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Stein Mart is a discount department store chain. Their headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Florida. The company’s stores are primarily located in California, Southeastern United States, and Texas.

The company’s name was taken from its owner, Marc Stein, who founded his first store in Greenville, Mississippi. It was only in 1932, upon Marc’s death, that his son, Jake, took over and started shifting from general merchandise to clothing.

In 2011, after re-engineering their supply chain and saving $20 million, the company received the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council Shipper of the Year Award.

Employees receive a lot of benefits from the company such as health, vision, and dental care coverage. They also get a 401K plan, a pharmacy program, flexible spending accounts, short and long-term disability insurance, employee discount, and an employee assistance program.

The company’s employees have nothing but good things to say about their experience working there. They love how the management builds a great relationship with the entire staff, and that it is a productive workplace.

How old should you be to be to work at Stein Mart?

In order for applicants to gain hiring consideration at Stein Mart, they should ensure that they have the necessary skill set and that they pass the minimum age requirement of at least 16 years old.

Stein Mart Careers

The company offers fulfilling careers for people who can help them deliver the best service to the customers, regardless of age, gender, culture, race, or religion.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative acts on behalf of the company regarding customer-related issues. They answer questions, help customers find products, and handle complaints. They also process returns if necessary. Customer service representatives handle customers personally and through phone calls and emails. Their job requires them to have proper grooming and the patience to handle difficult customers.

Cashier: A cashier provides customers with a great checkout experience. They operate the store’s cash register. Their duties include receiving payment, processing transactions, giving change, and bagging products. They also answer queries and provide information about the products. Cashiers need to have good customer service skills and the patience to do repetitive tasks. Furthermore, they need proper grooming since they interact with the customers.

Loss Prevention Officer: Loss prevention officers ensure the establishment’s security. Their duties include attending to theft incidents, handling CCTV footages, and watching over customers who exhibit suspect behavior. Furthermore, they can take measures in order to prevent these losses. They are also responsible for implementing the establishment’s safety program.

Sales Associate: A sales associate provides customer service. Duties include greeting customers, answering questions, helping customers find certain products, and providing information about the goods. During busy days, they can also operate the cash register. Sales associates need to have good customer service skills and they must be properly groomed since they interact with customers.

Buyer: A buyer determines the products that will be offered in the store. They research about products, determine which to buy, and create deals that can benefit the company. They also study the consumer trends to know the products that the customers will want. Buyers need to have good negotiation, calculation, and decision making skills.

Merchandise Manager: A merchandise manager ensures that the establishment has an ample supply of products. They lead associates in making records on the store’s stocks, bringing the products to the shelves, and maintaining the stock rooms. Furthermore, they also determine how the products should be displayed. Merchandise managers need to have good organizational, management, and communication skills.

Information Technology Associate: An information technology associate ensures that the company has a flawless computer system. Their duties include planning, creating, using, and supporting computer systems and processes. They are also responsible for taking care of technical problems. Their job requires them to have ample knowledge about information technology.

Store Manager: A store manager oversees the establishment’s day-to-day activities. They tell employees how things should be done. They also act as quality control by checking product quality, talking with customers and ensuring their satisfaction, and observing if employees are performing their duties. Furthermore, they also manage the payroll and the paperwork. If necessary, they have the power to make business and staff-related decisions. Store managers need to have good leadership, communication, and management skills.

Assistant Store Manager: The assistant store manager helps the manager oversee the establishment’s day-to-day operations. They do a variety of jobs such as operating the cash register, providing customer service, organizing apparel, and directing employees. If the manager is unavailable, it is their responsibility to manage the store. Assistant store managers need to have good multitasking and management skills.

General Manager: A general manager oversees the company’s operations in an area. They review performance reports from store managers, go to the stores themselves, and send reports to the company. General managers need to have good leadership and communication skills.

Stein Mart Application

For applicants who want to work at Stein Mart, they just have to ensure that they have the necessary skill set, gather the job requirements, and submit an application to any of the company’s locations.

If an in-store application is not their preference, they can make an online application. All they have to do is go to the careers section of the Stein Mart’s official website, find their ideal job, and submit an application.

The applicants should review their personal information first before filling up the application so they can include anything relevant to their application. They should also read the instructions first to avoid making errors.

For the resume, the applicants should avoid filling it with irrelevant information as this can make the resume very long and boring to read. Job seekers should also use a format that will highlight their credentials.

During the interview process, the applicant should act in a professional manner, arrive according to the schedule, and wear a proper corporate attire. Furthermore, they should be confident in answering questions.

Facts About Stein Mart

Employees praise the culture at Stein Mart. The company is filled with people who treat one another like family and give one another the respect they deserve.

In March 2018, the company announced that they have reversed the losses it suffered after its stock price went below $1 in the 4th quarter of 2016. Officials expressed that better merchandising and inventory management are producing good results in 2018.

The department store chain is known for the wide variety of products that they offer, their customer service, and for the size of their locations which exceed 35,000 sq. ft.

The company knows their social responsibilities, which is why they established the Stein Mart Family Support Foundation. They also support the American Heart Association and Rethreaded, an organization that provides career opportunities to human trafficking victims.

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