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With what one could consider an endless supply of all the hottest court shoes available, Shoe Palace is the place to go for all of your sporting shoe needs.  The company was established back in 1993, where it made its debut with a only a single store in San Jose, California.  Since then, they have grown to multiple locations over at least five separate states in the Western Region.

They carry only the best when it comes to brands in the business, and if a new release is available, the odds of finding it at one of the Palace are in your favor.  Pricing is always a competitive factor when it comes to retail shopping, so Shoe Palace ensures that the prices in their stores match the needs of the customers in a competitive market.

You can actually find many of the locations conveniently operated within local retail shopping malls.  Now you buy your next new jersey or pair of shoes while you get all of your other shopping done too!  If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your home, they also offer a wide variety of selections on the company’s website.

In addition to keeping customer service at the forefront of their mission, the company also participates in various community service efforts and charitable functions.  The founding family that started it all built their success off of their continued dedication to their patrons, and by always filtering through only the best when it comes to sportswear and shoes.

Shoe Palace Interview Questions

In what scenario would you refuse to work with someone? Stay positive and show that you like to work with others and would probably never refuse to work with anyone. Perhaps mention that you like to work with many different kinds of people and that you like to resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully. Say that you would only ever refuse to work with someone under extreme circumstances, such as if someone was stealing, lying, or threatening you, your coworkers, or the company.

Tell me about a time you made a mistake at work. Describe a situation honestly, but do not focus on your mistake. Instead, emphasize how you grew from the experience, and how that has made you a better worker. Do not give any examples that discredit your capabilities. Describe a low-level, unintentional situation that did not greatly affect the company. Do not say that you cannot think of any scenarios because everyone makes mistakes and your interviewers are looking for your candidness.

What are your blind spots? Take a moment to fully comprehend what the interviewers are asking. If you are aware of your blind spots, then how could they be areas in which you cannot see? It would be apt to call these places weakness upon which you can improve, not blind spots. Do not offer the interviewers any of your negative traits. Tell the interviewers that you are not aware of any blind spots and let the company do the work to calculate its perceived risk in hiring you.

Would you retire right now if you could? Answer this genuinely, but if you say yes, do not discuss the scenario further or become too animated because that would show that your heart is not truly in your work. Instead, focus more on how because you are required to work, this particular field is your top choice for employment, and that this job is your ideal position. If you would not choose to retire, discuss why this field and this position are more important to you than the freedoms of retirement, and talk about how you would be bored, lack meaning, or feel lethargic if you did not work.

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