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In 1927, two brothers founded the Schlumberger company. They had invented wireline logging as a technique for obtaining downhole data in oil and gas wells. Today they are the world’s leading supplier of technology, information solutions and integrated project management to clients in the oil and gas industry around the globe. A Schlumberger application is a potential investment in your career and your future.

Since the founding of the company, Schlumberger has continued to invest a significant amount of time and money or research and development, and leads all other oilfield services companies in the amount investment. They also continue to build on the industry’s longest track record for providing E&P technology for the development of new advancements from the reservoir to the surface.

Employment numbers at Schlumberger total more than 120,000 people around the world, encompassing more than 140 nationalities in various locations. They are working in more than 85 countries, and are constantly searching for new staff as the company continues to grow and expand. They have special interest groups within the organization that enables knowledge sharing and teamwork without the difficulty of geographical location. Once you know how to apply for Schlumberger online, you will see how easy it is to submit an online application for one of the fantastic Schlumberger jobs available.

Schlumberger Careers

This company is always looking at hiring more entry-level associates. Schlumberger jobs for entry-level staff may include fieldwork, maintenance and information technology. They promise to make every day different, with interesting challenges, and welcome online applications from students and recent graduates. To submit a Schlumberger application you need to visit their official website and apply online.

There are a variety of Schlumberger careers available for those with higher education, qualifications and experience. These are the more technical job opportunities, including data analysts, data scientists, chemists, software engineers, geophysicists, production engineers, and various management roles. This is just a small sample of the many positions that are often available.

How old do you have to be to work at Schlumberger? You must be at least 18 years old to apply for jobs at Schlumberger.

Employees may be eligible for a variety of working benefits. These can include excellent market-driven salaries, performance based incentives, housing and schooling. Also they offer comprehensive life, accident and disability health plans. There are 401(k) retirement plans, and a discounted stock purchase plan so you can own your own little piece of the company. Because of the industry, they are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Geophysicist – A geophysicist is responsible for evaluating and interpreting the geophysical and seismic data along with geologic evidence to provide the best service and results for the client. Duties also include locating appraisal and development wells, and analyzing interpretations. This involves working within multidisciplinary teams often in client offices. The average salary ranges between $77,000 and $130,000 per year.

Procurement Specialist – The main responsibilities of this role are the preparation of purchase orders accurately and in a timely fashion, tracking and updating open purchase orders through the process from approval to closure. Also, immediate reporting on non-conformances with follow-up until resolution is a requirement. The procurement specialist promotes and implements tactical sourcing activities to achieve maximum value for the company including time and cost. The average salary ranges from $59,000 – $81,000 per year.

Post-Doctoral Scientist – This role involves participation in applied research and fundamental projects to develop new technologies. The position is based within the mathematics and modeling department and assists with developing and implementing new applications of multi-sensor data inversion. Further responsibilities are documenting the findings and results, and subsequently communicating this information to peers, management and other R&E centers. The average salary ranges from $93,000 – $101,000 per year.

Production Engineer – Responsibilities of this position include working with the subsurface team to prepare conceptual and detailed basis of design for well completions. They are also required to generate well models, nodal analyses, and vertical flow performance tables. Stimulation techniques are to be investigated and recommendations reported. As well they need to ensure the safety and integrity of technical design. Communicating with the client’s well engineering function is necessary. The average salary ranges from $69,000 – $124,000 per year.

Schlumberger Interview Questions

For a less stressful interview experience, it is helpful to study the company and possible questions that may be asked, so that you can formulate appropriate answers before the interview.

What do you think you could bring to this position? This gives you an opportunity to explain why you think you would be the best candidate for the job. Start by outlining your education, your experience, and then your personality attributes that would be ideal for this job.

How do you cope with constant time pressure? There will be deadlines that need to be met with this type of job. Explain how you manage your time, and how you organize yourself to meet the necessary deadlines.

What three traits would your friends use to describe you? This question is aimed at finding out what others may think of you. Ask your friends before the interview to give you three answers each and then select the most appropriate ones.

Would you rather write a report or give it verbally? Some people are more confident speaking than writing, and it will depend on the position as to what would be more suitable. Answer truthfully which you would prefer, or whether you don’t mind either way.

How do you react to instruction and criticism? Many of these roles will require some training or mentoring, so they want to find out if you can cope with that. If you can, think of an example where you have received instruction and criticism and explain how you coped and what you learnt from the experience.

Advice For Application Process

You can search for Schlumberger jobs online through their official website. Once you have found one that suits, you can submit a Schlumberger job application online. You need to set up an account, which enables you to apply for further jobs if necessary. There is no download application form or printable application form, so you are not able to make a direct application. If you do locate a printable application for Schlumberger be sure it is a legitimate form. The online application is a free application so there are no costs involved.

When you fill in your application form make sure you do it correctly and attach a copy of your resume and a cover letter. Once submitted, you may receive a response quickly by either email or telephone. If you have not heard back within two weeks, you may call the human resources department at your local office to enquire after the status of your application. This is an advantage as it shows your enthusiasm.

When attending an interview, you should be dressed appropriately in business clothing, and be clean and tidy. Greet every person you come in contact with by being friendly and polite. Once in the interview, sit up straight in the chair and make eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible. If you need to, take a tiny pause after each question to collect your thoughts before you answer.
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