Sally Hansen Application & Careers

Sally Hansen is a company that specializes in women’s beauty products. They are mostly known for their high-quality nail polishes, but the company also produces items like self-tanner and hair removal solutions. Their products can be found at most superstores or beauty shops, such as Walmart or Ulta Beauty Supply.

The company was founded in the 1950s by Sally Hansen herself. The original product sold was a bottled formula to strengthen and protect nails. As the business grew, the product line expanded into nail color, and is now the biggest nail color and treatment company in the world.

This company sells products through its website and well-known retailers across the country. All of its products are also cruelty-free, and most of them are recyclable. This company offers many how-to and DIY videos on its website, showing viewers how to follow the latest beauty trends.

This company offers a wide range of benefits to employees. These can include a 401(k) plan and paid vacation time. Some employees also have access to reimbursement for their educations. The company provides health, dental, and life insurance as well.

Employees enjoy working for this company because of the diverse workforce and competitive wages. Some also enjoy a casual work atmosphere. Those passionate about the beauty industry find this work fulfilling and interesting.

How old do you have to be to work at Sally Hansen?

For most careers at this company, applicants must be at least 18 years old. They must also have a high school diploma (or equivalent). Most jobs also require at least 2 years’ worth of college, and at least 2 years of relevant experience.

Sally Hansen Careers

Sally Hansen is owned by a larger beauty supply company called Coty, Inc. This company owns over 70 popular beauty brands, and offers positions both nationally and globally.

Customer Supply Analyst: A Customer Supply Analyst works in the Customer Supply department, and handles customer orders, complaints, and questions. They also support the sales staff with any special requests or orders. Customer Support Analysts file customer information when needed, and analyze vendor information. They may also help train new employees.

Supply Analyst: Supply Analysts analyze both the supply and demand plans every month, and work to solve any problems that may arise with the monthly plans. They also develop projections for the sustainability of the company. A Supply Analyst uses the found information to suggest ways to make the company work better.

Market Supply Planner: A Market Supply Planner keeps records of inventory, and makes sure that inventory meets the company’s levels of supply and demand. The keep the company up-to-date on various risks, and work to improve the supply network. They also lead meetings to discuss various stocking issues and inventory lists. They may track shipments of products across the country as well.

Artwork Planner: Artwork Planners are responsible for the packaging display on the company’s products. The Artwork Planner communicates with other employees in the Art department, and makes sure that deadlines are met and things are running smoothly. They work on many different aspects of artwork at the same time. The Artwork Planner may also need to travel in order to deliver artwork or attend meetings.

Sales Analyst: A Sales Analyst is responsible for recognizing popular business trends, and applying them to the company. They also analyze the operations of competitors to try and improve their own. They conduct business reviews every month to ensure there is steady growth in the company and its clients. Sales Analysts may assist in other office tasks, and also may travel to visit retail centers for the company.

Sales Associate: Sales Associates are hired indifferent retailers across the country. They are responsible for selling company products directly to customers. They also have a broad knowledge of the products of the company, and work to answer any questions that a customer may have. Sales Associates are trained in the art of sales, and also work to make sure the store itself is orderly and clean.

Brand Specialist: Brand Specialists are responsible for selling a particular brand owned by the company to customers. They have sales goals to meet daily, and also enter customer information. They may also attend meetings with various regional employees of the particular brand. Brand specialists are also responsible for testing out new products in order to better service the customer.

Trade Marketing Analyst: A Trade Marketing Analyst supports various managers by reviewing data and suggesting tactics for marketing products. They also use their findings to market toward specific customer needs. Trade Marketing Analysts may observe other competing businesses to develop better sales strategies.

Demand Planner: Demand Planners makes projections based on past trends of their assigned products. They also take into account issues found in past data to suggest ways to improve the company. They keep track of the demands of the customer to keep supply centers stocked with the correct inventory. They may also work closely with other departments to make sure that company data is organized and correct.

Packaging Engineer: A Packaging Engineer works to innovate and improve the packaging of the company’s products. They are responsible for staying informed on the latest trends in packaging. They also work closely with the Marketing department to develop cost-efficient packaging strategies.

Sally Hansen Application

To apply for careers at this company, applicants must go through their parent company Coty, Inc. Click on the Careers tab, and then select the option to search for job openings. Applicants can filter job searches to find a suitable position. This job search portals offers positions in many different brands owned by Coty, Inc. It offers many global positions as well.

Online applications for this company are available, as are in-person applications. Most job postings for this company also offer applications through LinkedIn.

When filling out an online application, potential employees should ensure that they meet the minimum requirements. Many of the careers offered by this company require a 4-year college degree, as well as a couple years of experience in a field relevant to the job.

When building a resume for careers at this company, applicants should try and highlight the skills they have acquired through their years of experience. This company also prioritizes communication skills over less important qualities. Applicants should also include a cover letter when applying, explaining why they would fit well in this career.

Before the interview for positions at this company, applicants should make sure they look polished and well-put together. Because this is a beauty company, employers will be looking for applicants with experience in the products they sell. Interviewees should also include their passion and interest in the beauty industry when being interviewed.

Things to know about Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen and Coty, Inc have a global workforce, filled with culturally diverse employees. Diversity is one characteristic that drives their business, as they try to market their products to individuals from all walks of life.

Sally Hansen often collaborates with famous designers to create better products. Recently, the company was featured by designers like Stella McCartney or Donna Karen at Paris Fashion Week.

The product that Sally Hansen is known for the most is the company’s large line of nail polish and treatments. They are recognized for revolutionizing at-home nail treatments and manicures.

Both the company and Coty, Inc work to innovate the beauty industry. They practice cruelty-free production, and they also have branched into marketing their products to men and women alike.