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Born through the brainchild of 2 brothers the grocery chain giant known as ALDI has as a colorful history as does its numerous locations. The Germany based company is actually 2 parts of the same company who rival each other but come together to knock out any competition that stands in their way. Get your Aldi application and hop aboard a meteorically rising company.

With 9000 locations and a new one opening every week in UK alone this company which was started by the Albrecht brothers, Karl and Theo.  The Chain was at first called Albrecht Diskont which they later shortened to ALDI. The separation between the brothers began in 1960 over whether or not they would sell cigarettes or not. Below is an applications link on how to apply for ALDI online.

With the argument over the cigarettes, the 2 brothers created ALDI North and ALDI South. Both are financially and legally separate parts of a whole. With the fall of the Iron curtain, the company has managed to grow rapidly. The north company has Trader Joe’s as its main stores here in the United States. The south company is responsible for the company grocery stores nationwide. Find ALDI jobs online today.

In the United States, the south company accepts cash and debit cards as well as SNAP and other public assistance debit style cards. They do not however accept credit cards. The north company on the other hand accepts credit cards in its Trader Joe’s chain. ALDI jobs allow for the applicant to download application form and submit it while viewing the job description in a working environment.

ALDI Careers

Retail jobs are essential the faces of the company. These individuals work hard not just by being just a cashier or being just a meat clerk. These individuals also help stock the store commit to giving the customer the best possible customer service and help keep the store clean to keep the customers coming back. Apply for jobs at ALDI today. Request an application form and get your career started.

The company’s corporate careers are more diverse in its corporate structure although similar in the fact that the model used for both is what distinguishes them from other corporations. The district managers are given opportunities unlike anywhere else in the world through their Expatriate program where they fuel their skills further by having you hone your skills in a completely different country.

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How old do you have to be to work at Aldi’s? Applicants must be at least 18 years old to work at Aldi’s. For current job opportunities, inquire in store or use store locator to find the closest store to you and watch for any job fairs or other hiring events in your local workforce center. Submit a printable application for ALDI as online application isn’t available at this time.

Benefits include industry leading wages,  medical, dental, and vision packages along with prescription drug coverage,  paid vacation and 7 paid holidays, Retirement savings plan with company contribution, short and long term disability, 401(k), life and disability insurance. For those who are corporate minded a company car and an iPhone are included with said benefits but not limited to just these.

Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 9am to 9am, Sundays 9am to 8pm. This allows employees to get out at a reasonable time and still maintain a life outside of work. For an ALDI application, find the download printable application form and print it off. Fill it out as completely as possible and turn into the local store manager. ALDI careers are not applicable to apply online.

ALDI Job Descriptions

Store Associate – This position has you multitasking in several roles as cashier to stocker to general upkeep of the store. You will aid management in merchandising, monitoring inventory for replenishment and for theft, and keeping customers happy and the housekeeping up on the store itself should something be spilled or broken cleanup is essential.  Average wage is $12/hour.

Shift Managers – This position is crucial in keeping the store running smoothly and looking at its best. By providing outstanding customer service, the opportunity to manage the sales floor, supervise and provide support for the store associates. Its fast paced and filled with lots of responsibilities. Average wage is $16/hour.

District Manager Trainee – This position is the ALDI philosophy. To ensure the company works the trainee is involved in cooperative involvements to work as a team force on how to efficiently and effectively conduct store operations. Have tenured employees who help mentor those coming into the program. Average salary is $75,000/year.

District Manager/Expatriate – This position is efficiency at it basic. In a few short months you run your own store, within a few months later you are held responsible for 5 stores. Allowing you to use the training you received while it’s still fresh in your memory, involvement with yearlong training and working with other diverse cultural expatriate to expand your experience and promotion from within. Average salary is $89,000/year.

ALDI Interview Questions

Can you lift 50 lbs.? This question is mandatory for most of the positions in the store due to the employees do more than just make change. If you have a medical reason for not lifting the required amount now is the time to say. It is not a deal breaker but it limits your involvement in the store itself. When applying through direct application ask manager concerning lifting modifications.

Describe your college experience between 1 and 10? This gives the interviewer some insight into your personality and involvement in your past educational experiences. If you were a party goer and social butterfly you will have a tendency of a positive outlook as to the past experience, if you were the social misfit and just studied hard and barely passed you might have a negative look on the same experience.

What makes you different? This question is a stickler for most people. They are geared to tell you of their accomplishments and although this question is a version of that, the keyword: different; brings up different connotations and has them stumped as to how to explain what sets them apart from their competition. Having a well-rounded employment history can be beneficial in answering questions like this.

Why the District Manager Intern Position? This question is to evaluate your goals of advancement. Are you wanting to carry the prestige of a district manager because of the title or is it because you see yourself making contributions regularly to improve the company and developing yourself professionally while inspiring those beneath you to attain their goals as well? This will be addressed thoroughly during the interview for managerial trainees.

Why do you want to sell groceries? This question may seem odd but is beneficial to the company as to your intent especially if you aren’t planning on staying long enough but to get a few paychecks because it isn’t for you. Some people have a passion for customer service and have a love of food that propels them to this segment of retail positions. Be honest here.

Advice For Application Process

This next section is a compilation of tips for after filling out the free application you might be wondering what’s next.

Make sure you have your resume in order, all nice, neat and updated showcasing your experience. This is so vitally important at a job fair where you may have the chance to apply for district manager trainee. A good basic informative resume will get you hired over someone who has sparkles and colored paper with different fonts on the 1 to 2 page document that may determine your career.

Ensure that your application is complete and is filled out to the best of your ability. Do not leave any areas blank doing so will reflect poorly on you.  Use “Not Applicable or N/A” to answer areas that do not pertain to you. Make sure you are honest in your answers as falsifying info may cause you to be released.

Make sure you come dressed for success and smiling, it makes you look relaxed and professional. Having ironed your slacks with matching belt and leather shoes with dress shirt or polo shirt for men; a classic or trendy top will work for women as well as a conservative skirt in not slacks. Business casual is perfect in today’s workplace less you’re interviewing for corporate then conservative dress would prevail.

If you’re nervous or lack the self-confidence you normally would have due to an interview you might try some self-affirmations.  By saying them aloud or writing them over and over prior to your interview you increase your confidence levels naturally. The brain can be manipulated which is why a coach will tell his players to envision making the basket or hitting a home run.
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