Weight Watchers Application & Careers


Known across the country for inspiring individual health and fitness transformations, Weight Watchers is one of the largest weight management programs around the world.  They specialize in creating detailed health progression plans for people ready to take back control of their eating habits and healthy lifestyle choices.  They offer calculated meal plans and prepacked food selections to each of their members upon registration in the program.

As a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with its headquarters currently based in New York, New York, the organization continues to focus on growth of the business while aiming to provide their clients with quality service and the latest trends pertaining to weight loss.  Since the company’s inception in 1963, they have grown rapidly and currently operate in approximately 30 countries.

They employ over 25,000 people throughout the organization, and have locations easily accessible to their clients to make check-ins and consultations convenient for busy schedules.  Their approach in assisting each member focuses on changing exercise habits and improving dieting choices.  An appealing feature of the program is that does not restrict the kinds of food you can eat.

It’s all about balance when it comes to living the Weight Watchers way.  By gradually adopting new and healthy ways of living, it eventually doesn’t seem much like a diet at all.  Millions of people have been successful in losing weight by joining this program.  In an increasingly busy world, Weight Watchers hope to continue building the business and membership population in the future by standing by their dedication to healthy living.

Weight Watchers Interview Questions

How have you grown in the past year? Explain, briefly, some recent experiences where you really learned something about yourself, or about the world. Make sure the answer is not too personal, and that whatever you learned was academic in some way, or helpful toward discovering something about your career goals. The key is to show that you know there are always ways to better yourself, so be sure to show some humility to balance your confidence in this answer.

What are some good things your previous manager would say about you? Hopefully, you’ve gotten some feedback from a supervisor or teacher before. Explain the assignment and the results you provided in a specific situation, then describe the specific praise you were given for being successful in this endeavor. Also express how grateful you were that your manager went out of their way to give you a positive comment.

What do you know about our company? This is, luckily, a pretty simple question to answer, if you take the time to prepare yourself adequately. A quick google search will probably take you to the organization’s website, where you can read up on exactly what the company wants your answer to be. Go to the “About Us” tab (or equivalent) and rephrase whatever the page says in your own words. However, if you forget to do your research, just be honest and say you haven’t looked them up yet. The employer will be able to tell if you’ve actually heard of the organization before.

How have you been disappointing during previous employment? Own up to your mistakes. Focus on how you were able to learn from a previous situation, and how you were still able to succeed despite the initial disappointment. It is important to specify a scenario that you were eventually able to solve or accomplish.

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