Western Beef Applicaton

western beef

Western Beef is a discount price range grocery store that has been in business for over thirty years. They have nearly thirty locations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida. They participate in charitable donations, giving groceries to organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor. The range of products somewhat depends on the location of each store.

This company strives to fit each location into the local area, considering each neighborhood’s culture and structure. Their motto is “We know the neighborhood”. For instance, one location is known for its large variety of Goya products, or its wealth of Caribbean selections.

One location in New York is reputed to have a tremendous met section, with several aisles devoted to different cuts and kinds of meat organized into a griller’s dream come true. Beef, pork, poultry are all heavily represented. The butcher is willing to accommodate requests, as well.

Providing good quality products at affordable prices is their goal. Western Beef has national brands as well as its own label products, such as Western Selects, Cactus Club and Western Beef Brand. They accomplish this through the operation of an eleven acre facility in New York City that consists of meat, produce and grocery warehouses.

Available online are the store locations and the advertisement circular, where one can find the fresh baked bread specials or seafood offerings, for instance. Easy to navigate and informative, this is the place a customer can go to sign up for electronic deals as well.

Western Beef Interview Questions

If you were given a project, what type of role would you prefer? Some people like to be in charge and this can show more a managerial style. However, you may be a quieter, reflective type who likes to stand back and consider how to best approach the task. You may be more methodical which is a good style to have. This type of answer will show how you may be in a group task – give positive suggestions here.

What benefits could you bring to this organisation? If this is for a sales job, then you can use statistics to back your claims up. You can suggest that you ‘made more in a month than anyone had done before because there were 100 items sold’ or something similar. You need to answer this with a claim on the evidence. This is something that they could check with your previous employer.

What do you think a manager would say about your strongest point? You can say that you would hope that they would say that you are ‘passionate about what you do’ and that you are ‘dynamic and trusting as well as being an attribute to the team’.

How could you measure your current success in a job? You can explain how you would hope to build up a rapport with your manager and seek out more information on how well you may have done on a particular task. Also, consider how you may have improved. This consistent feedback should help you to establish how successful you are in your job.

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