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Shell is a company that provides energy solutions globally. It specializes in the discovery, development, refining, and marketing of oil and natural gas. Additionally, it also manufactures and markets various kinds of chemicals.

The company, founded by Marcus Samuel in 1833, began as an import-export business which focuses on marketing seashells for interior designing. By the year 1897, his two sons took charge of the company and ventured into oil shipping.

Today, the company has grown to be one of the world’s top suppliers of oil. Its headquarters is in Netherlands and it employs over 80,000 personnel in branches and stores all over the world.

The company offers competitive benefits package for its employees. The package includes comprehensive health insurance, up to two weeks paid time off, and the 410k plan.

As a globally-established corporation, employees can count on the company’s career advancement program. This helps staff to quickly rise to higher paying positions. The company also commits to equality in the treatment of all its employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Shell?

To become a part of the company’s workforce and be eligible to receive the full employee benefits package, one must be at least 18 years of age.

Shell Careers

Quality Control Executive: A quality control executive’s responsibility includes approving of new vendors during the company selection process. He also executes technical quality appraisal for old vendors. Additionally, he also rates the quality of all existing vendors and subsequently sends reports every month.

Operations Technician: An operations technician is accountable for the assigned facility during their shift. He oversees the entire operation in the facility and subsequently manages any problems or issues that may arise. He also reports such issues to the supervisor and other designated personnel.

Customer Relationship Coordinator: A customer relationship coordinator acts as the frontline of the company in terms of customer service. He processes customer orders accurately and efficiently. Moreover, he is also responsible for answering any questions or complaints filed by customers. With regards to credit issues, he coordinates proactively with the account executive to resolve issues quickly.

Procurement Manager: A procurement manager develops and implements commercially excellent contracting and procurement strategies. He establishes and maintains strong network in the local and international market by effectively managing relationship with suppliers and collaborating with other concerned sectors. In addition, he should be updated on the movements in the market.

Category Manager for Packaging: A category manager for packaging is in-charge of coming up with innovations for packaging sourcing strategies. He also executes such strategies to maximize revenues in the lubricants sector of the company. He is expected to correspond with personnel from technology, operations, and marketing to discuss and align different business strategies.

Paralegal: A paralegal acts as the main supporting staff for the lawyers in the company. He provides help in different legal issues, mostly regarding litigation matters. He is expected to draft and edit departmental reports and other presentations. Moreover, he also assists in the preparation and issuance of sensitive documents such as contracts, making sure that all legal papers are delivered accordingly.

Data Management Specialist: A data management specialist is involved in the provision of data and information for the Supply as well as Product Trading divisions. He manages daily operation reports and identify if there are any data-related issues. Subsequently, he is also expected to suggest and execute solutions for such matters. He must also be able to drive innovations in trading processes, information, and systems.

Freight Trader: A freight trader works with the company’s Global Trading Network for Products to provide a quality freight service. He manages freight trading positions in accordance to the freight team’s targets. Additionally, he must correspond with oil trading desks to find optimal logistics solutions.

Deal Structurer: A deal structurer develops and implements new deal evaluations. He must be able to build complex models and analytical methods for quantification of contract risk as well as assessment of contract structure. He is also expected to work with several project-leads in structuring of optimal deals.

Marketing Manager: Together with the sales and origination department, a marketing manager creates annual marketing plans. This includes developing of various activities to be conducted during the fiscal year, keeping in mind the objectives of the company. Additionally, he sets the budget for such activities and ensures they stay within the set budget.

Shell Application

Applying for a job can be done conveniently through the company’s website. In the careers page, openings are categorically listed to make searching for a job easier.

After finding and selecting the desired position, one will be directed to a webpage wherein the job details are listed. From there, he will be required to log in or create a Shell account to continue submitting required application forms.

Before applying online, one must first read carefully the job details including the location of work, and general requirements. By doing so, future inconveniences will be avoided.

A resume should contain only the necessary details and list of applicant qualifications with respect to the job requirements. One should avoid providing a lengthy resume as it would not provide an advantage.

During interviews, an applicant must remember to stay calm. He must also make sure that he will be able to promote himself without sounding too confident or boastful.

Things to Know About Shell

The company’s culture is deeply influenced by its core values which are integrity, honesty, and respect for everyone. These values are the ones which employees live by during their stay in the company.

During the first quarter of 2018, Shell has already gathered numerous awards from different award-giving bodies. Two of the most recent ones include the Military and Veteran Friendly Employer award, and the Top 50 Employers Award by Careers & Disabled Magazine.

As an international company, Shell is known for its equal treatment of all employees. It does not discriminate based on gender, race, age, or status in life.

And with its commitment to the global community, the company has been greatly involved in various social efforts such as helping youth pursue education, promoting and donating in community health groups, and giving rural places access to energy.

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