Turkey Hill Application & Careers

Turkey Hill is a popular brand of ice cream, iced tea, and other frozen treats in America. The company distributes quality products both locally and through international partners as well.

The company was founded during the Great Depression of 1931. Turkey Hill’s operation began when Armor Frey started to sell bottled milk to his neighbors. The business is owned and managed by Kroger since 1985.

The company is operated by Turkey Hill Minit Markets, a chain of gas station convenience stores selling Turkey Hill products in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

The company stands firm in providing full work benefits to qualified workers. Full-time associates will get life, medical, dental, and vision insurance, company stock purchase plans and paid time off.

People love working for the company because Turkey Hill offers favorable opportunities, and helps them achieve a successful career life. They are one of those companies that show care and appreciation for all hardworking employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Turkey Hill?

Typically, you must be at least 18 years old to qualify for a position in most locations. Be sure to contact your preferred branch before you apply.

Turkey Hill Careers

Turkey Hill is typically searching for qualified associates to work in their corporate office and stores. The company has several departments within, so applicants will certainly find work opportunities that best suits their background, skills and experience. For example, warehouse and production departments are responsible for packaging, manufacturing, and distributing the products to gas station mini market areas.

For corporate positions, applicants may find maintenance jobs covering all facilities and plants, accounting, marketing, IT, and HR. Entry-level positions include forklift operators and case handlers. Qualified applicants are regularly hired to fill numerous positions, including:

Production Operators: Production operators set up the production supplies and equipment before they execute any job orders. They consider necessary precautionary measures to operate the equipment effectively and safely for a successful production processing. They also make sure that the equipment is always in safe and good working condition.

Freezer Operators: Freezer operators make use of one or more freezers and other machines to freeze ice cream to achieve the right semisolid consistency. They weigh and measure liquid and powder ingredients like flavoring, color, or fruit puree by using graduated cylinders. Then, they dump the ingredients into flavor vat. They also adjust the controls to get the proper freezing temperature.

Palletizers: Palletizers operate console which controls the automatic palletizing tool to arrange, transfer, and pile the containers of products. The production, delivery schedules, and stacking pattern help them understand the entire arrangement of transfer procedures, the organization of boxes, and their destination. Palletizers also supply loading equipment with unfilled pallets.

Order Selectors: Order selectors work in the warehouse and production facilities wherein they pick materials and deliver them to loading docks. Their job involves picking, wrapping, and transferring products to fulfill each customer order. Order selectors prepare the boxes and containers that are used in packing huge volumes of products.

Forklift Operators: Forklift operators load & unload the products from trailers by using forklift trucks and other material handling tools. After loading and unloading, they will stock all products in proper storage areas in the warehouse. Keeping the machines in good condition is a big concern for forklift operators. They are also tasked to report all safety issues to supervisors right away.

Yard Jockeys: Yard jockeys make sure that trailers containing refrigerated products are at suitable temperatures. They ensure all warehouse employees have trailers to use for loading or unloading. Aside from that, yard jockeys take care of all dirty trailers and help with backhauls. Also, they are sometimes assigned to help drivers on selected routes to unload products to stores.

Dispatchers: They organize item orders through promotions, editing for cost, and weight compliance. They also arrange deliveries by checking the stocks to manage the inventory levels, anticipate delivery requisites, place, and expedite orders. Dispatchers send items by checking the products, destination, rate, route, and delivery time.

Lab Technicians: Lab technicians keep the laboratory supplies prepped and ready for use by keeping inventory of their stock, placing orders and checking the receipt to make sure they have received the right amount. Additionally, they are also tasked keep the equipment in good condition by following the given operating directions and troubleshooting the interruptions. This will involve maintaining the necessary supplies, doing preventive procedures, and asking for help when major repairs are necessary.

Sanitation Coordinator: A sanitation coordinator directs and coordinates all everyday sanitation activities in and out of a processing plant. He reviews records and trends, investigates issues, and suggests corrective actions suitable for a specific circumstances. He also facilitates fixing any leaks and spills policy, develops, implements, validates, and makes appropriate adjustments to master completely the sanitation schedules.

Internal Sales Coordinators: They make sure that all sales value inquiries, imminent closed business deals, and investigations of the company are traced. They inform the clients and internal sales representatives regarding different sales deals right away. Also, internal sales coordinators ensure that all sales operations are implemented based on the procedures of sanction and recognition.

Turkey Hill Application

People may apply and submit their application either through the web or in-person. The recruitment process for both online and walk-in applicants stay the same.

Online candidates will be prompted to create a user account that may take 30 minutes to complete. Walk-in applicants, on the other hand, should bring a list of references and their employment history to save time.

Applicants should be cautious when filling the application form. Checking the entries on their hiring form before the submission is a must. The company will reject candidates whose form has inaccurate information.

Additionally, hopefuls should change any outdated details on their CV, especially ones concerning their work history. If inconsistencies are noticed in their resume and application form, candidates may get little to no chances of receiving a response from the recruiting individuals.

After the submission of application forms, recruiting staff will get in touch with selected candidates within 2 weeks if they have passed the first stage. Qualified applicants should maintain an optimistic attitude. Likewise, they must sell themselves in a way they’ll stand out among the other candidates.

Facts About Turkey Hill

Many employees see this company as a good place to work in for many reasons. The company cares for them, as revealed by the good safety culture, and a range of free discretionary on-site training programs provided every year.

They added a new choice for their desserts recently. This product is called Decadent Delights. It’s a fruit-infused dessert made for children and adults. Decadent Delights is available in 4 flavors namely coconut, chocolate covered strawberry, cherry, and tropical mango.

The company is best known for its iced tea and ice creams that are available in different delicious flavors. They offer limited edition tastes for ice creams while keeping their iced tea the best one in the city.

Additionally, they love giving back to the communities they serve. They raise funds by organizing fun activities where everyone can join and enjoy. The company will have its 19th Yearly Country Classic Bike Race that will benefit Lancaster Farmland Trust.

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