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In our modern era some cities have become so congested with automobiles that public incentives have been offered for those who use public transportation. In some situations, an individual may not be able to afford a car of their own and simply need a way to travel back and forth to work.

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation is a public transportation organization. The organization currently serves the surrounding communities of Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Philadelphia. Their mission is to ensure that individuals and families are capable of traveling around the local area with dependable transportation on a daily a basis.

There are a multitude of options available in order to get around depending no one’ location. Local residents and visitors can use the regional rail, trolley lines, bosses, Norristown High Speedline, Broad Street Line, and/or Market-Frankford line to reach tier destinations. Anyone can plan their trip via website in order to get a general idea of how to plan their next trip accordingly.

SEPTA understands the importance of making sure that all accommodations are met accordingly. For individuals and seniors who are classified as handicap have no worries with accessibility to any of the stations. Extra assistance can be provided if necessary for any raveled that fits the latter situation.There are also options available for those who would like to park their cars ate station and use any of the traveling options provided.

Seniors have the benefits of riding any of the SEPTA transportation options free of charge. Riders who have disabilities can apply for a reduced fare card, which also works for all traveling options and stations. The SEPTA team strives to make sure that their equipment is always up-to-date with public regulations and efficient at al times.

SEPTA Interview Questions

How would your co-workers describe you? So, you may never have approached your co-workers, or even your closest friends, and asked them exactly what they think of you. But if you think hard enough on the compliments people have given you, you may find that people you’ve worked with have always been letting you know what good qualities they see in you. Even, “I like your shirt,” can be a way of saying, “You take care in how you present yourself, and I respect that about you.” Use this to your advantage, and remember to only mention positives.

If hired, how long are you planning to work for us? Whatever job you are applying for, you should view it as an employment opportunity directly related to your long-term career goals, and as something you would truly like to gain experience in. Be honest and let the employer know that you are hoping to create a long-term working relationship with them, if that is the case. If it is not, let them know that you do have slightly different goals in your future, but that you will be able to provide the company with valuable work during your time there, and that you feel you will be able to gain experience that is relevant to your plans by working for the company.

What are you looking for in a position? This is another question to answer positively and truthfully. Your answer should emphasize traits that are found in any job, from the position you would least enjoy doing, to your dream career. Focus on things that would be beneficial and applicable at any point in your life, such as gaining valuable experiences or growing as a person.

Why did you part ways with your most recent employer? Put on your shiniest smile and be as positive as possible. Let the interviewer know that if the position you’re interviewing for doesn’t work out, you won’t speak ill of them in the future. Focus on the reasons you left your old job that were for yourself, like exploring new possibilities and expanding your long-term career goals. Talk about your previous work as a valuable experience that you were simply prepared to move on from.

What would success at this job look like to you? Everyone defines success differently, so this is your chance to be honestly yourself. Explain what drives you to succeed, and how you would apply that drive for accomplishment at this position. Don’t be overzealous, though. Set goals that are ambitious, but possible to achieve. The employer will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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