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img- Bashas' ApplicationEntailed here is a guide to the Bashas’ job application process and how to apply to Basha’ online. The amount of Bashas’ jobs might very well surprise you with the quality of the possibilities they provide. Bashas’ is a chain of stores focused on food produce, primarily located in Arizona with over 130 locations state-wide. They do have two other out of state locations in Needles, California and Crownpoint, New Mexico.

It is always going to be a lucrative decision to apply for jobs at Bashas’, as they are a family-owned chain with familial values. They are most well known for their fresh local produce, full-service butcher shop and award-winning chef entrées. To put it simply, Bashas’ is a company focused on quality. You can expect the best and freshest food products from their stores and know it will always come through in taste.

The first store was opened in 1932 by the Bashas’ brothers with a mission statement of excellent service, quality products an competitive prices. While the franchise has grown, their mission has remained the same and has not wavered over the years in the slightest. Still being at the forefront of quality shopping experiences and are always hiring new talent to provide this service. This is the essence of their employment status.

Bashas’ Careers

Any entry level position can evolve and become one of many rewarding Bashas’ careers. As a family owned business, you can already guess of them how they’ll treat their employees. Like family. Even the most basic of jobs in store will have you feeling right at home no matter how you are or what you want.

Corporate opportunities are just as rewarding and can feel like a safe haven in the cut throat world we live in. A nice place to rest during the rat race. The responsibilities may be high and so to the expectations, but you will guided along by a network of support that you yourself will become a part of. It’s a career that you can rely on.

All that is required to start the process is to download the application form and start yourself on your way to great benefits in a pleasant environment. On top of all the already stated benefits in working in such a comfortable environment you can expect your typical paid vacation, overtime, paid sick days and health insurance at some if not all locations.

How old do you have to be to work at Bashas’? The answer is 16. That is the minimum age limit but all ages are welcome. The daily opening hours of 6:00-23:00 allow for flexible work hours that can fit around your current position and needs.

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Job Descriptions and Salaries 

Courtesy clerk- The typical duties of a courtesy clerk are responsible treatment of customers, knowledge of products and departments and general maintenance of the store floor. A perfect entry level job for part-time jobs seekers and a starting average salary of $7.92 an hour.

Cashier- A cashier’s job description is obvious, to man the tills; requires professional customer service and knowledge of the store. A cushy job with good hours and pleasant work if you enjoy human interaction. A typical cashier can expect to make around $12 an hour.

Baker- A great position if you love to make and have knowledge about baked goods. Being something Bashas’ is known for, a high quality of performance is expected so relevant experience will be required. Average pay grade of between $13 and $14 an hour.

Produce manager- Expect to require knowledge of products and demand. Basically a job that manages the supply and demand of the produce in store. A slightly higher level position with a minimum start salary of $18 an hour.

Customer service manager- Being a customer service manager requires much more responsibility and independent management of the running of the store. A high level, but potentially entry level job depending on experience that necessitates management of all other customer service employees. Expect to make anywhere from $50k to $60k a year.

Bashas’ Interview Questions

Just a quick overview of the interview content for these job opportunities, its a simple friendly process that shouldn’t give you any worries and comes after you complete the downloadable application form.

Why do you want to work here? This is a question to be answered honestly, explain your financial situation, current work experience and what you want to gain from the job. Explain you experience with the industry.

What is your relevant experience for this position? Always a big one for skill specific or leadership roles as they usually require background knowledge and experience the is necessary. Be honest and try to stretch your experiences in the field somewhat.

What is your biggest weakness? Anyone of Bashas’ jobs will have this in the interview for it. It highlights your shortcomings and lets the company know how to minimise it and figure out where you fit best in the family.

What is your biggest strength?  It’s one of many classic and staple questions for a reason. It shows what greatest qualities you have so they can fit you in their team dynamic more effectively. An important part of your Basha’sjob application.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A way for the interviewer to gauge the applicants ambition and drive. Even if you don’t see yourself working the same job or for the same company, clearly show you have wants and needs you will achieve satiating no matter the path and you’ll be a top pick for sure. 

Advice for Application Process

The Bashas’ applications service is quite a smooth one and requires no stress or worry. As long as you have an up to date resume and correctly fill in the printable application form (or in some other form) then you will have no problems getting to the interview stage. After applying for one of Bashas’ jobs online through the direct application process, you should read these tips on how to secure that spot.

Dressing appropriately in general is a very important aspect and applicants that turn up to an interview looking bedraggled or inappropriate will face a much harder crowd in the interview. While it is a relaxed, conversational interview, you still want to present your impressionability, though subtly and in a good manner. Definitely should be something you find if you were to apply online

Anyone going for a more leadership or corporate position will definitely want to wear a suit. It is the only attire that inherently says business at an interview. A general aura of professionalism will also be a bonus and a good trait to set you apart from the crowd. Conduct yourself in the right way and you’ll breeze through the interview. Remember it may be a free application, but its an expensive gamble to risk misconduct at this stage.

Express how appreciative of the time given to your online application and interview you are. Be pro active and ask for methods of finding out the state of hiring if you don’t land the job in the first interview. Be flexible in demands and prove what you have to offer, what sets you apart from the rest and how that can link into their establishment. Just a last little tid bit tip, reference the printable application for Bashas’ form that you filled out.
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