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tjx companies

As a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, TJX Companies, Inc. is a leading retailer of fashion merchandise and home goods.  They sell apparel and home décor in many of their stores.  They own multiple popular subsidiaries including T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post and HomeGoods.  It is one of the largest department store chains in the country, and pulls in revenues of almost $30 billion.  They staff close to 200,000 employees across their store base, and strive to look for growth opportunities within the company.

As a Fortune 500 company, the leadership of the company continues to evolve.  They recently appointed a new chief executive officer to oversee the future business operations of the company. With approximately 3,300 stores crossing over seven countries, as well as spanning the internet retail world, the company is able to continue success in their sales and increase value to their shareholders.

The company’s headquarters is based out of Framingham, Massachusetts.  Since their founding in 1956, the company has evolved through different corporate brands up to its current name, under TJX Companies.  They pride themselves in delivering superior customer service at the lowest possible prices to their valued customers.  By selling off-priced goods, they are able to flip the inventories held in their stores.  This provides a constant flow of variety to the shoppers that frequent the company’s many chain stores.

Through ups and downs of the economy, TJX Companies has met steady sales goals over decades of operations with their flexible corporate management model.  By globally sourcing their vast inventory, they bring value to the economy worldwide, and they hope to continue growing  the business in the future.

TJX Companies Interview Questions

How do you work under pressure? Consider what sorts of pressure are likely to be present at times in your prospective position. Talk about how you’re able to thrive in these kinds of scenarios via creative workarounds, problem-solving, or sheer focus and will. Chances are you will work with at least some deadlines and in some cases particularly high risk ones. Make sure you’re as prepared as you let on.

What do you want out of a given job? Some of the same answers you could use to describe your dream job fit here. If you were specific there you can come at this question more generally. While that question is more about your perfect scenario, this question can be seen as having a greater focus on your baseline expectations. For example, “security” or “the opportunity for growth in the company”.

What sort of problem have you had with past supervisors? You should pound the notion into your psyche to never speak poorly or negatively about a prior boss or coworker. Aside from being dedicated to your own poise and professionalism, consider how your current interviewer would want you to speak of them in the future. Be positive and keep past troubles out of sight and out of mind.

What is the most fun you’ve had on the job? Direct your answer to this question in a way that places “fun” in tandem with productivity and success. You want your positive feelings to naturally lend themselves to your demeanor and work ethic. This way, you’re able to reassure your interviewer that your way of doing things is not forced or unstable. It is instead a style you have developed naturally and woven into your world view.

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