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The Young Men’s Christian Association, more popularly known as the YMCA, is an multination organization whose home office is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The aim of the organization is to inculcate Christian values into young people by helping them develop a healthy “body, mind, and spirit”; these three angles are represented in the YMCA logo by the three sides of the red triangle.

The YMCA was first founded way back in June 6, 1844 in London by Sir George Williams, an English philantropist. Ever since its inception, the YMCA grew into a worldwide movement. Besides helping the youth, the YMCA also engages in varios charitable activities like, providing athletic facilities in financially troubled neighborhoods, providing free classes teaching a wide variety of skills, and others.

In the USA alone, the YMCA has 2,700 branches in different neighborhoods in different states, and employs approximately 20,000 full-time employees and also has 600,000 volunteers that operate in more than 10,000 communities in the country.

Besides the many benefits, the YMCA’s full-time employees love working for the organization because they know that they are helping change the lives of young people all over the world for the better. The working environment in the Y is also not as hectic, and the organization actually requires its employees to participate in some of its activities.

The full-time staff of the YMCA  receive great employee benefits. They receive full health benefits (medical and dental care packages, health savings account, etc.), a nice retirement plan, and the organization also makes sure that they have a healthy work-life balance.

How old do you have to be to work at YMCA?

The YMCA provides sound employment opportunities for applicants that are 18 years old or older. However, people as young as 15 can also apply for part-time work in any one of the ever-growing number of fitness centers, where they can work as lifeguards, counselors, and others.

YMCA Careers

There are many different opportunities in the YMCA if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job. Here are some of them.

Fitness Equipment Repair Technician: This position is for someone who knows how to maintain an up-to-date inventory of fitness and excercise equipment, repair said equipment, and conduct periodic maintenance on them to extend their working lifespan. The repair technician should also keep an updated repair and maintenance log for all the equipment in the branch.

Senior Fitness Director: This position is for someone who is familiar with the direction, operation, and supervision of the Y’s fitness department, which includes its fitness center, group exercise classes and other. The senior director will be the one providing direct leadership in the promotion and subsequent implementation of group exercise and personal training programs. You need to have strong interpersonal skills, and exceptional leadership skills.

Community Outreach Program Director: This position is responsible for organizing, developing, and quality assurance of the different YMCA programs. The director’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing close interpersonal relationships with apartment building managers, school administrative staff, program participants and their parents, and a whole lot more.

Facilities Worker: This position is mainly concerned with the procurement and the delivery of camping services for the YMCA and its clients. To qualify for this position, you need to have a certain degree of problem solving abilities because you will be developing and initiating solutions to complex problems, mostly regarding logistics. In addition, the facilities worker must have a working knowledge and previous experience in maintenance and land management.

Teacher: The teachers/facilitators provide quality education and experience for children and parents, mostly focusing on building a sense of achievement and belonging in the youth, both in society and within their respective families.

Email Marketing Specialist: This position is under the direct supervision of the Digital Marketing Director. The responsibilities of the email marketing specialist include, but is not limited to, managing the production of email marketing campaigns, automation of marketing, analysis of member behavior for better implementation of marketing strategies, and many more.

Branch Housekeeper: This position’s responsibilities include keeping their respective branches clean and safe for the members. The branch housekeeper provides basic housekeeping services, groundskeeping, and basic facilities and equipment maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance Worker: This position is responsible for the upkeep and beautification of the YMCA center’s grounds and gardens. You must have prior experience with basic groundskeeping to qualify for the job.

Head Swim Coach: This position is responsible for the planning and operations of the YMCA swim team. The Head Coach will also coordinate and head the YMCA Learn to Swim Program.

Aquatics Director: The Aquatics Director, with the help of the Head Swim Coach, is responsible for the supervision and management of the entire Aquatics Department of the YMCA branch.

YMCA Application

Most of the independent YMCA centers utilize third-party career websites for hiring employees. You need to check with your local Y to find out which career website they use, create an account, and then upload your resume and CV. Wait for an email confirming that your application has reached the HR of the branch. The wait times for interviews vary on the position applied for; generally, entry level jobs have quicker turnaround times (one to three weeks) compared to senior positions.

Before you apply though, you need to make sure that you embody the same kind of family values that are taught in the YMCA. If you have personal interest in actually furthering the organization’s missions of social responsibility, wellness, and others, they will greatly benefit your application, so make sure that you mention it in your application.

You also need to work well with all ages as the work environment in the YMCA usually include young children and people well over the age of 60. You should also have a sense of social sensitivity, and a genuine concern to cater to the needs of others.

Things To Know About YMCA

The work environment in the YMCA will vary depending on the branch you find yourself in; generally, if the manager of the branch you applied for is pretty easy to work with, odds are that all the other employees are happy. However, with this said, you may need to do a bit of investigating to find out the work culture in your local Y.

Did you know that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day actually started in the YMCA? In addition, organizations like the USO and the Peace Corps have shared roots in the YMCA.

Camp Dudley, the oldest summer camp that is still in operation, is affiliated with the YMCA from the very start. The camp has been operating for more than a hundred years, and it has taught countless numbers of boys and girls the wonders of camping, and the skills required for it.

The inventor of modern basketball, James Naismith, developed the game while he was an athletic instructor in the Springfield YMCA.

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