Tinseltown American Diner Application & Careers


As a family owned and operated restaurant, the Tinseltown Diner attracts headline stars and loyal customers by serving up their delicious American style cuisine.  The diner was first established back in 1996, and has now expanded out to multiple locations beyond just their London roots.  It truly has made a name for itself with its specialty menu featuring some of the most popular dishes from the States.

In reviewing the menu, you will find a showcase of some of the most well-known American dishes, such as Chicago Dogs and New York Buffalo Wings (just as a few examples).  They aim to please with their extensive menu options and featured dessert specials.  A full bar is available for those looking to enjoy a cocktail or cold beer.  In addition, they also offer a kids dining menu to cater to their younger patrons.

This restaurant is a great place to go for a night out, or to stop in for a quick bite to eat.  What better way to spend an evening out than by devouring pizza hot off the stone, smooth milkshakes in every flavor imaginable and more – all while enjoying time with your friends or family in an upbeat and casual atmosphere.

Stars like The Housiers, Rupert Grint and many more have been spotted enjoying the full dining experience at these unique locations.  The diner often makes headlines as a top recommended place to eat in London, so it is definitely somewhere to stop in and try – at least once!

Tinseltown American Diner Interview Questions

Describe your relevant work experience. Discuss your previous work history, providing concrete examples of your responsibilities and how you handled them. Mention your goals and projects, and list what actions you took to achieve success. Try to talk about your experience in the field for which you are interviewing. If that is not possible, talk about how your experience in a different field is similar to and would prepare you for the position that you desire.

Have you ever fired anyone or laid off members of your staff? How did you handle the experience? The interviewers ask these questions because they want to know if you are capable of dealing with difficult social situations, and if you do so with dignity and clarity. Describe the reason for the termination without revealing personal information about the employee, and show that your top priorities are to protect the integrity of the company and the well being of the other employees. If you have not fired anyone, assure the interviewer that you are capable and would do so with respect for the individual and in compliance with company policy.

How would your former employer describe your greatest strength? Mention multiple strengths, such as your strong work ethic, your honesty, your quick thinking, your stellar track record, your amicability, your sense of humor, your technical skills, etc. Choose a few qualities and provide examples of how those strengths helped you achieve success on specific projects. If applicable, talk about how those strengths were the reason you were hired, promoted, or won an award.

Within the last year, how have you continued to increase your skill set? Be specific when you answer this question. List your trainings, education, workshops, promotions, and any leadership activities you have done that are relevant to your previous job. Talk about how striving to grow and learn has been important in accomplishing certain projects, and provide plans on how you will continue to do so if you are hired.

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