Souper Salad Application & Careers

Souper Salad, or Souper!Salad!, is a restaurant chain that operates mainly in the southwest area of the United States. The restaurant is set up as an all-you-can-eat buffet. The buffet includes dozens of salads, soups, and baked goods.

This restaurant chain has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The first restaurant was opened in the late 70s by a native-Texan named Ray Barshick, and the chain became franchised in 2009. BRIX Holdings took control of the chain about 3 years ago, and has been managing it ever since. BRIX Holdings manages several other health-oriented restaurant chains.

The chain has over 20 locations, spanning thousands of miles, from the bottom coast of Texas to the middle of Colorado. There have been over 5 million customers served by this restaurant chain. The restaurant also offers exclusive benefits and discounts to members of their club. These members can sign up through the restaurant’s website, and some perks include coupons, recipes, and even a free birthday meal.

This series of restaurants offers various benefits for different employees. Many branches offer flexible scheduling to fit around employees’ personal lives. Higher-up employees such as managers may also have access to some types of insurance. Qualified employees also have the opportunity to receive 401(k) plans, and paid vacation days.

People enjoy working for this restaurant chain for many reasons. There are many locations available to work in, and employees can receive discounts on food. Most locations also offer employees one free meal per shift. Employees also praise the excellent training program provided by the restaurant upon hiring.

How old do you have to be to work at Souper!Salad!?

This business does not require a high school diploma (or equivalent) or any secondary education experience. In fact, many employees are still in high school. With most jobs like these, you must be at least 16 years old to be considered for employment.

Souper!Salad! Careers

Many job opportunities at this restaurant chain are great for someone just starting out in the workforce. Entry-level jobs here may present opportunities for promotions, sometimes leading to full-time careers.

Cashier: A Cashier operates the cash register for the restaurant. They are responsible for greeting customers and making sure the cash register has the correct amount of money in it. They may also help in various restaurant chores, such as cleaning and food preparation.

Food Preparation Worker: Food Preparation Workers are responsible for keeping the buffet stocked and clean. They prepare ingredients in the kitchen, then bring them to the front. They may also help in washing dishes or cleaning specific areas of the restaurant.

General Manager: A General Manager is responsible for most of the everyday operations in the restaurant. They are in charge of most of the staff, the hiring process, and making sure that the restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

Assistant General Manager: Assistant General Managers are the right-hand-man of the general manager. They are usually responsible for handling lesser issues, or running the restaurant while the general manager is away. They may  also fill in for other employees’ duties.

Server: A Server is responsible for delivering food and drinks to the customers. They may also help other employees with chores and various duties. They are responsible for providing great customer service, and they work for tips.

Shift Supervisor: Shift Supervisors are responsible for scheduling the work days of all the other employees. They also work to assist the manager in various duties. Shift supervisors may also help other employees, such as manning the cash register.

IT Professional: An IT Professional usually is more affiliated with the restaurant chain’s parent company than a particular restaurant. They work to make sure that all the technological equipment is running smoothly. They may travel from restaurant to restaurant to perform check-ups on technological systems.

Regional Manager: Regional Managers are a step higher than a general manager. They often are responsible for multiple restaurants in a particular area. They travel between the restaurants in their jurisdiction to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Assistant Regional Manager: An Assistant Regional Manager is usually responsible for traveling with the Regional Manager from branch to branch. They perform basic office duties when needed. They may also aid in the hiring process of new employees.

Business Developer: A Business Developer works with the parent company of the restaurant. Their main responsibility is to recognize and suggest ways to improve current business strategies. They may also use their experience to suggest new locations for the restaurant.

Souper!Salad! Application

To apply for a job opening, applicants may have to visit in person. However, there are some online application forms available from websites such as

There is no application page available on the company’s website. Instead, potential employees should visit a restaurant in person to submit an application for employment. Applicants may also use trustworthy 3rd party websites to search for jobs and submit an application online.

There are many different but similar positions available at this restaurant, so applicants should make sure they are applying for the correct position. Also, applicants should be prepared for a job in the service industry, meaning that they should be comfortable in handling customers.

Because job positions for this restaurant do not require a lot of experience, applicants should keep their resume brief but professional. Applicants should include any relevant experience they have for their desired position.

During the interview process, interviewees should remain professional and friendly. This business receives a high volume of applications, so potential employees should also try and make as good of an impression as possible. It may also be beneficial to express why they want to work in this position. Potential employees may also want to demonstrate their skills in customer service and hospitality.

Things to know about Souper!Salad!

This restaurant chain mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. They strive to provide the best ingredients and the friendliest staff through all of their locations. This business is also very friendly to employees that are looking to come into the restaurant industry for the first time.

Lately, the parent company of the restaurant chain, BRIX Holdings has been in the news for introducing a line of vegan products into their various restaurants. They have also implemented design changes to most of their restaurants, updating them to a more modern design. Souper!Salad! itself has also made news earlier this year by expanding their territory, and opening their first branch in South Texas.

This restaurant chain is well-known for its all-you-can-eat style of serving. Customers also enjoy the fresh, healthy foods for reasonable prices. BRIX Holdings may be known for their other restaurant chains as well, such as Red Mango, RedBrick Pizza, or Smoothie Factory.

Socially, this restaurant chain is well-received for offering healthy alternatives to other fast food chains, but still maintaining the efficiency and convenience of a fast food restaurant. They have also made steps in the direction of a more inclusive menu, offering treats like smoothies and frozen yogurt with vegan options. The chain also proves to be a good investment, as a recent lottery-winner found out when he decided to use his recent winnings to franchise one of the restaurants.