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Sysco is a world-leading distributor of food products to restaurants, healthcare and education facilities, and foodservice and hospitality businesses. They deliver a wide variety of fresh ingredients including exceptional produce, different cuts of meat, and high quality seafood.

Founded in 1969 in Houston, Texas, Sysco is now managed by President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Bené. Their 49 years of experience gave the company deep knowledge of the food industry, enabling them to provide high end services.

The Houston-based company now operates approximately 300 distribution facilities across the globe, with over 66 000 employees. Quality services to more than 500 thousand customer locations gave the company more than $55 billion generated sales in fiscal year 2017 alone.

The 66,000 associates of Sysco enjoy medical plans and other health benefits funded by the company itself. Working at Sysco also gives you access to different financial plans such as 401(k) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

Sysco genuinely cares for the development of its employees, providing them opportunities to improve and receive proper compensation for their efforts.

How old do you have to be to work at Sysco?

Applicants need to be of legal working age in order to apply. As for the age limit, Sysco believes that as long as you have the necessary skills for the position, they will help you with your career.

Sysco Careers

Sysco offers a wide variety of careers for drivers, warehouse personnel, sales representatives and IT specialists. Anyone with the necessary skills are welcome to be a part of the company.

Delivery Truck Driver: Delivery Truck Drivers are tasked to unload and deliver products to the company’s customers. Drivers must build a good relationship with each customer and familiarize with their operations to meet their need. The company requires truck drivers to be at least 21 years old and have Class A Commercial Driver’s License with a clean driving record.

Warehouse Office Clerk: Warehouse Office Clerks are responsible for organizing all tasks for the day. They are tasked to schedule all deliveries, verify inventory, process orders and finish all clerical duties assigned by the manager.

Facility Technician: Facility Technicians ensure that the facilities are operating safely and smoothly. They maintain the facility’s equipment and grounds to achieve perfect operating conditions. This includes regularly conducting preventive maintenance and necessary equipment tests on electrical systems, plumbing systems, and fire control systems among others.

Warehouse Order Selector: Warehouse Order Selectors operate electrical pallet jacks or forklifts to efficiently deliver products from the warehouse to the loading docks. They are also responsible for the required processes in between such as product labeling. This job includes working in environments with varying temperatures based on the storage area such as Dry, Cooler, or Freezer.

Functional Analyst: Functional Analysts provide technical services for Human Resource system administration. They are tasked to support HR systems such as the Workday platform and resolving business processing issues. Once an analyst encounters a problem with the system he/she must provide recommendations and solutions.

IT Developer: IT developers maintain and develop codes for the company’s Customer Pricing Applications. They are tasked to collaborate with other developers to come up with different solutions. Developers are required to use analysis, problem solving, and technical skills to design and develop quality solutions for the customers.

Software Engineer: Software engineers will design and develop application programming interface and data platforms for the company. They must deliver high quality software and technical solutions for the needs of different platforms. A developer must have a flexible mindset and passion for programming to acquire the best practices in the industry.

Customer Service Representative: Customer Service Representatives are responsible to provide direct support to Account Executives, Marketing Associates and the company’s customers. A CSR must assist customers with their inquiries and help resolve issues and needs quickly and accurately.

Sales Associate: Sales Associates are tasked to increase market shares in particular territories by making new customers and providing them with quality support and services. The Associate must ensure that the customers receive the necessary services to satisfy their needs. They will also introduce new products to customers to generate profit and meet management objectives.

Outside Sales Representative: Outside Sales Representatives promote the company’s products and services to build relationships with new and existing customers. To meet the sales and profit goals set by the company, Outside Sales Representatives will often work during evening, weekends, and holidays while trying to satisfy customer needs.

Sysco Application

The company’s website presents a directory of all available positions and career opportunities in all their branches worldwide where anyone with proper qualifications can apply.

Online applications are the easiest way to apply for a job within the company. However, during the course of application you might be asked to visit the office for interviews.

In your cover letter, provide a brief description of your skills and experience. Explain how your experiences make you a good candidate for the job you are applying for.

Your resume should strongly support your cover letter by providing additional details of your education and experience. Remember that Sysco focuses on skills and experience rather than academic degrees.

Always be specific of your skills during interviews. Keep in mind that the interview will focus on qualifications outlined in the positions.

Things to Know About Sysco

Sysco’s vision is to be their customers’ most valued and trusted business partner. They also work hard to provide employees with personal and professional development.

In the past two years, the company recycled nearly 19 000 tons of waste through their Sysco 45 Program. This saved approximately 300 000 trees, 129 million gallons of water, 8.6 million gallons of oil, 10.9 million lbs of gas pollutants, 76 million kilowatt hours, and 57 000 cubic yard of landfill space.

The company is known for their top of the line products and customer support. Their clients in over 90 countries continue their partnership because

The company also hopes to give back to underserved communities. They strive to provide healthy and nutritious food to less fortunate children, families, and senior citizens.

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