Auntie Anne’s Application & Careers

Auntie Anne's ApplicationThis company is among leading companies, having franchises worldwide, within specialty food industry. Other companies’ foods focus on chocolate, sweets, or confectionery food, but at their stores, their focus is producing bread with sufficient nutrition. They may have other sweet breads, but they always make a way that every food they make gives nutrition to their customers.

Year 1988, Anne Beiler, with this husband, started a bakery. This company started with just a stand in a market. That time, only original pretzels as well as their famous lemonade were only their product. Although that specialty food was not removed from their menu, it evolved into more delicious product. Thus, their pioneer products can still be eaten up until this day.

Their specialty food has always been handcrafted and freshly baked. It’s because they believe that is how they can deliver best tasking pretzels. They consider their customer’s satisfaction as a very significant aspect at what they do.

Working with this company requires passion as well as dedication towards customers. Employees will live by a vision which is “To passionately serve and positively impact lives, one pretzel at a time and one customer at a time.” These are the core values in which the company is built upon. Each employee will be responsible in strengthening along with growing this brand by giving the best services to every customers.

Because the company continuously expand, not only in local areas, but worldwide, they’re constantly looking for people they can invest to. They would not be as good without good employees. Become one of the good employees they’re looking for. Either use Auntie Anne’s job application online through Focus Brands or direct application. Do not miss any opportunity.

Auntie Anne’s application is very easy. They offer more than one way in sending your applications. They also have few current job opening. Go through Auntie Anne’s careers and maybe you’ll find a likeable career.

Auntie Anne’s Careers

If you’re a kind of person who forget some details because of nervousness or any other reason, here are some questions that most people asks. These things may be simple, but you should always remember them when applying.

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How to apply for Auntie Anne’s online? Apply online through Focus Brands. Create an account which will represent your resume. Always give complete accurate details about yourself.

Where is the printable application for Auntie Anne’s? You can download application form on their website. This form needs to be filled out accurately. Link of a printable application form is provided below. Is there a charge for applying? It is a free application.

How old do you have to be to work at Auntie Anne’s? Minimum age for working at this company is 18.

For a certain job, numerous requirements will be needed. Because each job has different responsibilities, they also have different requirements. Although these requirements are different, overview of hiring requirements of job offers are simple – job competence, field of expertise, and relationship builder. These are among the general requirement offered by this company.

Good Computer Skills, Depth Knowledge in Microsoft Office, Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills, Good Team Player, Outstanding Multitasker

In regards with salary, it will be further discussed at the interview or once hired. Regarding benefits, Auntie Anne’s careers surely come with different perks. Once employed, anyone can exercise these benefits. More benefits are given towards people having more complicated jobs. Some benefits can also be added if services render increases.

Tuition Reimbursement Program, Leadership Development Classes, Flexible Spending Account, Supplemental Life Insurance, Sick Leave, Bereavement Leave

These 3 benefits below have immediate eligibility

Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Eye Care Plan

These next set provided below includes benefits that are fully paid by the company

401(k) Plan, Vacation and Holidays, Accidental Death & Disability Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Short Term & Long Term Disability

Auntie Anne’s Job Descriptions

Auntie Anne’s careers are offered through Focus Brands Inc. It’s an operator and franchisor not only of this store, but many companies as well such as Cinnabon, Carvel, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Seattle’s Best Coffee along with many other companies in specialty food industry.

Listed includes current job openings at the company. They are categorized by specialty for easy browsing. These includes only job titles of job openings. For a comprehensive information regarding Auntie Anne’s jobs, refer at a link provided below. This link connects anyone into an official website this company. Before anyone should apply to jobs at Auntie Anne’s, read through the jobs thoroughly.

Operations / Training

Franchise Business Consultant at North East Region Albany or Syracuse, NY, Franchise Business Consultant at South East Region

IT Department

Retail Support Technician, IT Project Manager, ETL Developer

Supply Chain / R&D

Product Innovation Manager, Senior QA Manager


International Field Marketing Manager


Director, Food Service Sales, Vice President, Design & Construction, Senior Leasing Representative

Accounting / Finance

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Account Manager, Director, Internal Audit, Staff Accountant, Financial Analyst

HR / Payroll

Director, Compensation

Auntie Anne’s Interview

If you’re contacted for an interview, better become prepared. Beforehand, review questions that might be asked during an interview. Find sites online which contain interview questions which will help you review. Equipped yourself with an excellent answers corresponding these questions. Being ready for this final step will become very helpful for getting the job. You must sell yourself and let them know that you’re perfect for them.

Advice For Application Process

Almost every application process are almost identical. Being familiar with these process would definitely help in Auntie Anne’s application process, but by doing that alone would not guarantee a successful application. Many tips can be applied to help in applying, but provided here are only some helpful tips. Always keep in mind these steps.

As you go apply in different employment opportunities, there would be an instance that you’ll try these tip or any other known tips. Remember to take note what tips work for in your and what does not. These tips are not intended for everyone. Some may prefer the opposite. If you haven’t try some of these tips, then try them when applying. Stick to what works with you, especially if it feels right.

Browse through different Auntie Anne’s jobs online, then read all information with it. Information within Focus Brands includes job title, brand, locations, job description, duties, responsibilities, as well as requirements. As mentioned before, Focus Brands are for multiple franchising company, not only this store. If you’re looking forward in having a job there, double check the data under brand. Some of jobs included in Focus Brands are jobs under other companies.

There are more than one possible way to apply for jobs at Auntie Anne’s. One is through Focus Brands. Once you’ve browsed jobs there, there’s a button that will let you apply online where you’ll create a temporary account with your personal information. This account will act as your resume. Also you may or may not attach your resume.

If you do not want your applications going through Focus Brands, but still apply online. There’s another option in applying. Download an application form from their website. Accurately complete their employment application form and send it at their company’s email address: Another way in applying there is through direct application. Print their employment application form from their website. Then take it at a local store.

Information given to them are important. Thus, nothing from what is asked should be withheld. Also, false information should never be given. Forgetting to put something is not an acceptable excuse. Double check every information entered before sending. Accurately as well as patiently complete their application form.

As said earlier, different jobs means different qualification. At some extent, these qualifications may be similar, but not exactly the same. If applying, make sure that your credentials perfectly match the job’s qualifications. If there’s a chance that they have no jobs that perfectly matches your qualifications, find something that’s very close with your credentials. These tips is making sure that your applications will not go to waste.

When choosing to apply through Focus Brand, remember a 60 day rule. Your applications will only stay active in their database within 60 days only. If not yet contacted after 60 days, do not lose hope, just send your applications again – just repeat the application process.

Finding good food cannot be hard, but finding great food is. This also goes with companies that provides great food. Although specialty food industry consists of few companies, they still do have top competitors. They are competitors because of their food and because of job opportunities offered.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc., has a passion towards chocolates and confectionery products. This company started with just a father’s dream towards raise his family. Then it started becoming a successful business. A combination of modern and classic environment can be seen at Rocky Mountain. Because their products are sweet, the environment will always be a nice place to work, relax, or even enjoy. Careers offered by Rocky Mountain promises a career advancement and fun experience.

Another company is Mrs. Fields. Without any knowledge in business, Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields, started selling cookies. At first, no one believe that by selling just cookies, one could become successful. Debbie made that happen. Now, worldwide, it’s a big store known for selling great taste cookies as well as baked goods. Mission of the company is towards making qualify food which should be close to perfection for customer’s satisfaction. They have different job opportunities offered.
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