Tony Roma’s Application & Careers

Tony Roma’s is a family friendly, casual dining restaurant. It is famous for its ribs and high-quality steak. The restaurant is classified under the customer service industry.

The company was founded by Tony Roma on January 20th, 1972 in north Miami, Florida. Shortly after being established, it grew to be one of the most popular restaurants in the area. In 1976, the franchise rights to the restraint were bought by Clint Murchison Jr, and the Roma Corporation was created.

The franchise has an estimated 1,725 employees and 150 locations across the world. In 2016,  it was recognized at the Global Restaurant Awards in Dubai for Best Marketing Campaign.

Employee benefits at Tony Roma’s include health, life, disability, vision, and dental insurance as well as paid vacation and time off. It also includes childcare, maternity and paternity leave, massage, free lunch and snacks, a gym membership and employee discounts.

Employees enjoy working here because of the extensive benefits and laid-back atmosphere, as well as the flexible work schedules. The friendly customers are also a perk of working here.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Tony Roma’s?

To work here, potential employees need to be at least 16 years old at the time of applying. For senior positions such as management, or corporate positions, employees need to be 18 or older.

Tony Roma’s Careers

The franchise offers a variety of employment opportunities for both old and new employees, as well as for employees with varying amounts of experience. Some of the opportunities include the following.

Line Cook: Line cooks are responsible for preparing meals according to recipes, using digital recipe books and kitchen display systems, labelling food and ensuring the proper rotation of ingredients and groceries, and assisting prep cooks when necessary.  They are also responsible for working safely in fast paced environments, and using a variety of dangerous knives and cooking utensils.

Server: Servers are required to provide safe and efficient service in the dining room, as well as greet guests, and process payments in a timely manner. Their duties also include providing recommendations for guests, and solving guest issues with the well-being of the guest in mind. Servers are required to work both inside and outside of the restaurant and under a variety of weather conditions.

Host: Hosts are required to greet guests and provide a clean lobby. They are also required to follow the Table Management System to decide where each guest will sit and to control and accept guest reservations. They are responsible for providing each guest with a menu, answer the phone, and thank the guest upon his or her departure. Hosts are required to stand for long periods of time and expected to handle stressful situations professionally and in a friendly manner.

Busser: The busser is expected to maintain a clean restaurant and restrooms at all times. They are also required to follow Food Safety and HACCP guidelines to ensure a good experience for the guests. They are taught how to set up and clear tables of dirty dishes, use the correct cleaning chemicals, clean and stock various areas of the establishment, use safety calls, and assist other team members.

Restaurant Manager: Restaurant managers are responsible for establishing customer service standards and handling aspects of food such as portion size, appearance, and garnish. They also schedule shifts and assign duties, as well as schedule and receive food shipments. The manager is also responsible for minor food preparation duties such as serving food and drinks and assisting with food preparation when extra help is needed.

Lead Server: The lead server position is similar to the server position, but the lead server is the server who is responsible for building special customer relationships and for training other servers. The lead server is also expected to open and close the restaurant with or without help and in a timely fashion. 

Bartender: Bartenders are responsible for preparing and serving alcoholic beverages, as well as creating customized drinks to fit each customer’s taste. Bartenders are also expected to maintain the bar by keeping it clean and organized and clearing away empty glasses. They are also responsible for the safe preparation of drinks including cutting fresh fruit to use for garnishes and pouring specific amounts of alcohol into each drink.

Prep Cook: Prep cooks are responsible for the preparation of side dishes and extras that are needed to prepare entrees. They are required to assist line cooks when necessary, and maintain a sanitary work station at all times. Prep cooks should also have the skills to communicate quietly and effectively, while executing the proper techniques required to complete each recipe.

Dishwasher: Dishwashers are expected to wash and put away the various dishes and utensils that are used around the restaurant.  Dishwashers are required to wash and sanitize dishes according to health standards, and then to organize the clean dishes. Dishwashers need to practice the safe handling of sharp utensils and use cleaning solutions as they are instructed.

Assistant Manager: Assistant managers are responsible for overseeing that the restaurant is running smoothly. Assistant managers might help the manager train new employees and make decisions. Assistant managers are sometimes responsible for the creation of shift schedules and assigning duties to other team members.

Tony Roma’s Application

Potential employees can apply for any of the above positions online through the restaurant’s main website. The application can be completed fully online and does not need to be downloaded or printed out before use.

To successfully apply, potential employees are encouraged to create an online profile with the company. This is not mandatory, however, and people can still apply if they choose to bypass this step.

When applying online, be sure to double check that all contact information and work history information is correct and up to date. Avoid pressing the submit button more than once.

Previous custoomer service experience is an asset for all of the available positions within the company. Successful completion of secondary school is also an asset, as is the completion of food safety and first aid classes.

To prepare for an interview here, remind yourself to stay honest and be open to any questions that the interviewer may have. Highlight your best qualities and focus on what you can do for the company.

Facts About Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma’s has a close-knit circle of employees across its various locations. Employees help and support each other and the guests that visit the restaurants. The restaurants are fully prepared to handle a variety of guests and employees and make a serious effort to accommodate those with special needs and circumstances.

The Tony Roma’s 2017 Rib Eating Competition has gotten the restaurant into the news. The event celebrates National Baby Back Rib Day, and on this day, select restaurants throughout the United States will offer a rib eating contest. Prizes include free baby back ribs for a year, Coca-Cola merchandise, event tickets and other fun goodies.

The franchise is known for its tasty ribs and steaks, and friendly employees. It has gained international attention for these staples, as the franchise can be found in 38 different countries around the globe.

The goal of the franchise is to create high quality food and give guests a top-quality experience each time they walk through the door at one of the various Tony Roma’s locations. Despite the passing of the founder in 2003, the restaurant aims to continue his legacy through its great food and personable team of staff.