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img- Busch Gardens ApplicationBusch Gardens Theme Parks was the brainchild of Anheuser-Busch as marketing vehicles, offering samples throughout the parks in hospitality houses. With the selling of the theme parks to SeaWorld, a division of Blackwell group, the 2 cases of beer that was in the contracts of the employees ceased as partial payment for work rendered. To apply, click the Busch Gardens application link at the bottom of the article.

Although Busch Gardens closed down 3 of the 5 sites, the 2 left open are the original in Tampa, Florida and the other in Williamsburg, Virginia. The themes are quite different between the two parks. Tampa offers an African theme, originally called the Dark Continent. It houses one of the largest zoo institutions and boasts over 2,700 animals. Busch Gardens careers are perfect for those who crave adventure.

The Williamsburg location offers a European theme, originally call the Old Country.  A theme ride, the Griffon, boasts bragging rights as the tallest dive coaster in the United States. Each of the park’s 7 sections, were named after individual European countries. With the addition of Christmas town and IllumiNights Williamsburg offers something for everyone. Apply for jobs at Busch Gardens today to begin employment in any of Busch Gardens’ careers today.

Mixing the adrenaline rush of a theme park, exciting entertainment and real life adventures of a nature preserve the environment of Busch Gardens is intoxicating. Follow the applications link below on how to apply for Busch Gardens online. Busch Gardens’ jobs are just as exciting as the overall vacation destination it has become. Some places you’re working for a paycheck. At Busch Gardens’ you have the once in a lifetime experience.

Busch Gardens Careers

Between running the thrilling rides, filling concessions, taking cash for the admissions, maintaining the grounds, performing, entertaining children and adults alike, the team members are the driving force of the Busch Gardens Theme Parks.  The applicant should be well versed in excellent customer service practices, very outgoing, have an engaging personality and exude confidence.

Corporate workers are the enterprising team behind all the fun activities that people have come to expect. They are the advertisers, marketing experts, financial advisors and many others which drive customers to the two parks in droves.  The excitement doesn’t stop at the gates.  Corporate workers are always engaging in new ideas that will become the next great thrill ride and using the proceeds and contributions to fund zoological operations.

How old do you have to be to work at Busch Gardens?  Applicants must be at least 15 years old although some positions require applicants to be 18 years old or older. Due to the safety and well-being of the team members, certain positions require the company complies with all local, state, and federal laws.  A direct application to the company is not available due to the company policy.

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Benefits regarding one of the most exciting environments are dependent on your employment status. Uniforms provided (if applicable), Free admission, Complimentary tickets, 401(k), Team Member discounts are available whether your full time, part time, or seasonal.  Legal, tuition reimbursement, health care, vacation, life insurance, short and long term disability, employee assistance program are just a few. Like Williamsburg’s Old Country, a printable application for Busch Gardens is revisiting history.

Hours of operation are from 9:30am to 9pm Sunday thru Saturday, giving the adventurous applicant a chance to explore the very place they want to work at. Due to company policy, Busch Gardens’ jobs are not available in a printable application form as is common for most other jobs. This keeps the sensitive information contained on the application form secure and confidential.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Costumed Character – Main purpose is to provide entertainment by walking around in costume, hugging, shaking hands, dancing, waving and providing photo opportunities for children and families. Making memories and seeing children’s favorite characters come to life is the difference between a boring job and a fabulous start to a promising career. Average wage is $11.35/hour.

Amusement Ride Operator – This position is one of the more exciting. Operating some of the country’s most sophisticated machines and being responsible for the safety and enjoyment of millions of people. Adhering to strict park policies and federal laws pertaining to who is allowed to ride. If this position sounds interesting, Busch Gardens’ applications are available online. Average starting pay is around $8.25/hour.

Concessions Stand Operator – This position is one of the most active of all positions. A good math background is essential. Filling customer orders for soda, popcorn and other sweet treats as they come in as quickly as possible and keeping track of what customers had ordered. Manning a POS terminal and keeping the area stocked throughout shift. Average wage is around $8.75/hour.

Photographer – This position requires you to market the chance to capture a memory for a lifetime. Being good with kids is essential. Getting them to smile on cue is harder than people realize. Being silly, enlisting the help of a costumed character or a favorite stuffed animal is essential. Find a Busch Gardens’ job application online for a free application. Average wage is around $9.75/hour.

Busch Gardens Interview Questions

Most jobs have a face to face interview, some have auditions and others have a panel interview.

How would you make a boring task fun? This question is to see how creative you are. Having a natural creative flair helps keep the job from becoming boring day in and day out. When people are enthusiastic about their job it shows. Applications are accepted any time; submit your resume along with your online application.

Are you afraid of heights? Be honest here. You do not want to have a panic attack at the top of a roller coaster. They will assign you to another lower operation booth ride. This is a straightforward interview question for a ride operator. Busch Gardens’ jobs online is the only way to apply. Do not try to download application form it will not be accepted unless you apply online.

What is your best trait that makes you ideal for this job? This question is to find out if you have any of the traits the hiring manager is looking for in the applicants. Having a positive personality, lots of enthusiasm and a great customer service background are essential to a theme park employee.

How would you make a child happy? This question is imperative to someone who is applying to work in a place where children and families are the main focus. Most people have had several opportunities to interact with children; either their own or those of family members and or friends. Having the ability to make a child smile despite being scared is an exceptional ability that eludes some people.

Name a time when you went out of your way to help someone? This question is self-explanatory.  This question is a basic customer service trait. Answer it honestly. Show instead of tell by using brief stories highlighting this answer. By explaining that an elderly woman asked you to reach a product that she wanted but was incapable of obtaining herself is an excellent way to answer the question.

Advice For Application Process

Job opportunities are getting harder to find in today’s workforce. Job descriptions and responsibilities can help an applicant decide among the careers offered. Industry and locations can help negotiate the best salary.  By evaluating the information an applicant can reasonably assume basic interview questions and prepare by practicing their answers accordingly.

Being well groomed, clean shaven, decent haircut, wearing business casual outfits tends to have a favorable result in being offered a job at either location. Looking professional says more about you than showing up in your street clothes although many applicants for this type of job often do. This gives you an added depth of character as a professional that employers look for.

Applicants who have good self-esteem and the ability to sell “themselves” and their abilities, helps as it exudes confidence. Smiling and general friendly candor in your personality will help ensure that you are offered a job after the interview. These few things along with an energetic and enthusiastic demeanor and knowing what great customer service means helps ensure you get the job.

Do not smoke or chew gum prior or during the interview. Do not have any body jewelry aside from ladies earrings, no cell phones. Do not text or take personal calls while interviewing. Do not bring children or parents with. No shorts, visible piercings, tattoos, torn clothes, flip flops, wild hair and/or hair colors, or poor hygiene to name a few.
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