WSS Application & Careers

WSS sells sturdy and comfortable shoes, offering the best brands to customers at great prices and values. Its employees are focused on respect and friendliness.

The company was founded by CEO Eric Alon, and it was opened about thirty years ago in a city in California. The company began selling shoes out of Alon’s car trunk in Los Angeles. It expanded from a car trunk traveling throughout Los Angeles neighborhoods to having stores in a few states on the west coast. It is now the largest shoe store in California.

The company serves its community by remaining urban and focusing on all groups of people including the working class, those who are under-privileged, and communities in need. The company now has 76 stores open in Southern California. Stores are now also open in Nevada.

WSS provides many benefits for its employees. First off, employees have the opportunity to be included in this increasingly larger and popular company. They also have the benefit of having medical, dental, and vision services. They also are included in the 401k program. Employees obtain positions that allow them to work with a friendly and respectful team while expressing their creativity in a unique and friendly environment. They also receive payment while they are being trained and a reasonable salary. Holidays and vacations for employees are paid.

Employees enjoy working at this business because it is dedicated to its customers and employees. The business maintains strong visual merchandising and keeps its employees up to date with this. The company has great and sturdy products and relevant-branded products. Employees enjoy working at a premium shoe store that creates the ultimate shopping experience for both its customers and employees as it strives to always be respectful and loyal to everyone.

How old do you have to be to work at WSS?

It is required that you be at least 18 years old to apply for employment at the business.

WSS Careers

There are many in-store and corporate positions available to work at WSS. They range from entry level positions to managerial positions and corporate office positions.

Store manager: A store manager is responsible for the store’s staff and finances. It is important that this individual ensures customer satisfaction. A store manager trains and hires its employees and is in charge of rewarding and reprimanding them. This individual also is in charge of managing the store’s budgets.

Assistant manager: An assistant manager helps with the hiring and training of new employees. This individual assists the store manager with managing the store’s budget and controlling the store’s finances. An assistant manager may fill in for the store manager when that individual is absent.

Supervisor: A supervisor not only oversees the store’s staff, but this individual also serves as a connection between assistants and upper management. A supervisor receives customer complaints and handles complaints and suggestions to resolve issues within the store.

Service team member: A service team member greets customers and makes them feel welcomed. They assist customers with questions and direct them to products in the store. A service team member assists customers with their orders and works at the cash register. This individual must be responsible with handling money and have great communication and people skills.

Service team leader: A service team leader is in charge of providing the best care for the store’s customers. This individual manages the team of employees in the store and motivates the team. A service team leader provides counseling and training to the store’s employees.

Courtesy officer: A courtesy officer assists customers with the store and products. This individual performs checks to ensure safety in and outside of the store. A courtesy officer makes emergency calls if necessary and locks and unlocks the store’s doors each day.

Copywriter: A copywriter develops commercial content and helps with advertising. They create wordings to match visuals that will serve as advertisement and displays for the store.

Material Handler: A material handler works in the store’s warehouse and production facility. This individual may be required to lift heavy objects as they may be required to move products onto delivery trucks or lifting products off of the trucks to place on the stores’ shelves. A material manager must also locate products on shelves, wrap them, and prepare them.

Marketing Intern: A marketing intern assists with marketing campaigns and with daily tasks. This individual may be asked to collect and organize data from campaigns. A marketing intern may also be required to perform research on competitive businesses to learn how to better advertise WSS to appeal to potential customers. This individual must be creative and able to implement strategies to market products and the store in the most effective ways. This person may also be required to help prepare presentations to promote products or the business and distribute other marketing ideas and products.

Graphic designer: A graphic designer working for this business is required to create visuals using computer software and/or by hand. These ideas should be communicated to the business to be approved. The products are used for advertisements, magazines, business cards, and brochures. A graphic designer must have experience in this field and be creative and professional. A graphic designer for this business must be able to inspire customers to purchase products from this business and inform the public of products and the store itself.

WSS Application

Those interested in applying to this business can submit an application on the business’s website. You can search open positions for corporate jobs and in-store positions.

Online applications and in-store applications are available. The online application is simple to fill out and submit. You can choose an open position to apply for in specific U.S. states.

It is required that you fill in personal information including past education and employment. References are also able to be entered on the online application form.

When applying for a job at this business, it is essential for you to include all of your work experience related to the job for which you are applying. Supplying as many references as possible will also benefit you as the business may get positive feedback on your abilities and skills by contacting your references.

It is always beneficial for you to research the business before your interview so you have knowledge of their goals and history. Be confident and positive throughout your interview and any conversations that you have with the business.

Things To Know About WSS

The company searches for diverse employees and are eager to reach out to the community. They make sure that they respect their customers and are available to answer and question while assisting them in finding the perfect sturdy shoe.

The business donated $3,000 to 27 clubs of the Los Angeles County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs in 2015. They committed to assisting these clubs financially as an effort to help out the community by giving back. They value the community and are willing to serve the community and the store’s customers.

The business values respect gained and given. Employees are encouraged to always respect the business’s customers and every team member of the company. The website claims that giving respect to employees and the community is the key element in making a difference and finding success.

The business makes customers their first priority. Employees are always willing to listen to and understand each customer. The employees understand that the key to success is connecting with the community and its customers to ensure customer satisfaction.