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Capital One ApplicationThe Capital One Bank is among the top ten Fortune 500 banks.  It was started in 1988 by Richard D. Fairbank and it is currently headquarters are in McLean, Virginia.  This company  has grown to 1000 branches locations, which are scattered throughout these six states- New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

It has 50 million customer accounts and it is one of top 10 banks by deposits.   From its inception in 1988 until 2014, Capital One has been around for 26 years in the banking industry.  To me that’s a pretty good showing for such a short time.

Capital One Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Capital One?  The answer is that those applying for positions must be at least 18 years old, and should be qualified for the job description that they applied for.  It is important that potential associates be flexible, pleasant with customers and to work well with the public.  They also need to get along with their fellow associates because tension is not conducive to good working conditions.  Most jobs require a high school diploma with some experience, and then there are others that require specialized training which will need a college degree.

Below is a mini-list of the hourly rates and salaries in these Capital One jobs.  These are examples only.  Please note that these will vary across the county and in your area.

Entry Level –  Bank teller makes from $8.90 to $14.01 an hour

Collectors can make from $12.00 to $13.00 an hour

Management – Bank Manager could make $25,588 to $46,040 yearly.  With bonuses

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Added to that the mangers salary could go up $463,62 yearly.

Working here brings superb benefits that are part of Capital One careers. These are the benefits that most people want to have and feel are important to them.  They offer medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.  The full time employees have access to the medical coverage when hired.  For the part time employees, these benefits will start after 6 months of work and that employee needs to work a minimum of 20 hours a week.  That beats waiting a year before your medical insurance kicks-in.  This way you won’t be worrying for a year and hoping that you don’t come down sick!  Associates also have other benefits that are important to a lot of people.  It ranges from Life Insurance/ Accidental Death/& Disability Policy, to 401-K plans, and having days off.  I have only given you a smattering of what they offer their employees for benefits.  Check the computer link below for more information.

Capital One Job Descriptions

There are many job opportunities that you can choose from when beginning your career.  You should look them over closely to see which one most likely will fit your skill, and choose a from among the list.   A teller would be an example of an entry level job because that career requires the least amount of experience.  The examples of management level jobs would be considered as an Operations Manager, Project Manager, Mortgage Loan Officer, these would require some college and more experience to do them.  What is listed below is only some of what you can find on the Capital One jobs online:

Sales Associate, Accountant, Administrative Assistant/Support Services, Personal Banker, Call Center Customer Service Representative, Collector, Human Resources & Recruiting Associate, Information Technology Specialist, Legal Assistant, Marketing Associate, Statistical Analyst, Mortgage Loan Officer, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Digital Jobs, Retail Banking Jobs, Legal Jobs, Security Jobs, Marketing and Communication, Teller, Bank Manager II

The Teller’s job description is to interact with the customers in a positive way. They are also to cash checks, deposit funds into the customer’s account, transfer and withdraw money for the customer.  They have to answer many phone calls that come in from other customers.

A teller will need a high school diploma and 6 months of work at the same type of job they are applying for.

The Collector’s job description is to collect what is due the bank by calling non-complying customers, and being able to trace/find customers that don’t want to pay.  They will need a high school diploma, one year’s experience in collecting, or one year’s experience in calling people on the phone that would relate to collecting.

The Bank Manager’s II job description is to lead the branch employees wherever the manager is located.  The Bank Manager’s II is to lead the sales, service, and be sure that the bank branches operate smoothly.  Have the sales volumes and revenue targets within expectation to what the District Manager is looking for in that area.  A Bank Manager II job is to maintain high quality and customer service to all who enter the branch.  Surprisingly enough, this position only requires a high school diploma with one year in banking sales, and/or one year in management.

Capital One Interview

Capital one is a bank that wants to support families.  Remember the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina when it hit Louisiana in 2005?  Capital One is helping to return quality education to damaged areas, specifically in Lakeview, Gentilly and Pontchatrain Park.  Like many people, Capital One has not forgotten what happened there and wants to help people in their local area.

They also have a partnership with Safe Horizon.  Safe Horizon supports and helps in getting justice for those who are abused.   Capital One also works to make people aware of the signs of child abuse.  Between November and December they have their associates participate in helping to donating gifts to needy families.  The associate also participate in giving contributions to food and coat drives.

In March, Capital One work together with Heart of America Foundation to encourage children to love reading.  Actually, the only way that can really happen is to make reading fun for children.  The associate’s donate books, read to children, and help to distribute books to classrooms.

Advice on Application Process

Are you looking for employment in the banking industry and you can’t find a printable application form?  This information will show you how to apply for Capital One online for their free application.  You can have direct application when you apply online.  When you do apply for jobs at Capital One it will let you know what jobs are open and what location they are hiring in.  They do not have a direct website that leads to a Capital One application free form, nor is there a printable application for Capital One.  Like many companies, there’s no easy download application form for you to fill out.

There are six steps that will lead to the place where you can fill out your online application.    Step one starts you on the process in filling out the Capital One application.  You need to go to their main website and look at the bottom of the page where you are click onto “careers”, after that click onto “how I apply.”

This next page it will describe how to apply for Capital One careers, the resume, how the interview process is conducted, and other important things.   Please note that after they are finished with their interview it is at that point that you would be able to ask the Human Resource person questions.  Be sure to read everything  on this page before clicking the “Search jobs now” button

Your third step will be to open the “search by job category”.  If you don’t find what you’re looking in the list of Capital One jobs look down a little bit and it will say “view more categories”, then click that and scroll down to see more careers listed.  When you find what you want then click onto that job positon and it will bring you to the next page which will be step four.

This is where you will be shown a list of job opportunities.  Picking the one you want will take you onto step five.  This page will show you will show what the job responsibilities are for that career.  Click “apply now” button and it will bring you to step six where you can start final step towards filling out your.  There will be a small, grey tab that reads “apply online” tab. Follow the instructions from that point on to complete your online application.  It would not hurt to pick out more than one job and send in several applications for any of those jobs that you are qualified for.  When you have answered all the questions, then you have finished the Capital One job application on line form.

American Express Company & Discover Financial Services are competitors with Capital One.  While all three are FDIC insured and all three are considered an “online bank,” it is to be noted that American Express Company & Discover Financial Services have “no physical branches to operate.”  Capital One has its own commercial bank.

American Express does not have its own commercial bank and I have not come across any information that mentions whether Discover has anything like that or not.  It is well known that American Express is geared towards those with a higher income level. These competitors do not have checking and debit cards either, yet all three companies have CD’s, credit cards and savings to offer their clients.
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