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One of the best joys we have as human beings is the capability of having a family. With much happiness that encompasses within this special moment (or moments if a family has multiple children), comes a great deal of responsibility. Once Upon A Child is a neighborhood store located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Multiple families over the years have consistently utilized, depended upon, and positively raved this team with providing essential necessities for their newborn babies.

Once Upon A Child was founded in 1985 and is an individually owned and operated business. Their main goal is to provide families with key products for their children. The team purchases (or receives through donations) lightly used equipment, toys, and apparel from reputable owners. Each location hosts a wide inventory with items up to 70% off. As a franchise business, single-owners uphold the overall core values and vision of the company. However, each location is encompassed with a unique personality of its own.  

The company’s stock includes secondhand items, yet they are nothing like your typical hand-me-down stores. Baby clothing, toys, furniture, and general equipment can be expensive at times. To purchase them in brand new (lightly used) condition at a fraction of its normal price is definitely beneficial to any family.

The team that runs and operates Once Upon A Time on a daily basis have earned numerous accolades over the past few years. In 2014 Forbes listed them as one of the Best Small Companies. In 2016, the organization/magazine Entrepreneur listed the team as a Franchise 500 Ranked business.

Once Upon A Child Interview Questions

Why do you feel you would succeed in this position? Give examples of successes you have made in the past, and then explain what similarities you can see between that past success and the position you are applying for. Let your employer know you are able to see the beneficial consequences to your actions.

What position would you prefer to take while working with a group? Explain a success from the past which you were particularly helpful in contributing to, and describe the role you played, as well as how you would be able to integrate the same traits that helped you in that situation into the position you are applying for. Of course, be sure to mention groupwork itself in a positive manner.

What is your work ethic? Even if you have not been the most efficient worker in the past, it is important to show your employer that you will be willing to work hard for this position, and that they would not regret hiring you. If you have a trait that is detrimental to your work ethic, do not mention it, and focus instead on some strengths.

What is your work philosophy? The employer needs to know that you will be determined to work for them even if the job proves to be more difficult than you expected. Use an example of a specific time when you have persisted with a project and managed to successfully complete it. Don’t just say that you are a hard worker; let the employer know about a time when you succeeded by working hard, and allow that employer to judge your work ethic based on that experience.

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