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Tyson, a meat-centric food company, was founded during the Great Depression when John W. Tyson moved to Arkansas and began supplying chickens to Midwest markets. John continued to raise chicks and distribute them to chicken farmers throughout the Second World War, as poultry was in high demand. The company expanded as a family business over the decades following as John’s son, Don, and later his grandson took their place at the head of the corporation.

The family business uses their rooted history as a marketing strategy in which they advertise homely values based on American ideals and commitments to faith. These ideals are supported through hiring a number of United States veterans as well as their reliance on what they call independent family farms. Tyson was noted in the press for funding meal delivery programs, which, if successful, would benefit hungry families residing near Austin, Texas. Discrepancies in the company’s values come to question through publicized worker’s compensation lawsuits.

Statistically, the eighty-year-old food producer serves retail internationally among over one hundred countries worldwide. Among international distribution of meats such as chicken, beef, and pork, the company also services the United States with production of miscellaneous foods like tortilla chips, ready-made dough, and pizza toppings.

Tyson is recognized for being an innovator of convenience in the meat industry. After delivering the chicken patty to restaurants and food businesses in the 1970’s, this train of thought geared towards accessible meat distribution continued with the introduction of the chicken nugget, now an American staple.

Tyson Foods Interview Questions

What are some professional recommendations you have made in past work places? Speak about things that are related to the business aspect of the organization and nothing like which flavor of coffee they should stock in the break room. Have one suggestion that was accepted rather than the ones you made that were rejected. If you have no suggestion that was work related and only one that made the work atmosphere better to be in and a happier environment use that.

What do you think success is and do you think you have achieved it? The answer should always be yes to if you think you are successful. Even getting the interview for a position you would like to have shows that you have achieved something positive. Describing success can be a very broad term, achievements, money, awards, experience, having fun, knowledge and personal gratitude for your life. Stay positive and smile like a successful person. Posture and body language is also very important.

Is working overtime something you are willing to do? Evenings, weekends and holidays included? Usually in the beginning of a job you should be a little more open to working overtime or doing things that will help you learn about the position and the job in a faster way. This will show that you are eager to learn and a hard worker. Be honest in your answer as you may get taken up on the offer of working that overtime. Saying that you are open to it sometimes depending on your schedule is also ok.

What are some important characteristics you look for in a boss? Do not get too into detail about this. Things can be misinterpreted and you do not know the qualities of the person interviewing you, if you say sense of humor and that person is not funny at all then they may feel that you are not the right person for this job. Be generic and use qualities that make a workplace better and things that the boss would probably want to be in the eyes of their employees.

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