in ‘running the shifts’ when the manager or assistant manager is not available. You will ensure that team members have understood the goals, expectations and customer rapport during shifts. You have to make sure that customers are satisfied, ensure that friendly service, quality products and pleasant environment is delivered. You will have to be a good example for team members, uphold policies and standards.

Team Member – You will be the one to face customers daily. You will endorse and display the quality beverages and other products to the customers, delivering them in your most cheerful and friendly way, giving the customer a worthwhile experience. You build rapport with patrons and have to create a positive and energetic ambiance for the guests. Stock and organize and prepare beverages and other store merchandise.

Field Support – Field Support career is to recruit and train new talents that will build new teams in the company. You will communicate with team members and other staff in the establishment and you will be the one to make decisions on certain concern that will benefit the overall performance of the business.

The success of a business is not possible without the help of effective people, so as the business emerges, there will be a lot of advantageous and competitive reward and benefits for all who have contributed. Aside from the hourly rate according to positions, you will have medical, vision and dental, 401 (k) Life Insurance, paid time off, discounted merchandise and drinks and a whole lot more perks.

Caribou Coffee Interview Questions

Preparing for applications? Here are some few questions that you should prepare for ahead of time.

What is a quality service? You will be in an industry that customer satisfaction is a must, or the main goal, so you must know what quality service is, as you are going to deal with patrons. Explain, as if you are in the customer’s shoes what kind of service you are expecting from the staff, elaborate what a staff should do to deliver a quality service.

How are you going to provide a positive and upbeat atmosphere for the customers? If you are applying for the Team Member position, you must be able to answer this, for this is going to be your task. State the hiring manager your working strategies, how are you going to make a pleasant ambiance and what kind of attitude are you going to present the customers.

What did you see in the business that made you want to work in the company? The hiring manager is trying to see if you know anything about the company. So you must make some research. In this question, you can state the company’s culture, history, benefits and the work environment that persuaded you to make an application.

If you will not be hired in this establishment, where would you be? Perseverance and your genuine interest is being tested with this type of question that may be asked to you. Tell your interest in the company and that you don’t see yourself elsewhere, but in that company. Be confident, and that you will try your best to be part of their team.

Why would you make a good addition in the business? This is where the hiring manager wants to see your abilities and skills. He wanted to know what you can do and what the company will benefit from you. They are looking for people who can contribute beneficial in their business, something that would increase the performance and sales of the company.

Advice for Application Process

During the application process, it is important to have knowledge regarding with the company you are applying to and your desired position. Make a research, read about their cultures and benefits that one could get from their company, and of course it is an advantage when you knowledge with the business and position.

Also when you are applying, you better prepare your credentials, such resume and supporting documents which are required to your application process, forms must be filled and signed legibly and neatly too. You should be prepared ahead of time for the hiring manager will contact you any time after submitting your application.

Those aspirants who are applying for management careers should wear appropriate attire during the interview, well every applicants should wear the proper outfit when going in an interview. Avoid wearing revealing and inappropriate clothing. You have to make a good impression to them so start with what you are wearing.

Displaying a positive attitude is a must, and always show respect towards the hiring manager or to every personnel in the company, it will be a great edge for you among the other applicants. Show confidence and politeness during the interview proper. It is a must, for you will be working with them in the future when you got the employment. Building good relationship in advance is better.
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