St. Joseph Hospital Application & Careers

St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, New Hampshire, a member of Covenant Health Systems, has proudly served the communities of Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts for almost 100 years. The main facility also has satellite centers that just opened in Merrimack and Milford area.

The parish of St. Louis de Gonzugue founded St. Joseph Hospital on Kinsley Street in Nashua. The parish let the Sisters of Charity of Montreal run the hospital a year after its foundation and have since flourished under the order’s direction. The hospital focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease with centers for cancer, breast care, cardiovascular health and diabetes.

The hospital receives regular praise from its peers and industry publications like Healthgrades and New Hampshire Magazine for its commitment to keeping it patients safe and for having the best doctors in six different specialties, respectively.

St. Joseph offers its employees industry standard benefits like market-based and experience rated salaries along with a comprehensive, flexible benefits package that includes wellness programs, paid-time off, extended sick leave, family and medical leave, as well as educational and personal development opportunities.

How old do you have to be to work at St. Joseph Hospital?

Most jobs at Hospital require at least a high-school degree or GED to start, meaning that only those 18 years or older may apply for a job. Employees that work here show a service-oriented attitude, they enjoy helping others. Employees also like knowing that their contributions allow other to live a better quality of life.

St. Joseph Hospital Careers

St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua believes in providing employees a place to grow as professionals. The environment here lends itself to work that is both challenging and rewarding for those within the organization. There are various roles that provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience within the health services industry.

Accounts Receivable Analyst: An Accounts Receivable Analyst calls on all non-government carriers to reprocess and appeal claims. They make calls in a facility setting and follow-up with carriers on a daily basis. The Accounts Receivable Analyst also reviews accounts on a daily basis and does appeals with department assistance.

Application Coordinator: The Application Coordinator works as a member of the Information Systems team to develop and design applications. She or he will need to be knowledgeable about procedures, workflows, and business operations in the specific area of business they represent. The Application Coordinator will also work with the Good Help Connections team, review software, and analyze business operations.

Assistant Nurse Manager: An Assistant Nurse Manager gives the more senior nurses admin support along with other task. Assistant Nurse Managers help to hire and train new Hospital staff, give them tasks, and schedules their shifts. Assistant Nurse Managers also assess and review performance for staff to present this data in a report for the Nurse Managers.

CT Technologist: A CT Technologist uses and maintains the equipment that produces x-ray images. He or she thoroughly explains the process of taking x-rays to patients and scans them for diagnostic exams. The CT Technologist works closely with physicians, assisting them in interpreting the results of a patient’s x-ray images.

Cash Receipt Representative: Cash Receipt Representative accurately records all patient, insurance, and miscellaneous cash receipts. A Cash Receipt Representative reviews all these balance receipts daily, and also prepares and processes deposits. He or she will work closely with the accounting department to ensure the numbers make sense.

Customer Service Representative:  A Customer Services Representative answers all calls from patients and outside vendors regarding billing and/or issues with insurance. The Customer Service Representative will also assist financial counselors with patients as well as other departments should there be any pressing questions or concerns about billing or insurance.

Environmental Services Assistant: An Environmental Services Assistant helps with maintaining the cleanliness of the Hospital. His or her duties include general cleaning tasks such as housekeeping, laundry, and floor care. The Environmental Services Assistant will also keep track of handing out clean linens to departments, as well as maintain stock levels on nursing floors.

Food Services Worker: A Food Services Worker assists with the various duties within the cafeteria and kitchen. They provide service to patients, staff, and visitors so that these parties have an enjoyable dining experience at the Hospital. An on-duty supervisor will assign the Food Services Worker to perform their duties during the shift.

Exercise Physiologist: An Exercise Physiologist examines and treats patients undergoing rehab or those dealing with movement disorders. An Exercise Physiologist uses best practice natural methods to ensure that patients can recover and/or improve their health. He or she will have to create exercise programs tailored to the specific to the patient.

HIM Generalist:  A HIM (Healthcare Information Management) Generalist Technician is responsible for filing, preparing, and retrieving various records throughout the hospital. These records include medical, inpatient/outpatient discharge lists, studies, and quality review activities. He or she will also help also users navigate through electronic medical records and perform other duties requested by management.

St. Joseph Hospital Application

To apply for a job at with the hospital, visit the St. Joseph Hospital careers page to find the online job search engine and submit an online application. First-time users must create an account in order to submit a job application.

If interested in a job, the Hospital prefers that prospective applicants apply online through the job search engine. Doing so ensures that the Hospital can review the job application in a quick and efficient manner.

When filling out the online job application, make sure to double-check and review the info. Qualified applicants usually disqualify themselves because they failed to do this step.

Make sure that the experience on the resume is relevant to the role in question so there’s a better chance of securing an interview. Ensure that said resume is free of formatting and spelling errors. Keep resume to one page only.

Research St. Joseph beforehand to better understand the organization, as the interviewer will most likely ask questions on this subject. Visit the Hospital early should the interview request an in-person interview. Come with questions about the company to express interest in the organization and position.

Things to Know about St. Joseph Hospital

St. Joseph always strives for excellence and in serving the greater Nashua community. The individuals that make up the Hospital staff all contribute to this mission by treating one another like family and seeking ways to better themselves each day.

The Hospital made plans to build a three-story medical office building; it will house specialists like pediatricians, gynecologists, and obstetricians. The building is part of bringing together the various physician practice sites so patients travel less.

The Hospital built a huge community presence because of its annual food drives and blood drives in Nashua. The Hospital is also known for having some of the best doctors as well, with staff doctors regularly receiving recognition for their efforts.

The Hospital offers the community residents free, Community Health Education classes; the offerings in the classes range from Aerobics to Strength Training for Seniors to Zumba. While the classes bring together community residents, the classes also help residents build the habit of exercise, as the classes happen several days a week.