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Togo’s Eateries, Inc. is a chain of sandwich restaurants based in San Jose, California. It sells deli classics with sumptuous fillings of meatball, ham and cheese, salami, Albacore tuna, and chicken.

The company was founded in 1968 by Gordon Reid, a native of Beverly, Massachusetts. At the time, the store was so small that it could only fit a maximum of four people.

It was also acquired by Dunkin’ Brands and Mainsail Partners. At present, it is owned by Nimes Capital. The sandwich restaurant often shares space with Baskin-Robbins’ ice cream store.

Meanwhile, the company continually improves its operations as it branches out its stores. This includes beefing up the benefits package of employees: a retirement plan, medical insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and a flexible working schedule.

Employees also get discounts for meals. All chosen applicants are given the chance to ascend the corporate ladder, depending on their training and performance. On the other hand, eligibility and requirements for job seekers vary for each franchise.

Minimum Age Requirement to Work at Togo’s

Applicants must at least be 16 years of age. However, minors might be asked to submit a work permit, especially if they are still attending school.

Togo’s Careers

The company is looking for hardworking and dedicated individuals who’d like to share their skills with the Togo’s management. Check out the jobs below and read the brief descriptions. You might just have the qualifications the management is looking for.


The cashier’s main task is to handle money transactions. He gets the customer’s orders and their payments, and gives them accurate change. He also issues receipts and cash refunds. The cashier must be quick, especially because stores are often full of customers. In addition, he must know how to operate POS machines.

Food Preparation Worker

Food preparation workers are part of the crew. They are in charge of making the sandwiches, slicing meat, cutting the vegetables, and preparing beverages. They work under the guidance of line chefs. The food prep worker also performs other tasks such as cleaning his work station and washing the dishes, whenever necessary.

Team Leader

The team leader is in charge of guiding the crew members and motivating them. As team leader, he serves as the main point of contact for the crew members, and acts as mediator between them and the management. He communicates to the team whatever concerns the customers or the management has.

Assistant Manager

Daily tasks in the store can be taxing, especially if there is only one managing it. Thus, an assistant manager is needed to help the general manager execute and supervise the day-to-day operations of Togo’s. Aside from overseeing and analyzing the sales, he helps in evaluating the performance of employees.

General Manager

The general manager directs the operations of the restaurant and coordinates the activities of all employees. He monitors sales and suggests ways to increase them. As manager, he is expected to be professional at all times, and to be an excellent communicator to his subordinates. He also trains and coaches his staff.


Customers sometimes leave their plates and sandwich wraps on the table. To keep the tables clean and ready for the next customer, the busser takes them away and wipes the table until it’s free of crumbs and spills. His job, however, isn’t limited to cleaning the tables. He also maintains the cleanliness of the ENTIRE restaurant, as needed.

Line Cook

The line cook prepares all the raw ingredients for the sandwiches and soups. He cooks the soups according to the menu and traditional recipes of the restaurant. At times, he suggests new recipes for the sandwiches. He guides and monitors the food preparation team, too.

District Manager

The district manager visits store locations assigned to him and checks if they run smoothly. He coordinates with General and Assistant Managers to study their monthly budget and expenditures. He also checks whether the stores comply with their marketing campaigns. The ideal candidate for this job should have 3 to 5 years of restaurant managerial experience, and a driver’s license.

Food Delivery Service

The food delivery clerk brings online orders to customers. The freshness of the food is his responsibility; if he tarries and delays deliveries, the food might get spoiled. This is why a food delivery staff must be agile and prompt. He should also courteously hand the orders and accept payments from customers. The maintenance of the delivery vehicle is also a part of his task.

Clerk for Online Orders

The clerk receives orders online and communicates to customers on the specifics of the orders. This position requires strong communication and multitasking skills – he has to listen, talk, and encode orders at the same time. Mental acuity is needed in this job, too, because the clerk must take orders accurately.

Togo’s Application

The careers page of Togo’s often has glitches, so the best way to apply is to visit the branch near you. You can ask for an application form and fill it out right then and there.

Although the policies depend on the franchise you’re applying to, it is wise to prepare your resume and cover letter. You can attach these documents to your application form.

Show up in your best corporate attire as well. Walk-in applicants are likely to be asked for an interview upon the submission of your application form and resume. Be ready for a quick background check as well.

Make sure that your resume reflects what you say in your interview, and what you write in your application form. At any rate, highlight your skills and special trainings.

Conduct a research on the company, too. You might be asked what you know about Togo’s, or what you can contribute for the company. Applicants for managerial positions are also given sample situations, and are asked to suggest solutions.

Things to Know about Togo’s

Togo’s believes in work-life balance. Though the tasks in the restaurant can be taxing, the employees don’t forget to have fun once in a while. The management communicates well to the staff, ensuring that everybody is helping one another.

The company not only expands its market reach; it also keeps introducing new sandwiches in the menu. In February 2018, they re-launched the Lemon Pepper Tuna Sandwich, which is to be offered for a limited time.

Glenn Lunde, President of Togo’s, describes this sandwich as having premium and unique ingredients that customers won’t see anywhere else. The Lemon Pepper Tuna Sandwich is still available at 220 store locations.

Togo’s is committed to providing the best and freshest sandwiches to customers. They also help all their employees reach their best potential. The company always prioritizes its relationships with employees, vendors, guests, and franchisees.

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