Yoshinoya Application & Careers

Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food restaurant chain, is known for serving up delicious traditional food at their many locations all over the world.  With a wide global footprint, the company has grown significantly throughout its one hundred plus years of rich business history.

The story is unique, and one worth noting.  Founded in 1899, this fast food chain actually made its debut as a single standing store in a fish market in Tokyo.  The years following its inception held great change for Yoshinoya.  In the 1950’s, the chain transitioned from single store restaurants into a larger stock held company.  The very first store to open in the United States was in Denver, Colorado.   Since then, more locations have popped up in the United States.  Gradually, the company has grown to over 1600 locations worldwide, with franchising options now available for hopeful future business owners and investors.

The Yoshinoya menu offers a variety of selections, including items such as their popular chicken and beef bowls, healthy soups and salads and more.  A healthy living lifestyle shines through the company’s everyday operations, which makes it stands apart from other fast food chains. With the rich history of the Japanese culture weaved into their daily company service strategy, these restaurants continue to attract new patrons daily.

This award winning company has mastered the art of combining rich healthy food selections and reasonable prices in convenient locations.  Unlike many other food chains, they are able to keep business alive in vastly different economies and cultural environments across multiple countries.

Yoshinoya Interview Questions

What work situation has disappointed you the most? You can answer this question honestly, but emphasize that you dealt with the situation the best you could, and moved on or learned a lesson. Do not focus on your feelings of disappointment and stay positive regarding the incident. Choose a situation that was beyond your ability to change and do not reveal that you committed some grave error.

How do you measure your success at work? Be sure to list multiple means by which you rate your success, so that you demonstrate that you have a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of yourself as an employee. Some ways to note your success are that you set realistic goals and complete them on time; that you routinely increase the speed of your work; that you have received honors or awards for your efforts.

What is the most difficult situation you have ever had with a superior? Do not speak badly of your previous employer, ever! You do not have to lie, but omit any issues you may have actually had with a boss. If you say bad things about a previous employer then you demonstrate that you are capable of saying negative things about the company to which you are applying. The only correct answer is that you have never had an issue, and if you do discuss your former boss, say only pleasant things.

Are you a success? The only correct answer to this question is to say yes. First, define what success means to you, then provide examples of how you achieved such success, and talk about your process for doing so. This is a good time to list awards or honors you have received, as well as positive feedback from employers or supervisors to show that other people also view you as a success. Be sure to discuss the success you hope to achieve in the new position, and provide specific ideas on how to accomplish them.

Why do you think you would excel in this position? List all reasons why you would be enthusiastic to offer a lot to the company, and how this job would provide you with a unique opportunity to use your skills and talents to contribute to the overall success of the company. Talk about how your previous employment prepared you to offer advanced and specialized contributions to this company, and how you personally would look forward to several aspects of working in line with this company’s values.

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