Ace Hardware Application & Careers

Ace Hardware ApplicationAce Hardware Corporation is a ninety year old retailer’s corporation based in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States. Its branches and stores are spread out across the world & has a turnover of over $3 billion in hardware sales yearly.

The enterprise was jointly founded by Richard Hesse, Frank Burke, Gunnard Lindquist and Oscar Fisher. The name Ace was chosen to suggest a company that overcame all the odds placed against it, the name was inspired by the ace fighter pilots of World War I.

The company turned into a cooperative once it was sold to its retailers after the retirement of Richard Hesse in 1973. The Company still operates out of Illinois and has over 4,600 stores in operation across various locations.

While other hardware stores focused on mega projects, the retailer corporation  went strictly domestic, offering handy tools such as hammer, construction materials, plumbing, paints, wiring, lawn mower and many more hardware’s. The Corporation has managed to carve a niche for itself and is the go-to destination of all DIY enthusiasts who love to do their own work.

They are the perfect Ace to possess if you are searching for a place to work.

Ace… The helpful place is constantly looking to induct fresh enthusiasts into its workforce. The Company had categorized its working opportunities into three slots and hiring is done within these three categories, namely – Career opportunities in corporate positions, in distribution positions, in retail positions. The organization believes in providing a great working ambiance leading to positive work atmosphere. Working at the co-operative is a sure fire way of gaining valuable work experience which will allow you to spread your wings, what’s more,  this may be the beginning of a long career with  the Corp.

As mentioned earlier, the establishment is a cooperative that is, all 10,000 employees who work in the company own the firm! This makes the Co-operative ideal place for ambitious workers to join and become part of the winning team.

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Being a successful retailer’s the cooperative believes in offering competitive benefits. Its employees are eligible to receive full medical, dental, and Ophthalmological and life insurance. Other perks include paid vacation and holidays, a retirement plan and discounts.  The benefits are comprehensive all-encompassing and employee friendly.

Whether you are looking for a career change or you are scouting for part time jobs to tide you over until you finish school, the retailer Corp.  has something for everyone, Join the firm  for a bright and brilliant prospects.

Ace Hardware Careers

The Ace Hardware careers not only offers an attractive pay package but it also bestows a comprehensive benefit package to its employees. Their benefit plan fully covers the Medical, Prescription drugs, vision and dental. The company is quite progressive in its thoughts and is one of the few organizations that imparts a same sex domestic partner coverage. The company also dispenses Short term and long term disability plans. This must be one of the few companies that comes with a retirement plan for its employees thus securing their future.

The organization helps you in your pursuit of education offering several beneficial schemes such as self- study programs, Tuition assistance. The hours are flexible and is accommodated to fit your schedule. There are several discount and other benefits that are comprehensive and guaranteed to delight the job seeker. Thus, it comes as no surprise to many to understand that Ace Hardware Jobs are much sought after.

There are  no fixed work hours, your job applications  makes it a point of mentioning that there are no fixed hours of duty and the duty hours varies depending upon the time at that particular location. The next question that pops up instantly in our mind is how old do you have to be to work at Ace hardware Corporation? The answer to that question is quite simple, the doors of employment at your local store opens when you turn 18.

The Managerial position requires the candidate be a graduate with requisite years of experience in their concerned field. The candidates are expected to be well versed in PC skills. They must have the ability to deliver and work on without any supervision. He must be willing to travel sometimes even staying overnight. He should have the ability to multitask successfully.

A warehouse supervisor is expected to have a highly developed interpersonal skills. He must be an effective communicator. The supervisor should have at least 2 years of supervisory experience. The supervisor should be result oriented, dynamic and willing to work flexible hours.

A Material Handler is expected to be fully acquainted with forklift operations. He must have a strong endurance and stamina to push, lift and carry merchandise weighing about 100 pounds. Accuracy is not just preferred but is a must. He should be eighteen years of age with permits to work and should have passed his high school. The company is renowned for paying adequate salary to its work force.

Ace Hardware Job Descriptions

The retailer business house is a steadily growing company opening its branches across the world, hence there is no dearth of job opportunities’ for the persons seeking gainful employment in a reputed company. Job opportunities at the organization can be broadly classified under three categories.

  • Corporate positions
  • Distribution Positions
  • Retailer Positions.

The company is headquartered just 30 minutes west of Chicago in Oak Brook, Illinois thus, provides an easy commute for its employees. The headquarters employs more than 800 team members in various departments. The organization is quite flexible with its work schedule allowing the privilege of working from home or on the road. There is no compulsion to spend your working hours within the confines of your office cabin. The field team works directly with company’s retailers, providing valuable guidance and assistance to them in propelling the store to a grand success.

Distribution Position

This is a key category and is considered the lynchpin of the corporation’s growth and success. The bulk of the working force, about seventy five percent works at Retail Support centers. The work force combined with advanced technology manage to deliver a high level of service not to be seen in the industry.

Retail Position

The factor which helped in spreading the fame and service of the corporation worldwide So much so that you can find the helpful place anywhere in the world from US to Asia to Middle East! It is setting up local plants servicing the client’s with Ace Cooperatives hardware, offering knowledgeable help etc.

These three categories offers you varied job opportunities such as

  • Project Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Warehouse supervisor
  • Material Handler
  • District Manager
  • Project Manager

A project manager is entrusted with the responsibilities of managing the retail project expansion, relocation and recondition the stagnant stores. The job description for the manager says that he is responsible for finding and fixing any problems by using business tools and measurements. A project manager is deemed to be responsible for handling the scope, cost and deliverables for the project. He must have the ability to handle all resources simultaneously to meet the target.

Warehouse Supervisor

This is quite an exciting opportunity for those who like leadership roles. A warehouse Supervisor is a frontline leader who supervises the work of Material Handlers, plans every day operation geared to achieve maximum productivity. He trains and helps in the development of staff to work as a cohesive unit. He is also an indispensable part of the co-operative as he helps the management with long term planning on methods to improve operational efficiency.

Regional Manager

A regional manager has to be an exceptional leader who can devise strategies that maximizes performance of wholesale and retail sector. He should be a great motivator who can enthuse the team of district managers to maximize their output and increase the productivity of their respective units. A regional manager should conduct a periodic SWOT analysis and undertake any course correction if needed.

Material Handler

A Material Handler will be working in the distribution facility. He will be responsible for loading the merchandise and shifting them to the predefined area. He must check and repair any malfunction in his vehicle, he is to maintain the vehicle in good condition at any given time. He should move loads into the trailers using his forklifts.

District Manager

The district manager is the connecting link between the retailers and the corporate. He very frequents acts as the advocate of the retailers. A district Manager regularly meets the retailers, lends a patient ear to their complaints, suggestion and most often provides recommended solutions. He creates action plans and sets targets to be met

Apart from this, the cooperative is also hiring College students for internship or as a part time worker. You can drop a message at their careers page. The flexible timing and fringe benefits makes the Ace Hardware jobs attractive and viable for struggling students in need of finances.

Advice For Application Process

How to apply for Ace Hardware online?

If you are planning to download application form from their website, let us inform you that Ace Hardware application is not available on their website. There is no online application form or any PDF document in printable application form. You can send your resume to the given email address, on the other hand, if you are looking for Ace Hardware application and are looking for Ace Hardware job application online  so that you can apply for jobs at Ace Hardware, there are several sources from where you can get a  printable application for Ace Hardware.

If you wish to join the esteemed and popular organization, keep a look out on the Ace Hardware Careers page for new openings or check for Ace hardware jobs online. Though you cannot download the free application from the website, you can drop your resume at their email address.

Working at in Ace imbues you with positivity, leadership skills and an excellent communication skills that will stand you in good stead with the customers. Your skills will be considered a positive asset by any company that you interviews you for a career in its organization. The customer friendly atmosphere, the bonhomie between colleagues and a helpful manager who is only too willing to share the knowledge will make for a happy working environment. When you realize that your affable demeanor and helpful attitude is appreciated by the customers and goes a long way in soothing their nerves, your confidence only grows and you may wish to spread this joy or share this experience with others. You should apply online at Home Depot for a varied experience or send in your direct application to True Value.
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