Village Inn Application & Careers

Village Inn is a restaurant chain in America. This chain of restaurants was created to offer everyone the best casual dining experience. They offer delightful but reasonably priced menu items for breakfast, snacks, and dinner.

James Mola and Merton Anderson founded Village Inn in 1958 with its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. This company is currently owned and operated by American Blue Ribbon Holdings.

As of 2015, Village Inn has more than 200 restaurants in 20 American states like Alaska and Arizona. With its continuous success, the company now has franchises in Guam.

In terms of benefits, hourly employees get perks like flexible scheduling. Great opportunities for career promotion are available for various positions as well. Aside from that, employees enjoy paid vacations, regular performance bonuses, meal discounts, and 401(k) retirement plans.

People love working at this company as they show true care for their employees. They give them opportunities to grow and succeed. Also, they offer them great benefits packages and salaries. They don’t give people reasons to leave the company.

How old do you have to be to work at Village Inn?

Applicants for any position should be 18 years old and above. They must have a high school diploma as well. Candidates who want to be managers or general managers should be degree holders.

Village Inn Careers

Most entry-level positions at Village Inn don’t require formal education and experience. Therefore, students and seasonal job aspirants can take advantage of these lucrative opportunities. Interested applicants may apply for the following positions:

Bussers: Bussers carry out different tasks while they are usually part-time employees. Aside from cleaning the tables, they restock the plates, glassware, utensils, and flatware. They’re also responsible for sustaining safe workspaces. So, they clean the sidewalks, empty trash cans, and sweep dining areas or service aisles.

Hostess/Cashiers: Their job involves serving the guests and handling their bills and payments. They don’t manage customer complaints alone, so they inform their managers immediately to get help. Cashiers can also work as hosts through answering phone calls, taking take-away orders, and responding to customer inquiries accordingly.

Servers: Servers greet and take guest orders with rapidity and accuracy. They also know better about the menu items and daily specials, so they handle customer inquiries effectively. Furthermore, servers always show up themselves well-groomed and friendly to everybody. They work in fast-paced settings where they often interact with different people.

Line Cook: A line cook works with other kitchen staff like a cook or prep cook. He practices proper handwashing which is the number one rule for food handlers. Cleanliness is also one of his concerns. The kitchen must be maintained clean to prevent food contamination. Therefore, a line cook keeps his work area clean and germ-free after every use.

Prep Cook: A prep cook’s daily role involves washing and slicing the vegetables and fruits. Other ingredients for every recipe will be prepared by a prep cook as well. Though his job is to prepare the ingredients, keeping the kitchen clean is also his duty. So, he removes the leftovers, kitchen tools, and wastes when cooking is over.

Dishwashers: Unlike the servers and hosts, dishwashers don’t interact with guests. Their job is just to wash the dishes whether by hand or through using a dishwashing machine. He takes care of all used dining tools and kitchen equipment like pans, casserole, etc.
Restaurant Managers: They have big responsibilities at work. They take tasks like handling performance appraisals, payroll processing, and supply ordering. Besides, they hire, train, manage and discipline their team members. Dealing with guest complaints is a part of their job too. They even help in serving the guests when needed.

General Managers: Their role involves supervising the local managers and all entry-level employees. They set operations or store policies while they create and sustain budgets. Also, general managers coordinate with the local management to evaluate the employees, their performance and productivity. Likewise, their job involves negotiating with other staff and contractors.

Shift Leaders: Usually, shift leaders in restaurants are previously working as servers, hosts or cashiers. Shift leaders are upper-level employees, so they handle more complex tasks like dealing with customer complaints. They also manage other employees and ensure their productivity both individually and as a team.

Expos: They serve as a liaison between cooks and servers. Expos make sure that all orders are handled correctly and accurately. They have strong attention to detail that helps them keep everything fine. They are typically working in a challenging and fast-paced environment together with other team members.

Village Inn Application

People should visit the company’s website to apply for any position. Since some locations are owned by franchisees, applying in person is still acceptable. The company’s website offers a fast and easy recruitment process.

To begin, aspirants should create profiles, look for vacancies and hit the “Apply Now” button. After signing in, they’ll undergo a 30-minute pre-screening process. Using their profiles, they must fill out the application form and a short questionnaire to continue.

Applicants should tailor their answers to match their preferred position. Also, they must answer all questions with accuracy and honesty. Applicants who will fail to do this will be eliminated from the recruitment process.

Apart from the application form, candidates should also submit a copy of their resume. It is required whether they apply online or in person. Also, it should be updated with the latest information.

Applicants who will pass the pre-screening will be invited for an interview. At this point, wearing decent attire and coming on time is crucial. Applicants should aim to build a good rapport with the interviewer.

Facts About Village Inn

This company offers a good work setting for everyone. Their employees are from various backgrounds but they work together and treat each one as a family. Thus, many people agree that Village Inn has a great culture.

Gift cards are becoming more popular, so they recently launched a collection of special valued cards.  There are different designs and value to choose from. Such cards can be sent via email, Facebook or through regular mail.

This restaurant chain is known for their delicious menu items for breakfast. They also feature a selection of salads, melts, sandwiches, burgers, and some dinner items. In fact, their pies have gained several awards from APC or American Pie Council.

Furthermore, they know the significance of their local community. They donate cash to churches, local groups, and foundations to support their programs and fundraising events. To get assistance, these entities are encouraged to apply and discuss their purpose and objective.

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