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Styles for less

Styles For Less was founded in 1992 and for more than twenty years the fashion retailer has been steadily expanding. The company manages more than 160 retail stores across the United States as well as an established Internet market. Holding office in Anaheim, California, the buyers of Styles for Less find apparel to embody the youth and vibrancy of Southern California.

The fashion sold follows current trends appealing to young women. It’s all-inclusive approach makes it the kind of store where you can find apparel for any occasion including: casual wear, party dresses, intimates, active wear, and denim.

The focus of the company’s marketing strategy is highlighting affordability. Coining phrases such as, “it only looks expensive”, they aim to place value on aesthetic rather than cost. With year-round discount pricing and continuing sales, consumers are given the idea that designer trends can be achieved at any price point.

Appealing to their generally young demographic, the company has worked to develop a necessary social media presence where they incorporate references to popular hashtags, like #WCW- an acronym for Woman Crush Wednesday. They’ll use these posts to showcase a girl wearing Styles For Less products on their feeds, allowing social media to be a place where their followers are encouraged to engage with the company.

The company makes efforts to promote positive body image ideals by offering accommodating sizes and featuring diverse models throughout their campaigns. Styles For Less is ultimately aiming to make shopping an accessible experience while keeping in line with a mainstream disposition.

Styles for Less Interview Questions

If you could retire right now, would you? If you would, it is okay to say yes. Since retiring isn’t in the cards right now, you will want to elaborate by saying that since you can’t retire, you want to work for a company like the one you are interviewing with doing the job that you are wanting to be hired for. If you wouldn’t retire even if you could, just say no.

Do you work well in teams? You will always want to say yes to this question. While not all positions will require extensive team work, you will probably have to work in a group at least a few times while you are working for the company. Have a few examples of past group work ready to share, and tell the interview how you do things to benefit the team.

Have you ever been asked to step down from a position? If you haven’t ever been asked to leave a position, you can just say no and move on. If you, you need to be careful with your answer. You won’t want to bash the people or company involved in that decision, but you will need to answer honestly. You can keep this one short and sweet.

What does your previous experience look like in this field? You will want to keep your previous work experience specific to the job you are applying for. The interviewer won’t necessarily care about experience that won’t help you with the job you are interested in getting. You should also start with the most recent and relevant experience, so plan out what you want to say before going into the interview.

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