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Zoup offers award winning soups and sandwiches. The first Soup was originally opened in Southfield, Michigan in 1998 and there was only soup on the menu. Since then, there have been salads and sandwiches added to the menu. The extensive menu is impressive with so many options to choose from on a daily basis as over 100 soups are on rotation.

Like their caption says; Zoup can ‘come to the rescue!’ with so many soups available to eat. These range from the highly recommended Lobster Bisque, Zesty 3 pepper with Chicken and Vegetarian Split Pea. With approximately 12 soups to choose from each day, a sample can be tried before purchase.

Each store offers a warm and approachable part of the brand so that customers can have the best experience when they visit a Zoup store. The friendly environment offers a nice atmosphere and somewhere to relax and enjoy some high quality food.

Recognised for their innovation in allowing people to test out the many soups on offer, this allows people to have more options as to what they can eat. Their food suits vegetarians and those who need low fat, dairy free or gluten free options so that everyone can enjoy the menu available. You can even search by nutrition in terms of the products on their website. For those who are calorie conscious then it fits the bill.

The catering is extensive to include different ‘hunks of bread’ for a sandwich to suit different tastes such as multigrain or sourdough which are baked on site. There are different types of cuisine such as Asian although the Spicy Back Bean Chili is one of the favourites. The Greek option includes contents such as feta, tomatoes and romaine lettuce which are freshly sourced ingredients. There are extras available to order such as bread which has been freshly baked. A variety of drinks and desserts are also available.

Soup, salads and sandwiches are offered through the daily menu and ordering system. There are even care rescue packages available to treat someone special to their door. The way it works is that an online form needs to be submitted for this to happen.

On signing up to the daily menu then there is a ‘buy one, get one free option’. Suitable for all purposes, there are options to order a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches for an individual, group, a busy large group or for an event of 30 or more people.

The staff are energetic, eager to please and their customer service is friendly and they are able to offer a reliable service when serving their customers who are important to them.

Different broths are available to purchase on the website if recipes are required with some video clips and recommendations available. Zoup is a franchise that can offer you a start-up package so that recognition can be gained with a recognised and growing brand. The company is constantly expanding in size to include places such as Michigan, Kentucky and Connecticut.

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