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Today we live in a society that pays more attention to the details regarding the food they consuming the process from beginning to end. Healthy food options are no longer an exclusive commodity. Consumers now have a wide array of choices and an abundance of information to seek before making a decision on what end up on their table for any meal within the day.

Star Market was founded in 1915 by Saks DerMugardichian. Upon his arrival to America in 1895, he brought his family long to settle down in Watertown. He eventually became a Chef, which opened up the idea of stating this retail store. Because of his hard work and dedication to providing the most sustainable food to his family possible, other families are now able to do the same when shopping at any Star Market location.

Currently there are multitude of stores located in Massachusetts offering individuals and family households with food options fitting for my diet or choice of enjoyment. In addition to their food products, consumers are also offered an array of recipe options to use at their discretion. The latter benefit is perfect for anyone who is either looking to try out some new dishes, or are in a rush to provide something simple for their families during a busy work week, and more.

What makes Star Market unique besides their consistent mission towards healthy living, is the work that they do for the community. The company has partnered up with any local schools with their “We Love Our Schools” campaign. In addition to offering their signature food options, the company has also helped many schools within the New England community with renovations when needed in order to help the children have a better future.

Star Market Interview Questions

What kind of person would you refuse to work with? If you have a deal-breaker, be honest about it. Emphasize that you value yourself to be personable and reasonable, but that if a person refuses to respect your boundaries and compromises your professional relationship, you will make use of the human resources department, and your rights as an employee. Express that you would take any available additional steps to attempt to resolve the problem, and that refusal would be the last option you would take, but that you realize there are situations where that option may be necessary.

What are your weaknesses? Everyone has weaknesses. Be honest, but only mention one weakness. Express and explain what it is, but focus more on assuring the employer that you have already taken steps to better yourself in this area, and that you will continue to do so while under their employment. Don’t try to avoid this question, as it can make you seem overconfident and pretentious, and dishonest, if you do so.

How willing would you be to relocate? This, like you schedule, is very important to be honest about. It may be a key factor in whether the employer hires you or not, and while it may be tempting to say whatever you can to get the position, answering this question with a lie will be more detrimental to both you and the employer. Of course, you should not lie for any of these interview questions. It is more important to be honest to yourself and your employer than it is to take a position you might not be well-suited for.

What irritates you about co-workers? This is a question to avoid. Explain that any irritations you may have had with co-workers in the past have never interfered with your work. Articulate to your employer that you realize that everyone has a different way of working out problems, and that you do not allow the ways that others solve problems to interfere with your own personal goals, enjoyments, and/or assignments. Obviously, it is impossible to expect that you will truthfully get along with every person you encounter, but it is important to let the employer know that any personal feelings you have for co-workers will not interfere with you as both an employee and a positive person.

Are you available to work anytime, including weekends, overtime, and nights? Be completely honest here. Don’t say you will work during a time that you know would not work for you. If you have anything in your schedule that may interfere with your work, it is important to let you employer know. This question in particular is a test of your honesty, as your employer will have clear evidence if you lie and miss work due to schedule conflicts.

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